How to choose the best tattoo studio

A good studio is hygienic and bright

The other day a colleague asked me for advice on how to choose the best tattoo studio, since she wants to give her sister a tattoo but she is a bit lost, since neither of them has ever had a tattoo.

For this reason, today we are going to talk precisely about how to choose a tattoo studio, everything you need to take into account so that ours is an informed choice and thus avoid scares… and bad tattoos. By the way, already put, if you are interested in the subject, this other article on What hygienic-sanitary regulations should tattoo studios follow? It is very interesting

Find the tattoo artist you are interested in

More than the study, your decision will be influenced by the tattoo artist that interests you

But weren't we talking about tattoo studios? Indeed, it is, but The truth is that what matters most when it comes to getting a tattoo is not so much the studio as our ideal tattooist.. On Instagram and other networks, as well as on the internet in general, there are lots of them. When choosing it, focus on these tips:

  • Choose the tattoo artist based on their specialty. This is extremely important, because if you want a Goku, for example, the final result of a tattoo artist specialized in realism will be far from the one specialized in anime.
  • Research your environment. It is much better that you ask someone who has tattoos where they have been done to check on that person's very skin if you like the style, how was the experience...
  • Find out by looking at their networks. Although there is no reason to think that they are scamming you, it is worth taking a look at the networks of the tattoo artist you are interested in to check that it suits your tastes and the treatment they give to the client, if there is any type of tattoo that does not offer (such as on the neck or hands)…
  • Be patient. What we see in the movies, with four drunk colleagues who end up getting tattooed in one night, is neither in keeping with reality nor recommended. A good tattoo doesn't happen overnight, as the best tattoo artists can have months-long waiting lists, so be prepared to wait.

Learn about the study

A tattoo artist tattooing in a studio

You have already found your favorite tattooist and now the time has come to inform you about the study in which I work. You may have several options (in fact, your ideal tattoo artist may even be on the move and not have a permanent studio to work in) as tattoo artists tend to be self-employed.

In fact, the way to find out if a study interests you or not is very similar to choosing the tattooist What do you want me to tattoo on you? For example:

  • Ask around you. If you know someone who has been to the study you are interested in, ask them how their experience was.
  • Visit their website. The websites are useful to see the studio's artists and their portfolios, as well as other information of interest, such as hygiene measures. Many studios also have social media profiles so you can see their work.
  • Research on the Internet. Outside its official channels, you can find information of interest, for example, in Google votes, which in some cases are even accompanied by photographs that can be very useful.
  • Contact or visit the studio. If you have the opportunity, visit the studio where you are interested in getting tattooed. For more complete personal attention, avoid peak hours. With a visit in person you will be able to see what the studio is like and if it meets your needs, in addition to, if you dare, ask for an appointment. You can also contact tattoo studios by phone or online, which is ideal for answering specific questions.

Etiquette rules when hiring a studio

tattoo studio poster

Let's see, a tattoo studio is not the main room of the Titanic either, but it is necessary to maintain minimum etiquette rules when contracting a service in any studio. These rules are based on common sense and respect for the work of the tattoo artist.

  • Don't haggle. A tattoo studio is not a flea market: tattoo prices are not haggled. In addition, a tattoo is a serious thing, so don't expect it to cost you five euros: they are something that you are going to wear all your life, that requires extremely high hygiene conditions and that combines a trade with an artistic sense, so yes, it is expensive. Of course, some studios offer offers at specific times that you can take advantage of, such as celebrating events, tattooing different people at the same time...
  • Don't offer deals. A tattoo artist is a professional, so it is quite insulting (something, by the way, very present in professions related to art) to be offered small-time "deals" such as "I leave you my skin so you can tattoo me", "tattoo me for free and I'll put you on my Instagram", etc.
  • Don't ask for a free drawing and then “we'll see”. We all want to see the tattoo before having it on the skin, of course, but there is a world between talking calmly about the tattoo design with the tattoo artist (the studios offer different options, from retouching it on the spot to choosing a time and place) and requesting a I draw for free and then if I've seen you I don't remember. Any design prior to the tattoo is customary to pay in advance (after all, it is work done) and, if applicable, it is deducted from the final price.

Choosing the best tattoo studio is sometimes a somewhat heavy task, although it is very important. Tell us, have you ever had to choose a studio or did you already have it clear? Do you think we have left any advice to give? What do you think about tattoo studios?

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