Word Tattoos

Word tattoos alone or accompanied

Word tattoos can go alone or accompanied, and everything has its positive and negative points. Read on to find out more about these tattoos!

Name Tattoos

Name tattoos: a few different ideas

Although at first glance it seems that name tattoos are out of fashion, the truth is that, like all tattoos, they admit new ideas. Read and see!

Positive tattoos

Tattoos for positive people

We give you some ideas of original tattoos for positive people, with great messages and some decorative details.

Tempus fugit tattoo

Tattoos with Latin phrases

We give you some ideas for tattoos with Latin phrases. Some of the best known phrases in this language, which express interesting things.

Letter tattoos on neck

Letter tattoos on neck

Letter tattoos on the neck have a clear meaning but also allow us to wear designs that suit our tastes.

Tattoos for computer scientists

Geek and sexy computer tattoos

Computer tattoos are ideal if you want to get a tattoo that represents your craft. Therefore, we have prepared this post with ideas. Read!

letter e tattoo

Lettering wrist tattoos

If you like letters, you can think about getting a tattoo on your wrist of letters. It will be a discreet and meaningful tattoo for you.

Calligraphy letter e uppercase

Tattoos with pretty letter e

Discover these tattoo ideas with a pretty letter e. Designs for all tastes, with great simplicity as well as elegance.

arabic letters

Arabic letters tattoos

You may like Arabic letters to get a tattoo. They are beautiful letters and also with an elegance that dazzles anyone.

Hebrew letters

Hebrew letter tattoos

If you know Hebrew or like the language, it is likely that you will not rule out the possibility of making a tattoo of Hebrew letters.

elven letters

Elficas tattoos letters

If you like 'The Lord of the Rings' it is likely that you like elven letters and you want to get a tattoo to honor Tolkien's work.

japanese letters

Japanese letter tattoos

If you like Japanese letters, you may also like Japanese letter tattoos thanks to their simplicity and elegance.

phrases tattoos on the back

Phrase tattoos on the back

Phrase tattoos on the back are highly demanded tattoos because they are symbolic and often mean great things to the people who wear them.

pretty phrases tattoos

Pretty phrases for tattoos

If you want to get a tattoo of a phrase but you lack ideas to choose the one that best suits you, do not miss some ideas.

A lyrics tattoo

Letters for tattoos

All about tattoo lettering. If you are interested in getting a word or phrase tattoo, it is important to choose the correct font.

clock tattoos with names

Tattoos of clocks with names

Clocks are very important in our lives, but if you tattoo a clock with names, then the meaning can be more personal.

Name tattoos on wrists

Name tattoos with designs

Name tattoos are very popular because they have a very important meaning for those who wear them, but you have to get the design right.

initial tattoos

Name initial tattoos

Initials on a tattoo can be a very special design. You can take into account some details to make it a perfect tattoo. 

Navel as center

Navel tattoo ideas

The navel being the central part of the body admits all kinds of tattoos, this article will give ideas for some of them.