Bow and arrow tattoos, focused on art and creativity

Arrow tattoo on chest


Elegant, simple and beautiful. This is how bow and arrow tattoos are. On this Sunday afternoon we bring you in Tatuantes a selection of this type of tattoos that have become so popular in recent years.

And is that as we say, its simplicity as well as cleanliness of the design are some of its main characteristics that have led to spread this type of tattoos in many skins. Now, what do they mean? We discuss it below.

Bow and arrow tattoos meanings

Bows and arrows are related to Sagittarius

Tattoos featuring bows and arrows have quite a few meanings that depend on whether the tattoo is represented only by an arrow, a bow, or both.

Arrow tattoos meanings

The arm is a great place for these tattoos

This is a complicated subject, since the meaning of arrow tattoos can vary based on many factors. For example, it has been a tool used by many peoples over the centuries to hunt and defend themselves, such as Native Americans.

However, we are going to analyze some so that you are clear about the objective meaning of what you are going to tattoo (we say "objective" because in the end what matters is the meaning that the tattoo has for you and not for the rest).

Combination of arrow and geometric motifs


A solo arrow can indicate that you are one of those who follow your own path. That you do not care what others think and that you follow the path that your arrow points out, something like a compass, and it also usually indicates that you are ambitious or that you are committed to your goal. On the other hand, it can also be a symbol of protection, indicating that you are not looking for confrontation but that you are willing to defend yourself if necessary.

Life went on is the symbolism of this tattoo


Moreover, An arrow split in half used to be used to indicate that the end of a conflict has been reached or that you want to bury the hatchet. It is often associated as a symbol of peace. In a tattoo, it can symbolize the overcoming of a troubled period.

The direction of the arrow can give shades to the symbol

In the case of a pair of crossed arrows, it is usually related to friendship. Often times this tattoo can be done with another person as twin tattoos, to demonstrate the level of commitment that exists between the two people. Although yes, keep in mind that if the arrows are pointing in opposite directions it means that there is a conflict.

Finally, who does not know Cupid's arrows? Well, it could be another reason for a tattoo. And can symbolized by an arrow crossing a heart. Or it could even be depicted as an arrow with the tip or feather shaped like a heart.

Bow tattoos meanings

Cupid's bow is also a great inspiration


Interestingly, Unlike arrow tattoos, it is difficult to find tattoos in which only one bow comes out. They are usually accompanied by one or more arrows, since the bow itself is simply a tool devoid of all utility without the arrows.

One possibility is that the tattoo of a bow can be done as in the case of the crossed arrows and that it is a complementary tattoo. It's a great idea for a couple, one tattoos the bow and the other tattoos the arrow. As can be guessed, it has a meaning similar to what we mentioned about the crossed arrows, since it implies that the two together are stronger.

Meaning of the bow and arrow together

Elegant bow and arrow shoulder tattoo


While itself bow and arrow tattoos have no specific meaningBoth arrows and bows are directly related to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Moreover, depending on the way they are produced, the meaning of arrows and arches can be related to both the art world as of creativity while also keeping a relationship with the ancestral world.

A loaded bow is a symbol of creativity


And it is also They are a symbol of war and the medieval empire. On the other hand, archers have a meaning associated with protection. Specifically, the protection offered by an archer in ancient times behind a tree or hidden in the bushes.

As well we have several meanings related to the state of the bow and arrow. For example, a drawn bow with a loaded arrow can imply some tension towards some element, that is why this tattoo usually goes together with what produces this feeling. For example, if we are mortal enemies of broccoli we would have the bow loaded with an arrow pointing at this vegetable.

Tattoo with five different arrows

Furthermore, if the arrow has been shot it has the opposite meaningThat the tension that had disappeared and that we can now follow that arrow that marks the path for us. It can have a meaning similar to that of a solitary arrow, in which we follow its wake.

Finally, there are those who add an archer or archer to the tattoo, with which already we do not identify with the bow and arrow but with the person who carries them. As we mentioned before, the archer is associated with protection and that is what can be understood from this tattoo.

How to make the most of a tattoo with this weapon

Arrow tattoos look great in vertical places


As we usually say the limit is your imagination, you can discuss it with your tattoo artist to get the most out of your idea. And now we are going to give the subject some laps.

Usually bow and arrow tattoos tend to have a fairly minimalist style and small in size (although there are always exceptions). Geometric figures such as circles, rhombuses, rectangles, ovals and squares are generally used to give it a touch of greater simplicity. There are also those who add a more natural touch by adding ivy on the bowstring or even leaves on the shaft of the arrow.

Fine tattoo with arrows

There are also those who choose give it a more personal touch by using the arrow shaft to write a word, such as the name of a relative, or some symbol with which you identify yourself or that you like.

Black and white arrow tattoo

As we commented it can also be a great idea for complementary tattoos. One can tattoo the bow and the other the arrow. We have even seen one in which each one gets one half of the arrow. There is also the option of making crossed arrows as a twin tattoo, to represent a good friendship.

A joint direction is ideal for a shared arrow tattoo


In the tattoos that the archer comes out we have several options. That the archer is an angel with which we will have divine protection. It could also be a Native American or an Amazon, which would also serve to embrace our feminine part.

Geometry combines wonderfully with these types of tattoos


Undoubtedly, bow and arrow tattoos have tons of meanings and possibilities, and are ideal for a simple tattoo. Tell us, do you have any of these elements tattooed? What do they mean to you? How is your tattoo?

Photos of Bow and Arrow Tattoos

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