Collection of balloon tattoos, to symbolize inspiration and freedom

Balloon tattoo on the back


Each filtering bag balloon tattoos and hot air balloons are a very interesting way to capture on our skin an innocent and cheerful tattoo. They are a type of tattoos that we like or not, they always take us back to our childhood.

And, Who has not imagined as a child grabbing a couple of balloons and being able to fly away? A beautiful image as well as tender that, over the years, is becoming a blurry memory in our mind. Next we will talk about the meaning of these tattoos and we will give you a lot of ideas to inspire you.

The meaning of balloon tattoos

Balloon tattoo on arm


Balloon tattoos are not something new, and it is that for a long time they have been part of the tattoo world. Although it is a design oriented largely to the female public, it is not something strictly rigorous, since we will also find some types of these tattoos that can be perfectly tattooed on the body of a man.

Rabbits tied to balloons


But What do balloon and / or hot air balloon tattoos symbolize? Although there is no deep meaning, we can associate different aspects to the object itself. And it is that since they became popular, balloon tattoos have been associated with people's freedom and inspiration. As we discussed in other articles, we also find an innocent character as well as happiness and celebration, not for nothing are the protagonists of countless novels and children's stories in which adventure and discovery prevail, such as the unmissable Googol, from Badal, or Around the world in 80 days of Verne.

Childish style tattoo with elephant and balloon

The balloons, in addition, and as we said above, take us back to our childhood to brighten up countless children's parties with their colors and their whimsical flight. That is why they are sometimes used as a metaphor for lost childhood, as in Banksy's mural of the girl and the balloon.

A writing can make the meaning of the tattoo clearer


Balloon tattoo ideas

Balloons also symbolize freedom

As you can see in this section and in the gallery below, you can get really interesting designs if we combine them with other elements such as a rose, skull or any other object that can "connect" with the balloon that we want to tattoo. In this way we will get a more complete, interesting and personal tattoo. Check out the following balloon tattoos for ideas for your next tattoo.

Banksy's Girl and Balloon

Tattoo inspired by the work of Banksy


Painted in London in 2002, this is one of Banksy's best known works of art. It has recently been used as a critique of the 2014 Syrian refugee crisis. In 2018, a framed copy of the work was sold at Sotheby's for a million pounds ... and then destroyed on its own using a system that it had created. artist.

As a tattoo it looks fantastic, although you will need it to be of a certain size and place it in a fairly large place to make it look good.

Balloon anchor tattoos

The anchor and balloons are two widely used elements

It is surprising how many tattoos use this image, with an anchor tied to a bunch of balloons. It represents the balance, the anchor that cannot sink and some balloons that can be lost in the sky above due to the weight of the anchor. It is a good tattoo for dreamy people who want to emphasize that they keep their feet on the ground.

Another tattoo showing balance with an anchor and balloons

Works great with colorful painted balloons and if you don't want too big a design, too They look great little ones and with a more delicate line.

Balloons and books tattoo

Books are like balloons, they make us float in any direction: up, forward and even backward. They are two inseparable elements due to this metaphorical meaning that they share. This is a tattoo that looks especially good with a retro touch, either on the globe or on the tattoo, which can follow the traditional style, like the one in the image: thick lines and bright, bold colors.

Girl elevated by balloons

Childhood is represented by balloons that lift you up


Before we commented that the balloons represent childhood and past times, in which we let ourselves be carried away much more by the imagination. In this case, the tattoo wants to be a reminder of those times and, unlike many other designs, he has opted for a more sober and dramatic style in black and white. The style, with pointillism, and the geometric shapes also point their two cents to the nostalgia that this tattoo transmits.

Heart shaped balloon

Balloon tattoo with a heart


If you are looking for balloon tattoos that are original, opt to put an unexpected element on the body of the balloon. A good example is this piece, in which a heart has been substituted. In English it is a very nice play on words, since it is said that your heart "floats" when you are happy or happy. If anything, it is a very powerful and very personal design.

Earth globe tattoo

Earth is also a globe

And if we talk about balloons, we cannot ignore the globe where we live, the Earth. Due to its shape, it is a fantastic option to tattoo it in the shape of a child's balloon, for example, or tied to a chair, or to a house ... The Earth gives a very interesting twist to the most classic meaning of this tattoo and on top it looks great anywhere.

The globe we live in, the earth

Children's drawing tattoo with balloons

Children's tattoos with balloons are also inspired by drawings

Drawings for children (or made by children) are also a good source of inspiration to make our piece as personal as possible. If you want to refer to your childhood, choose a drawing that you made or a cartoon from that time (or even a toy or stuffed animal that you had special appreciation for).

Childish style tattoo with giraffe and balloon

Balloons that are birds

Beautiful tattoo with birds making balloons

Possibly one of the most beautiful balloon tattoos you see doesn't actually have balloons as they have been replaced by birds. The meaning becomes the same, although simple contemplation is replaced by letting yourself be carried away where nature prefers ... Due to its almost surreal character, it looks great in black and white, with simple and clear lines.

Balloon tattoo on leg

A realistic full color balloon tattoo


Another design that looks great, especially if you dedicate yourself to the world of balloons, it is a leg piece with realistic style and full color. The balloons, being of such different colors, give a very special touch to the tattoo, which can be incredible if you take the opportunity to reflect the sunrise or sunset.

Origami balloon

A balloon with an anchor and origami print


Finally, another very interesting design is the one that takes advantage of to make a party balloon but gives it a different touch. For example, In this piece the balloon has an origami boat drawn, and the thread that grips it goes down the entire side until it ends in an anchor.

Balloon tattoo with mandala on the fabric


Balloon tattoos are very popular, although you have ways to put a very interesting spin on them. We hope we have helped you find it. Tell us, do you have any tattoos like these? What does it symbolize? Remember that you can tell us everything you want, you just have to leave us a comment!

Photos of Balloon Tattoos

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