DNA tattoos: what they mean and ideas to inspire you

DNA tattoo on the back, in this case a horizontal design


If there is one thing we can be sure of, it is that DNA tattoos are very cool. Original and with a scientific and modern touch, they are great for those who want a vertical design, either in black and white or color, and who also want something dynamic.

Do you want more? DNA tattoos have a very unexpected meaning. If you want to know what it is, you will have to continue reading, in addition, we will also talk about how to take advantage of them, among many other things. And, if you are interested in science, take a look at this other article on curiosities of tattoos, science and ink.

Meaning of DNA tattoos

Beautiful blue DNA tattoo on the arm


The meaning of tattoos that feature DNA is closely related to what DNA is: nothing more and nothing less than a double helix chain that makes us who we are and allows us to continue growing. Once this is known, what do you think this tattoo can mean?

Where we come from

Clear and large color DNA design


Very easy: one of the meanings of DNA is to remember all of our ancestors, since DNA can be considered a chain that helps to manage genetic information, that is, everything, good and bad, that we share with our family. Therefore, although at first glance it does not seem like it, this type of tattoo works very well as a family design. An original way to show your connection to your family is, for example, by putting your initials on the DNA particles.

Long live science

DNA and the symbol of atheism often go together


In addition, DNA, naturally, is related to science and everything scientificThat is why it is a reason that is usually accompanied by an atheist symbol, who shouts to the world that your faith is not found in a bearded entity from outer space, but in the knowledge that, little by little, the human race is deciphering. .

Enjoying to the fullest

Your passion turned into a DNA chain is one of its meanings


Another of the possible meanings is that the DNA shows a hobby that you have integrated into your own being, that is part of you. Because, it is common for this design to be accompanied by some other element. For example, if you like to play the piano, you can combine the DNA chain with your favorite musical score or with the image of the instrument. Or, like in the photo, if you really like bikes you can even literally turn the DNA into a bike chain.

Ideas and how to take advantage of DNA tattoos

DNA tattoo on the side, the place calls for a vertical design


There are a lot of ways to take advantage of these kinds of tattoos, since they give a lot of themselves and, in addition, they look great in a lot of different styles. For example:

Horizontal or vertical

Horizontal DNA with a sober design


One of the first questions that you will surely have to ask yourself is whether you prefer a vertical or horizontal design. This can be easily determined if you already know for sure where you want to get tattooed. For example, on the leg or on the ribs a large and vertical design will be better, while on the nape it will have to be vertical but somewhat smaller (unless it covers the entire back). In the case of horizontal tattoos, they look great on the arm, forearm or legs, even in the form of a border.

Black and white or a touch of color

The color suits this tattoo wonderfully


The good thing about DNA is that, as we said, it looks great in many styles, so that the decision is once again determined by the meaning and size of the piece that you want. Black and white, with good shading, can make the whole design stand out with great gravity, while the color will give it a more casual style. Even the colors you choose can determine that you prefer one option or another: for example, the most cheerful colors, such as yellow or pink, will also convey dynamism and joy.

Alone or accompanied

A DNA tree honors your ancestors


Before we also said that DNA tattoos can be alone or accompanied by some element. In this second case, as is evident, we will need a larger piece so that the design does not look too full and misleading. Being a design of a larger size, it also supports more games, for example, a DNA tree will convey the idea of ​​a tribute to your ancestors while allowing a design with branches, colors and a lot of detail.

Small DNA tattoos

Smaller tattoos better with little color


What if we want a design that is small? No problem, DNA looks great in lots of understated designs too. In this case, you can play with color (although not many or very different, so as not to mislead) and with dynamism. In fact, DNA can be simply outlined, as if done in pencil, to give the impression that it is moving.

Fine tattoo

Simpler DNA tattoos need clean lines


Regarding the finest and most delicate tattoos, the DNA is also very cool. In this case, it is best to find a place where the design fits naturally (like the wrist, the forearm, the neck ...) and, obviously, use very fine lines, with a clear but firm and delicate outline and without shading. When it comes to color, a bit of a watercolor style can be great, although black will add more of a sense of simplicity.

DNA and pointillism: the result is a very cool and detailed design


DNA tattoos are wonderful, but they also have a lot of different and very unexpected meanings that will leave you stunned. Tell us, do you have a similar tattoo? What does it mean to you? Do you think we have left something pending, such as some meaning or idea?

DNA tattoos photos

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