Atlas tattoos, ideas to have the world on your skin

Map tattoos on the forearm

The tattoos for the most travelers, and with them the atlas tattoos, are the order of the day, who knows if because in these dark times of viruses and quarantines we cannot travel as much as we liked or simply because they are very cool.

In this article we will give you a ton of atlas tattoo ideas so you can get inspired for your next map based piece., Lands and even mythological beings that are said to have carried the weight of the world on their backs. In addition, we recommend this other article about earth tattoos if you continue you have been left wanting more maps.

Spectacular ideas for atlas tattoos

A map and a camera show a traveling hobby


Atlas tattoos are based on maps, which in turn try to capture in two dimensions all the idiosyncrasy and beauty of our world, the Earth.. As you can imagine, they have a lot of possibilities and styles of all kinds that will depend on your personal tastes and the expertise of your tattoo artist. Let's see a few:

Atlas map tattoo

The map or atlas fits in many places


Perhaps the most classic of this type of tattoos, a tattoo with a map on the back is one of the most common options, but no less interesting, with this theme. You can opt for a simple design, which is limited to outlining the world and little else, an option that is very elegant and discreet. On the other hand, there are many other much more striking possibilities, for example, filling different countries with different colors, giving it a watercolor effect or basing yourself on old maps, such as those of Ptolemy, to give it a different touch.

piece of globe

Globes are cousins ​​of atlases


Atlases usually come in paper and book format, although globes are a great choice for inspiration if you want one of these tattoos. For example, it is very cool to do it in a traditional style, like the one in the photo: the thick lines and the intense colors that are barely blurred or with shadows give it a vintage touch that looks great on this tattoo.

Atlas Titan Tattoo

The titan Atlas supporting the weight of the earth


One of the oldest legends that exist, neither more nor less than that of ancient Greece, says that Zeus punished the titan Atlas to carry the weight of the world and the sky on their backs. That is why it is customary to represent it with a world globe on its shoulders, one of the most spectacular designs in which you can draw inspiration for your tattoo (although there is a legend about Atlas that says that in reality it is not carrying the weight of the Earth and the firmament, but Perseus turned it into the mountain range of the same name after showing him the severed head of the gorgon Medusa).

Atlas is said to have the weight of the world on his back.


Small and discreet design with the Earth

Atlas tattoos can also be simple


We continue with the Earth, because the atlases are precisely about that, to represent our planet. This design is distinguished by being very simple, but no less cool for that: notice how the safe and thin stroke, as well as the discreet shading to lines, give this tattoo enough depth, without a doubt something to take into account in your next piece.

Impressive map on the back

An atlas tattoo can take up the entire back


But if what you really like are atlas tattoos that are very large, nothing like a map that occupies your entire back. In fact, this place on the body is perfect for such a design, since you can extend the map from shoulder to shoulder. It will be up to you to make it more or less detailed or simple, as well as give it color or leave it in black and white, or even mark places such as cities, rivers, roads... or even the trips you have made.

City map tattoo


Although atlases typically cover very large areas or even the entire world, nobody says that you can not be inspired by your city for your next tattoo. You can make the map dry-brushed, based on tools such as Google or more common maps, and even combine the jumble of lines with pointillist details, shading and watercolors. The result of these pieces is usually very showy and very original, especially if you live in places whose map is not recognizable at first glance.

Map of Paris in the form of a tattoo


Your zone in your skin

Carry your area with satisfaction


And we are not going very far, literally, to continue talking about atlas tattoos, since your area or region can also be a very good inspiration for your next piece. You can choose a small map or opt for a larger piece, in any case, the secret is to personalize it, either with a simple design, just outlined, or one that opts for bright colors and even an El style aesthetic. Lord of the Rings.

A tortoise with an atlas on its back

The myth of the turtle that carries the world appears in many cultures


And we end with another legend, it is very present in various cultures of the world, such as the Hindu, the American or the Chinese., which states that the weight of the world is carried by a poor turtle on its back. Even Terry Pratchett, in his saga of Discworld fantasy novels, mentions this spectacular myth that, of course, is a great inspiration for a tattoo. Whether you fancy a more realistic take, or a fun or conceptual twist, it will look great.

Titan Atlas with lion tattoo


We hope that you have liked this selection of atlas tattoos and have inspired you to find your next design. Tell us, do you have a similar tattoo? What do you think about atlases, do you prefer them in map, globe or legend format? Do you think we have missed any interesting idea to tell?

atlas tattoo photos

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