Some line tattoos on the arm

Line tattoos on arm

Looking tattoos on arm? A little over a week ago we already talked about minimalist tattoos. And I think that the tattoo designs that you can see today in Tattooing follow this theme, however, I think that the simplicity (of the layout) and the elegance that they convey in particular, the line tattoos. And of lines on the arm we will talk today. Although it may seem like a very easy tattoo to do, nothing could be further from the truth.

Recently speaking with several tattoo artists it was commented that there are many quality tattooists who refuse to perform this type of tattoos due to their complexity. Making a "circle" which is, in short, what these lines that go around the arm completely represent is very difficult. And even more so try to make it completely straight and without being curved.

Line tattoos on arm

Even so, I think the vast majority will agree with me that the result that this type of tattoo offers us is equally sensual and elegant. By the way, it is said that this type of tattoos on men is related to the gay world, but in reality there is no clear reason to think about it. We are still facing a new urban legend (despite the fact that many gay models have made such a tattoo).

I said, I hope you like this gallery of line tattoos on arm. If you accept, we could make another compilation of this type of tattoos in another part of the body.

Meanings of line tattoos on the arm

Tattoo of lines with birds

Although we know that many tattoos do not lack a meaning in themselves, they will always have some symbolism or other. It is true that in many cases we will be the ones who can give it that meaning. The beliefs of each one or the personal experiences can lead to a unique result.

In this case, we speak of a criminal symbolism. Long ago, people who committed a crime were marked with symbols very similar to these types of lines. Of course, as we say, time has passed and now, it is a clear synonym for minimalism. In addition, it makes it clear that elegance and good taste go hand in hand. If you like a style like this, don't doubt that only you will have the last word when it comes to meanings.

In which area of ​​the arm do I get a tattoo?

Thick lines tattoo on the arm

If you are already clear that line tattoos will be your choice, now you have to opt for their position on the arm.

  • Doll: It's one of the more discreet tattoos but at the same time more sophisticated than we have. The doll always supports those simple designs that have a lot of meaning but not a larger size. A line or a couple of them will be perfect for this area.
  • Forearm: Here you can bet on a similar design. Two fine lines together They can be your best choice, although you should not forget that it is also very common to see how two wide lines adapt to this area. It will look like you are wearing a nice bracelet.
  • Inner zone: As an original model, we have also come across a line that crosses from top to bottom throughout the arm. Of course, always in the interior area of ​​it.

Line tattoo styles

Line tattoos on the arm of colors

Although one of the main styles in this case, is that the lines decorate around the arm. The tattoos as a bracelet They are one of the great basics in this type. But since we often look for originality, then the options will continue to be much more varied than we think.

  • Thick lines: You can opt for a kind of bracelet which will be composed of two wide and covered lines. Of course, if they seem a bit boring, you can always opt for a variation that we talked about. Some wave is allowed to skip the rule of symmetry.
  • Very fine lines: If you opt for the finest lines, then surely you will get more than one tattoo and perhaps even more than two. You can place it very close and it will also create a perfect and delicate effect.
  • Lines in color: Although when talking about the minimalist style, always the black ink is adequate. Of course there are opinions for everything. If you want to create a trend, then the color will knock on your door, with a combination of bracelets that will decorate your forearm.
  • Lines with ornaments: The details always add up and will form a personalized style. You can choose that original brooch that, in some way, says a lot about you and your personality. Some stars, birds or initials ... you have the last word!
  • Lines with gradient effect: So that we can enjoy the same originality, nothing like tattooing one line but the next, with a gradient effect or with a blur effect.
  • Broken lines: Another of the perfect styles for this type of line tattoos on arm, is to opt for broken lines. We do not always have to make a kind of complete hoop, but you can choose independent strokes.
  • Curve lines: Yes, because curves and waves can also be the protagonists of the arm lines. Their peculiarity makes them even more beautiful.

Curved lines tattoo

Despite that somewhat obscure meaning, that comes from japanese cultureWe cannot say but that this type of tattoos always adapt to the entire arm itself. In addition, they do not have great differentiations between men and women. Both can adapt their taste to each of the designs. Basic options for a design that does not need to be large or have a lot of color, not even a large size, to stand out as one of the favorites by many.

Photos of Tattoos on the arm with Lines

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  1.   Josh germosen said

    The reason why it is related to the gay world is because it is this group that made them fashionable. Because? Well, because as of 2013 when everyone put the typical photo of the = referring to the approval of gay marriage. Many began by tattooing the simple = until many began to close them and from there the boom of the stripes was born, although of course that is something that not everyone knows, that is why many, for example, have been marked with a symbol of belonging to a mafia Russian without knowing it, as with the lines many are supporting gay marriage even perhaps without being in favor.

    1.    Antonio Fdez said

      It is true that tattoos of lines or armbands on the arm have been largely adopted by the Gay world. However, it is not that this group has "introduced" this type of tattoos. They were already tattooing long before they started using it. Obviously, they have helped a lot to increase its popularity. Regards and thanks for your comment ;-).

      1.    Libny said

        Hello, I just got a tattoo of lines, which are made up of a thick line on behalf of my eldest son, a thin line which means my life before and after, without thinking about others and only about me as a person. biosexual, and the third less thin than the first and wider than the second on behalf of my youngest son, I think that we gays, or biosexuals are people just like everyone else, we are human beings capable of being happy just as we are .thank you

        1.    Susana godoy said

          Hi Libny!

          You are right in your words! You've given it a very personal meaning and that's really what it's all about. Although sometimes some tattoos come with a meaning, each one can interpret it to his life, just as you have done, in honor of your children and yourself.

          Greetings and thanks for sharing your opinion with us 🙂

  2.   Javi said

    I am thinking of making two bracelets on my wrist. One thinner and one wider, but its meaning is going to be very different from that of the gay world. They will each be my children. The thinnest the smallest and the widest by the largest

    1.    Antonio Fdez said

      It's a great idea Javi. I'm sure the tattoo will look great. In addition, it will have a nice personal meaning. All the best!

    2.    Javier said

      It is the same meaning for me, I am in the process ... although I am not very interested in gays

    3.    David T. said

      I also did it for that reason.

  3.   pasatoox said

    I want to do it because for me it would mean simple but complex, because I have spoken with tattoo artists and it is not very easy for us to say to make a straight line that returns to the arm, okay?

    1.    Antonio Fdez said

      Exactly, although these tattoos may seem very simple to do, they are very complicated. And it is not easy to make a straight line that, on top, completely turns the arm to create the bracelet. All the best!

  4.   Leo said

    The meaning will be given by everyone in their own way and taste, the detail is that you agree with the lines and having it, it is said that the Sicilians used a black band on the arm as a sign of mourning and later it was also a tattoo.


  5.   Dannae said

    I love Tattoos I have several, the truth is I love that design of parallel lines because for me my marriage has been like that at a certain moment we are well parallel but sometimes he or I are going through a downturn in life and always one of the two Being there with a clearer mind for the other is that for my strength and weakness. And so we are but always both carrying the same line or direction

  6.   Leonardo said

    Hello. The truth is, I don't think that getting a tattoo like this defines your sexual inclination, since I have spoken with several heterosexual people who like this design and that they would do it, it has the meaning that it has, and it should be noted that if it is due to several history Latin American indigenous tribes use and used parallel lines for the representative designs of their clothing and artifacts, also the design is used to mark their bodies for different worship rites of their deities, rituals and celebrations; They have been doing this for more than 2000 years so it is quite an old symbol and nothing new, but it is very decorative.

    Personally, I am straight and I used it to cover another tattoo that was more than 13 years old that was really disastrous and it seemed like a good design for the same reason that it does not seem to me that it has a symbol of any sect, group, social class or Freemasonry, but I still think that one should not think much about others to get a tattoo if personal meaning is important.

    Thank you

  7.   Alejandro Nuñez said

    I have two circles that surround my left arm. A smooth one that represents the present and one that is blurred that represents the future being built.

  8.   Wigetta: v said

    I am investigating this, because a couple of months ago a person considered famous, made a video in which he was challenged to paint on his body the tattoos that he would like to have, and each one gave his meaning, except for those stripes.
    His fans (including me), we are obsessed with the issue that he is Gay and has a partner, which he does not say anything, obviously they are our assumptions, he has not said anything about being Gay, or having a partner, but, someone found an image in which they said that those Stripes on the left arm signified his sexual orientation towards the Gay side, and, [although I would love * - * for him to confirm that he is Gay <3 and that his boyfriend is "-"] me, I don't think it means that.

    Thanks for the information they helped me a lot, I hope and have not been tedious with my things; -;

  9.   Fer901 said

    black gangs do not mean homosexuality, many heterosexual friends of mine wear them and several celebrities who are not gay as well as tyler joseph and paulo dybala. as it says above it is an urban legend

  10.   ANTONIO OSORIO said


  11.   Fran value said

    According to a blog I found, in our Western culture wearing a black bracelet sewn or attached to clothing is a sign of mourning for a loved one after their death. In order to remember that lost friend or family member beyond the length of the cloth band, many people choose to have black armbands tattooed on their skin. It will be a permanent reminder and tribute to a special person.

    It is associated with mourning and suffering.

    In the military environment they can refer to battles or achievements experienced, or to the loss of friends or companions on the battlefield.

    They are also used to set goals and personal motivations. They can refer to the number of victories and personal goals that someone has achieved or still wants to achieve. It is a reminder not to give up what we set out to do.

    Some indigenous tribes use stripes to prepare for battles in order to intimidate their opponents. In others, they also serve to indicate the position within the tribe, the number of stripes / bands and the place of the body marked, reflects the rank that the member of the tribe holds.

  12.   qkrajotinports said

    You yourself give it the meaning since the origin is not known but if I tattooed it I would give it a meaning that I want it to be engraved on my skin and for me it would be a wound that I have and it will never close

  13.   CRISTIAN said

    Hello, I just did them and I did not know their meaning, I did them simply because I liked them and of course each one gives their meaning

  14.   pepper said

    The tattoo has no meaning, the tattoo itself is made so that each one can put their meaning

  15.   Carlos said

    How is the correct way to make these tattoos so that they are not crooked

  16.   Susana godoy said

    Hi Carlos!.

    These types of tattoos have some 'tricks' that tattoo artists put into practice. On the one hand, they must choose an exclusive needle to make a design of this type and with it, a nozzle that adapts to the thickness of the needle. In addition, with good stability, the 'grip' will help us. The best is one that is more comfortable to hold. On the other hand, calibrated machines, stretching the skin before tattooing each line, etc. they are those basic steps that are needed to get a good result. Practice also makes these types of tattoos look perfect.

    I hope I have clarified some of your doubt 😉
    Thank you very much for the comment.
    A greeting!.

  17.   Sebastian said

    I got this type of tattoo with 1 thick line on the forearm to represent all the times that I cut myself and the days that I suffered and I was nothing from death, I don't know that is my representation of the tattoo

  18.   Susana godoy said

    Hi Sebastian!

    As you say, each one has its representation of the tattoo and thus, gives it its own meaning. I hope that those bad times, which you relate, are behind us. Always look ahead!

    Thank you very much for sharing your story with us!
    a greeting

  19.   Javier said

    I have a theory in which this particular tattoo is owned by those men who like to do fisting and that is the mark of how far the arm should go in that sexual practice that can be both for straight men and for men.