Tattoos for surfers

Tattoos for surfers

We give you a variety of beach inspired tattoo inspiration for surfers, with ideas ranging from palm trees to surfboards.

Elbow tattoos

Nice tattoos on the elbow

We give you various ideas to get a tattoo in the area of ​​the body that is above the elbow, a very original and trendy place.

Cactus tattoo

Old school cactus tattoos

We give you some interesting ideas in cactus tattoos in the timeless old school style, with one of the most original plants.

Finger tattoos

Why get finger tattoos

We tell you some reasons why getting tattoos on your fingers can be a good idea, being a very original place.

compass Rose

Compass rose tattoos

The compass rose is a beautiful tattoo and we show you some inspirations to tattoo this symbol with the cardinal points.

Tattoo Curiosities

Tattoo curiosities and its history

These curiosities of the tattoo and its history will leave you with your mouth open, since they are little known and surprising. Keep reading and you will see!

Tattoos in summer

Summer tattoo care

We tell you what are the basic care of tattoos during the summer season, since it is possible to get a tattoo at this time.

Whale tattoo

Majestic whale tattoos

We show you a wide variety of tattoos of beautiful and majestic whales, mysterious animals that have great meaning.

Butterfly in black color

Beautiful butterfly tattoos

We show you a great variety of styles and colors in the popular butterfly tattoos, a classic reinvented for your skin.

Dragonfly tattoo

Beautiful dragonfly tattoos

We show you some interesting ideas about dragonfly tattoos in different styles, with or without coloring, for fans of this insect.

Horse tattoo

Inspirational horse tattoos

We give you a few ideas in tattoos of beautiful horses for your skin, with very different styles, from the old school to the realistic.

tattoo-sensitive body parts

Where tattoos hurt the most

If you wonder where tattoos hurt the most, we reveal some more sensitive areas of the body that you should take into account.

tattoos representing children

Tattoos representing children

If you are looking for a good selection of tattoos that represent children, then here we show it to you. Ideas that you can customize to your liking

Cover up tattoo

Why and how to cover up

We give you ideas on how to make cover up tattoos and the reasons why we can choose this type of tattoos.

Cup tattoos

Inspirational mug tattoos

Cup tattoos can be very original and we have a lot of inspiring ideas for your skin, with cups of all kinds.

Rain tattoo

Rain Inspired Tattoos

We show you tattoo ideas that are inspired by the rain as the main theme, an element that can symbolize many things.

Mask tattoos

Mask tattoos

We show you some examples of mask tattoos that are famous or well-known, to inspire you in this original tattoo theme.

Millennium Falcon Tattoo

Star Wars tattoos

Discover the interesting tattoos inspired by the Star Wars or Star Wars movie saga, with its main characters.

Wings tattoos

Where to put wing tattoos

We show you some ideas on wing tattoos and where to put them on the body, as there are many special inspirations for this tattoo.

Canine tattoos

Enchanting canine tattoos

We show you endearing and original canine tattoos for owners who wish to tattoo their adorable dog pets.

Mini tattoos for hands

Mini tattoos for hands

We show you different ideas inspired by mini tattoos for the hand area, with minimalist and simple drawings.

Triangles tattoo

Triangle and flower tattoos

We give you ideas to create tattoos in which triangles and flowers are mixed, two very popular and creative symbols that come together.

Bird tattoo

Continuous Mo Ganji tattoos

We tell you how are the incredible tattoos of the artist Mo Ganji, who uses only one continuous line to create his drawings.

Black cat tattoos

Black cat inspired tattoos

We show you interesting tattoos inspired by black cats, animals revered and avoided at the same time, which will not leave you indifferent.

Flowers on the hip

Flower tattoos on the hip

We show you ideas of flower tattoos on the hip. Some beautiful tattoo designs that are perfect for this area of ​​the body.

Dogs with their masters

Lovely dog ​​tattoos

We show you various tattoo ideas dedicated to dogs, animals that symbolize fidelity and that are man's best friend.

Australia Tattoo

Australia Inspired Tattoos

We give you a wide variety of tattoo ideas inspired by Australia, a place where there are things as special as koalas.

Sun tattoos

Sun tattoos

Sun tattoos are always a success, for their meaning and for all the tradition that they show us. Discover much more!

Tempus fugit tattoo

Tattoos with Latin phrases

We give you some ideas for tattoos with Latin phrases. Some of the best known phrases in this language, which express interesting things.

Waves tattoo

Wave tattoos for sea lovers

We show you ideas to make some beautiful wave tattoos. Ideal for those who enjoy the presence of the sea and the beach.

Geometric swans

Original swans tattoos

We bring you some inspirations in tattoos that feature swans, which are very beautiful animals.

Balloon tattoos

Balloon tattoos

We propose a large number of ideas and inspirations for balloon tattoos, which express freedom and desire to travel.

Leaf tattoos

Leaf tattoos

We give you various ideas for tattoos that are inspired by leaves, a detail that represents nature in a simple way.

Tree tattoos

Tree tattoos

We give you all the inspiration possible to get some great tree tattoos, an element of nature that speaks of strength.

Neck tattoos

Neck tattoos, inspiration

Discover ideas to get tattoos in the neck area, a sensitive place but where you can add all kinds of drawings.

Mandala tattoos

Mandala tattoos

We show you great tattoo ideas inspired by the mandalas of Buddhist culture, with their geometric patterns and their spiritual meaning.

Hello Kitty tattoo

Hello Kitty tattoos

We give you endless ideas to get tattoos inspired by the Japanese cat Hello Kitty, a very popular and beloved character.

Catrina tattoo

Catrina tattoos

The Mexican Catrina is a popular character that has become fashionable and is used for many tattoos characterized by women.

Tattoos for couples

Tattoos for couples

We give you a wide variety of ideas in tattoos for couples. Fun and original inspirations to be made as a couple.

Ankle tattoos

Ankle tattoo ideas

We give you beautiful ideas and designs to make a tattoo in the ankle area, an ideal place for small tattoos with personality.

Elephant tattoos

Elephant tattoos

Discover varied and interesting elephant tattoo ideas, noble and highly intelligent animals that symbolize good qualities.

Lotus flower on the back

Lotus Flower Inspired Tattoos

We give you some ideas on how to get a lotus flower tattooed, which is a symbol of Hindu culture that speaks of purity.

Watercolor tattoo

Trend watercolor tattoos

We give you some interesting ideas to get tattoos that imitate watercolor on the skin, with a very original and creative effect.

Sea tattoos

Sea Inspired Tattoos

We give you several ideas to get tattoos inspired by the world of the sea, from a typical seahorse to anchors.

Face tattoo on ear

Ear tattoos

We give you interesting ideas about original tattoos on the ear, an unusual area for a tattoo but that offers many possibilities.

Moon tattoo

Moon Inspired Tattoos

We show you interesting tattoo ideas inspired by the moon, with its phases and with other elements, such as flowers and black cats.

Jewel tattoos

Underboobs tattoos, a trend

We show you a few inspirations in the so-called underboobs or under-breast tattoos, with floral or decorative ideas.

Armband tattoos

Armband tattoos

We give you some ideas to find tattoos in the form of a bracelet for the arms, wrists or legs, with different designs.

Tattoos for travelers

Tattoos for travelers

We give you a few ideas in original and beautiful tattoos for inveterate travelers, to capture a hobby or way of life.

Tattoos on the spine

Tattoos for the spine area

We show you some inspirations to get beautiful tattoos in the spine area, a wide space with peculiar tattoos.

Celtic tattoos

Celtic symbols tattoos

We show you some interesting tattoos inspired by the symbols of Celtic culture, which have deep meanings.

Mini tattoos

Mini finger tattoos

Mini tattoos are perfect for the finger area, where there is little surface to work on.

Tattoos on hands for women

Hand tattoos for women

Hand tattoos for women is also another option to consider. Tribal styles, symbols or names are the most popular options.

Neck tattoos

Neck tattoos, do they hurt?

If you had the doubt, today we are going to reveal it to you. Neck tattoos are more and more protagonists but the fear of pain is always there.

Rihanna tattoos

Rihanna tattoos on neck

Don't miss out on all of Rihanna's tattoos on her neck. The singer adores the art of tattooing and demonstrates with numerous designs on her skin.

Small foot tattoos

Small and precious foot tattoos

Don't miss out on this selection of small and delicate foot tattoos. Stars, birds or the most suitable symbols for this part of the body.

Neck tattoos with flowers

Neck tattoos for women

Neck tattoos for women are the most sexy and striking. These can be both pros and cons, depending on how you look at them. Today we discuss the most sought after designs as well as all those tips you need to find. Are you going to get a tattoo on your neck?

Tattoos on the side of the fingers

Tattoos on fingers, do they rub off?

Finger tattoos are a revolution. A fashion option where we can capture from symbols to letters or animal faces. But today we ask ourselves a rather specific question. Can you get to erase tattoos on fingers ?.

Big owl tattoo

Majestic owl tattoos

Less seen than owl tattoos, owl tattoos are large pieces that exploit the full potential of these graceful animals. Find out in this post!

Forehead tattoos

Forehead tattoos: crossing the fine line

Tattoos on the forehead are a type of tattoo that will always be visible. To tattoo this part of the body is to cross a fine line from which there will be no going back.

Do tattoos on the ribs hurt a lot?

Do you want to get a tattoo on your ribs? Well, first you will have to know what I want to tell you today. We tell you if they hurt, if they deform over time, their meaning and we propose an extensive collection of tattoo ideas on the side to inspire you.

Resolutions in tattoos for 2018

5 resolutions in tattoos for 2018

We collect five goals for the next year 2018 through some resolutions in tattoos. Traveling more, eating healthier and taking care of our health are some of the most popular

Why does my navel piercing hurt?

Why does my navel piercing hurt?

If you are wondering why my navel piercing hurts, do not miss everything that we tell you today. Your risks and how to prevent them.

What is the most beautiful piercing

What is the most beautiful piercing

According to the location and shape, we can tell you which is the most beautiful piercing according to the statistics. Which one do you like the most?

Glow-in-the-dark piercing

Glow-in-the-dark piercing

The glow in the dark piercing is a magical and very original idea. Remember to always choose the pieces well to wear on your body.

What is the safest piercing

What is the safest piercing

Find out which is the safest piercing and everything you need to know to choose well. The place, the type of slope and the area influence it.

Ideal tattoo according to your personality

What is my ideal tattoo

Find out which is my ideal tattoo according to the personality I have. Each one needs a different style to be able to capture it on the skin.

Love words tattoos

Tattoo that means family

If you are looking for a tattoo that means family, then you are in the right place. Here we leave you a selection of designs and ideas to make yours.

Eva Krbdk tattoos

Meeting tattooists: Eva Krbdk

Eva Krbdk is a popular tattoo artist of Turkish origin who has become famous for her small, delicate and beautiful landscapes tattooed in different styles.

Healing of piercings

Why is my piercing not healing?

Discover the main reasons that answer the question of why my piercing does not heal. You will understand the healing process much better.

Piercing infection

Why does my piercing itch?

If you have been wondering for a while: Why does my piercing itch, today we are going to clarify it for you. This way you will stop worrying and take the proper steps.

swallow tattoos on forearm

Arm tattoos for women

If you are a woman you can also wear tattoos on your arm. Just think about what kind of tattoos you like and what design you want to wear.

Orion tattoo meaning

What tattoo Orion has on his arm

Find out what tattoo Orion has on his arm. The Argentine player wears a design on his forearm that symbolizes one of his great passions.

Most painful tattoo

What is the most painful tattoo

If you want to know which is the most painful tattoo, do not miss what we have for you today. Most sensitive areas of the body to take into account.

Messi Sleeve Tattoo

What is Messi's tattoo

If you want to know what Messi's tattoo is, then don't miss out on what we have for you. Tattoos on the foot, arm and back of the footballer.

Small moon tattoos

If you like moons but simple tattoos then do not miss the small moon tattoos that you can get.

Trendy tattoos for men

Both men and women can follow trends to get tattooed. Learn about some of the fashions that men can follow and what is most important.

swallow tattoos on forearm

Swallow tattoos on the forearm

Swallow tattoos are a great option, they symbolize freedom and loyal love. But do you know in which area of ​​your body it will look great? On the forearm!