How to cure an infected piercing

Nose piercing

When we get a piercing in our body, we are always wanting it to heal as quickly as possible. Of course, it is not always like this. Today we are going to tell you what are the steps to be able to cure an infected piercing. In addition to this, you will discover everything you need so that the infection does not reappear.

Although they seem more than obvious things, sometimes we get confused and complications can arise. But of course there is nothing to worry about because they can always be taken on time. Curing an infected piercing is a task that requires a bit of patience. If you think you can have infection in that piercing you just did, then do not miss everything that follows.

Symptoms of an infected piercing

It is true that it does not have much mystery, but it does not hurt to remember it. Just When we get a piercing, the area of ​​the body chosen for it will be a couple of days with some inflammation. It is more than normal, although it does not happen to some people. But if after this time and having followed the professional's instructions, you have the following symptoms, then you have to act as soon as possible.

  • If the pain is getting more and more intense, as well as a slight discomfort throughout the area.
  • If you have a redness quite considerable, where the color already tends to be darker than usual.
  • Blood, swelling, or pus They have also become protagonists, so it is clear that you have an infection in the area.

Cure infected lip piercing

How to cure an infected piercing

Try not to touch the area with dirty hands. Because although it may not seem like it, they can always have bacteria that make us invisible to our eyes. So, wash your hands before starting to treat the piercing. To do this, you will use warm water and a neutral soap. Of course, if you have latex gloves, it is also a good option to start the piercing healing.

Cleaning the piercing with soap and water

We will soak a swab from the ears in water with antibacterial soap. We will pass it through the area that is infected, in order to clean it well. You will have to do it very slowly to be able to remove all the dirt.

Saline solution

Another way to clean the area in question is with a saline solution. Although they usually sell them where you have done the piercing or recommend one, you can always prepare it at home. A couple of tablespoons of sea salt without iodine in a glass of water. We stir well and again, we can introduce into the mixture, a swab from the ears. We will go through the piercing slowly. Then, you will let it dry.

Navel piercing

Antibiotic cream

Then, you will apply an antibiotic cream. You can go to any pharmacy and explain the case. This type of cream is used to kill all the bacteria that are causing the infection in the area. Follow the instructions for this cream, but with a couple of applications a day, you will have more than enough.


A little cold is not bad for the area, to treat the inflammation of the same. But yes, never apply ice directly to your skin. Try to wrap it in a cloth or rag. Also, do not place it right over the piercing, but around it.

If symptoms such as fever or nausea, then you better go to your doctor. Although these cases are not frequent, you always have to be cautious and be attentive to the sensations that the body transmits to us.

Piercing care

How to prevent infection

As we say, it is not something that happens very frequently and thank goodness. More than anything because it is quite uncomfortable to have an infection in a piercing. To try to prevent them, it is best to avoid touching the area. At least for the first few days. If we have to, let it always be with very clean hands. In the same way, also avoid very tight clothes. In this case, it will be in navel or nipple piercing. In addition, you should rest and not go to the gym or the pool in the days after.

Healing of piercings
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