Key tattoos with names

Key tattoos with names can have a lot of meaning for people who decide to get them tattooed.

Tattoos on hands

Collection of tattoos on hands

Tattoos on the hands are very interesting since it is an area of ​​the body that is always visible. They are difficult to disguise.


Tattoos can cause allergies

Tattoos can cause allergies. And there are people who do not process some of the inks used for tattooing. Especially the red and green ones.


Dreamcatcher tattoos

We explain the meaning of dreamcatcher tattoos and show you an extensive gallery of examples for you to tattoo. 


The first of many tattoos

In this article as a personal reflection I talk about those people who, after getting their first tattoo, get a second and a third.

David Hale

Meeting Tattooists: David Hale

We introduce you to the tattoo artist and artist David Hale. Born in Georgia (USA), he currently resides in Athens (Greece). A tattoo artist that you must consider.

Geometric tattoos

Tattoo Styles: Geometric

One of the most popular tattoo styles today is the so-called geometric. Circles, triangles and other geometric shapes to create tattoos.

Catrinas tattoos

Catrina Tattoo Compilation

We collect several tattoos of Catrinas. For Mexican culture, La Catrina is the official symbol of death. It can be displayed in different ways.

tattoos to cover scars

Tattoos to cover scars

If you have scars that you want to cover up, is doing it with tattoos a good idea? If you wait long enough ... it can be.

Watercolor style tattoos

Tattoo Styles: Watercolor

We continue with the tattoo styles section in which we discuss the different styles and their origin. We are talking about watercolor or watercolor style tattoos.

New School Tattoos

Tattoo Styles: New School

We analyze the history of the different styles of tattoos. Instead, we talk about the history and characteristics of the New School style.

Old School Tattoos

Tattoo Style: Old School

We review the history and characteristics of the different styles of tattoos. On this occasion, we are talking about the old school style or, old school.

lip tattoo

Lip tattoos, very sensual!

Do you like lip tattoos and do you think one would look good on your tattooed body? Do not lose detail of the following gallery.

Iguana tattoos

Do you like iguanas? Then maybe a tattoo with this reptile is a good option for you.

Sailor tattoos

Sailor tattoos

Sailor and / or fisherman tattoos are linked to the modern history of tattoos. We review some of the most characteristic tattoos of sailors.

Coil Tattoo Machines

Types of Tattoo Machine: Coils

Continuing with our series of types of tattoo machine, today we would like to explain the operation and characteristics of the coil tattoo machine.

Tattoo in black

Can a black tattoo turn green?

Can a black tattoo turn green? In the following article we explain the reason that leads tattoos from several decades ago to turn green.


When do you have to revise a tattoo?

When is it necessary to revise a tattoo? In the following article we expose the different situations in which it would be necessary to review a tattoo.

Classic tattoos for men

Tattoos for men are very varied, but do you know some of the classics? Don't miss out on these three!

The best tattoos for friendship

Do you have people in your life that you care a lot about and that although they are your friends, they are like your family? Do you want ideas to tattoo a symbol together?

Marla Moon tattoos

Meeting tattooists: Marla Moon

We review the works of the tattoo artist Marla Moon, a well-known Madrid native thanks to her characteristic style of geometric tattoos in black.

pitbull tattoo

Pitbull dog breed tattoo

The pitbull is a very famous breed of dog that, although it may seem dangerous, it is not at all and in tattoos it looks phenomenal. You want to know more?

Fire flame tattoos

Fire flame tattoos are aggressive but can represent a wide variety of things. What do they mean to you?

Hawaiian tattoos

Hawaiian tattoos are becoming very popular thanks to their meaning and beauty. You want to know more?

Grim Reaper Tattoos

Tattooing the reaper can be a difficult decision but if you do, I am sure you will be delighted with the result.

Hand tattoo ideas

Getting a tattoo of hands is something very personal and very significant, especially if it is the hand of your children.

Statue of Liberty tattoos

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom and hope for many people. It is also amazing for a tattoo.

Sacred geometry tattoos

Sacred geometry tattoos are famous for their beauty and for their meaning. Don't miss out on some of them for inspiration.

Great cloud tattoos

Clouds can be an excellent tattoo to show your sweetness on your skin ... or perhaps your darkest side. It's up to you!

Beautiful rainbow tattoos

Do you like the rainbow? Without a doubt it is an incredibly beautiful phenomenon of nature, do you dare to tattoo it?

Alice in Wonderland tattoos

The story of Alice in Wonderland is a beautiful story full of imagination and magic. But tattoos are also impressive.

Incredible warrior tattoos

Do you like to see the images of warriors? Or maybe the movies of battles with fierce warriors? Well, you will like tattoos too.

Dandelion tattoos

The dandelion tattoo is a sensual, attractive, beautiful and meaningful tattoo: dreams and our minds have to fly free.

Demon tattoos

Demon tattoos can be religious or just a dark design. Do you like demon tattoos?

The new tattoos of Leo Messi

The new tattoos of Leo Messi

We take a look at Tatuantes to Leo Messi's new tattoos. The soccer superstar has gotten new tattoos on his leg and arm.

Tattoos on biceps

If you like your biceps, you may want to get a tattoo in this area. Do not miss the gallery of images that I show you!


Nape tattoos

Tattoos on the neck are very fashionable, and if you get one you will never get tired of it because you just ... you will hardly ever see it.


Balloon tattoos cool!

Balloon tattoos are a rare design but one that is undoubtedly innovative and very original.

Small tattoos for women

Small tattoos are very attractive on the body of women. They are sensual and very sweet, do you know what tattoo you want for yourself?

Chest tattoos for men

Are you a man and do you like tattoos on your chest? They really look very attractive and sexy, but does it look equally good on all physiques?

tattoo bird phoenix shoulder

Sexy areas for girl tattoos

Tattoos on a woman can be very sexy if they are well located in the correct areas of the body. Do you want to know what are the sexiest points?

City tattoos - New York

City Tattoos: New York

We go over some of the most beautiful city tattoos you've ever seen. On this occasion, we focus our gaze on New York.

love tattoos

Love tattoos

Some love tattoo designs, and it is that it is a really beautiful feeling.

The shell of the nautilus

Nautilus shell tattoo

The nautilus shell contains the golden ratio, it is a perfect tattoo for lovers of beauty and mathematics.

Sensual Tattoo by welcometoreality

Orchid tattoo meaning

The orchid: a flower with a very erotic symbolism for a tattoo; although he is not the only one.

Miguel A. Bohigues tattoo

Dog Tattoos IV: Greyhounds

Greyhounds are magnificent animals that suffer real torments when the hunting season is over; fortunately many respect and rescue them.

One pass but ...

Chest tattoos for women

Characteristics of tattoos for women in the chest area: pain, designs and possibilities of the area.

Supports very interesting designs

Elbow tattoos I

Characteristics of the tattoo on the elbow: designs, pain, aesthetics ...


Key tattoos

Key tattoos, designs and meaning of this special element.


Feather tattoos

Feather tattoo designs and the meaning of this precious element.

Penguin tattoos

Symbolism of a beautiful animal, to get a tattoo, the penguins.

Tattooed Heroes of the Suikoden by Kunisada III

Horimono: Origins

The Horimono is the traditional Japanese tattoo, unique in the world for its execution, theme and aesthetics.

The willow, another tree of the Celtic horoscope

The Celtic Horoscope

We continue with the trees that are part of the Celtic horoscope and that can serve as a drawing for a tattoo.

Navel as center

Navel tattoo ideas

The navel being the central part of the body admits all kinds of tattoos, this article will give ideas for some of them.

Lioness by Aslan Dövmeleri

The lion: a king in your skin

The lion is the king of land animals and the lioness, their queen. Courage, honor and protection: a tattoo with strength

Ensō by Shundo Aoyama Roshi

The ensō: suitable for a tattoo?

The Ensō is a Japanese symbol whose meaning is very deep, so some are starting to tattoo it, but wouldn't it be contrary to their spirit?

Quality and beauty in the Oviedo tattoo

Tattoo studios in Oviedo

The tattoo culture has a very important bastion in the Asturian capital. Oviedo tattoo studios stand out for their extraordinary treatment and high quality.

Small black cat tattoo

Tattoo studios in Salamanca

Salamanca, land of culture and destination for students from all over the world, is one of the leading places in the art of tattooing. In this city we find an important variety of styles, all of them of the highest quality.

Tattoo studio

Tattoo studios in Bilbao

Bilbao is a city of enormous cultural wealth, so that the world of tattoos is especially developed in this capital. Proof of this, his tattoo studios.

Tattoo studios in Seville… What art!

Seville not only has art for flamenco and bullfighting, as those of us who have gotten a tattoo in one of the studios in the capital of Seville can attest.

First tatoo? Tips and instructions

You are already in the studio, we will give you some guidelines so that you know what you are going to find the day you are going to have the tattoo done.


Tattoos, brief introduction

A small introduction to the world of tattoos, so that we can begin to better understand an art, sometimes little recognized.