Tattooed James Dean portraits

James Dean tattoos are a great option to pay tribute to the great cinema icon of the 50s, which we all remember today.


Celtic runes and their meanings

The runes were and are used for divination of the future, having them at home or on the body as talismas of protection, guidance and illumination.


Flamenco a tattooed art

Flamenco, in addition to being an art in dance, and the expression of feelings with the whole body, is a way of life.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's hidden tattoo

Kim Kardashian reveals the meaning of her hidden tattoo, she has several hidden ones on her body, in which love for family is the message.


Navel piercing care

If you want to get a navel piercing there are several very delicate options of stones and rings to incorporate very beautiful.

Applications to design tattoos.

tattoo design apps

The applications to design tattoos are very complete tools to help you in the designs and do not regret doing them.

Colored mandala tattoos.

Tattoos with colored mandalas

Mandala tattoos are a precious option in all its variants. We are going to show you the most colorful ideas that you can choose.

easy and small

Small and easy tattoos

The mini style has conquered us. We leave you a list of small and easy tattoo suggestions that can inspire you.

Can you heal an infected tattoo?

How to heal an infected tattoo

If you think your tattoo is healing poorly or may be infected, we leave you with a series of tips on how to heal an infected tattoo.

Tattoos for brothers

Tattoos for original brothers

What better way to tell them that although sometimes we couldn't live without them? Yes, we are talking about tattoos for original brothers.

Linear Butterfly Tattoo

Linear Butterfly Tattoo

If you are looking for inspiration for your next tattoo or if it is your first, why not a linear butterfly tattoo?

Old School: the eternal style

Do you want a design for life? The old school is your thing. Thick and powerful lines, and traditional designs. Find out.

Harry Styles Tattoo Meaning

Harry Styles tattoos

Do you want to know the most emblematic Harry Styles tattoos and with their meanings? Today we are going to tell you everything, as you expect.

Floral horseshoe

Horseshoe tattoos

Do you like horseshoe tattoos? So we show you some of the best ideas, how to wear them, and their most basic meanings.


Truck tattoos

There are people who support their family thanks to the trucks themselves and it is an essential part of their life.


Running tattoos

Many people decide to get a tattoo related to the world of running and express their passion for running on their skin.


Capricorn sign tattoos

Thanks to the fact that it is represented by the figure of a male goat, tattoos are usually quite striking and colorful.


Pink bow tattoos

The pink ribbon is the symbol that is used internationally when talking about breast cancer and many choose to tattoo it.

fa 1

Bass clef tattoos

The Fa tattoo together with the Sun tattoo are two perfect designs when it comes to symbolizing what music can mean in your life.


Libra sign tattoos

People with the zodiac sign Libra are those who were born between September 23 and October 22.

ethnic 20

Ethnic tattoos

Today, ethnic and tribal tattoos have little to do with what tribes used to do thousands of years ago.

Symbolic tattoos

There are many people who, when it comes to getting a certain tattoo, not only look for a design that satisfies them, but also a meaning.

Arabic Numbers Tattoos

Where to get a tattoo

The tattoo remains on the skin for life, hence you are very sure and have it totally clear before taking such a step.

golden dragon

Mythological creatures tattoos

Mythological beings or creatures have always had a mystical, powerful and immortal halo that has fascinated a great number of people.


Ouroboros tattoos

The ouroboros tattoo is quite versatile and you can get it on the skin in many AND different shapes or ways.


Infinity symbol tattoos

The infinity symbol is one of the best tattoos there is, when it comes to expressing love to another person.


Waves tattoos

The sea is a true force of nature and waves can have a great diversity of meanings.


Basketball tattoos

Basketball is a sport that was born in the streets and this has great importance in relation to this type of tattoos.