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Tatuantes It is a Actualidad Blog website. Our website is dedicated to world of body art, especially to tattoos but also to piercings and other forms. We propose original designs while we intend to provide all the information about how to get tattoos, skin care, etc.

The editorial team of Tatuantes It is composed of passionate about the world of tattoos and body art happy to share their experience and knowledge with you. If you also want to be part of it, do not hesitate to write us through this form.


  • Virginia Bruno

    I am dedicated to writing content for various magazines and websites, I love writing and researching and, above all, reading all kinds of topics. Among the topics, I am passionate about things related to mythology and ancient civilizations, which has led me to be a fervent reader and learn about the designs of the magical world of tattoos, everything about technique, designs, symbols and thus be able to specialize in theme. In tatuantes, I provide ideas, references, to obtain inspiration, meanings and advice on tattoos of all types of designs and techniques. Also guidance on tattoo placement, sizing, aftercare and cover-up. Happy to share informed and passionate content with everyone about the fascinating world of ink body art.

Former editors

  • Antonio Fdez

    For many years I have been passionate about the world of tattoos. I have many and different styles. Traditional classic, Maori, Japanese, etc... That's why I hope you like what I'm going to explain to you about each of them. Tattoos are for me a way to express my personality, my tastes and my experiences. Each one has a special meaning to me and reminds me of a story. I love learning about the different cultures and traditions behind tattoos and sharing my passion with other people. That's why I dedicate myself to writing about this fascinating topic. I hope you enjoy reading my articles and that they inspire you to get your own tattoo.

  • Nat Cherry

    Fan of the neo-traditional style and weird and geeky tattoos, there is nothing like a piece with a good story behind it. Since I am incapable of drawing anything more complicated than a stick figure, I have to settle for reading, writing about them... and having them made for me, of course. Proud bearer of six (way of seven) tattoos. The first time I got a tattoo, I wasn't able to look. Last time, I fell asleep on the stretcher. I love discovering the meaning and origin of the tattoos I see, and learning about the different cultures and traditions that have inspired them. I also like to share my experiences and tips on tattoo care and healing, and recommend the best artists and studios I know. My dream is to travel the world and collect tattoos of different styles and places. I believe that tattoos are a form of expression and art, and that each one has a story to tell.

  • maria jose roldan

    I am a tattooed mother, special education teacher, educational psychologist and passionate about writing and communication. I love tattoos and in addition to wearing them on my body, I love discovering and learning more about them. Each tattoo contains a hidden meaning and is a personal story... that is worth discovering. Since I was little I was fascinated by drawings and symbols that expressed something more than what was seen with the naked eye. My tattoos are part of my identity and my way of seeing the world. As a tattoo writer, I like to share my experience and knowledge with other people who also have this passion. I like to research the origin, meaning and technique of different types of tattoos, as well as the trends, advice and curiosities surrounding this ancient art. My goal is to inform, inspire and entertain readers who want to know more about tattoos and their stories.

  • Susana godoy

    Since I was little I knew that being a teacher was my thing, but in addition to being able to make it a reality, it can also be perfectly combined with my other passion: Writing about the world of tattoos and piercings. Because it is the maximum expression of carrying memories and moments lived on the skin. I believe that tattoos and piercings are a way to express our personality, our emotions and our values. They are a form of art that accompanies us throughout our lives and makes us unique. Therefore, I dedicate myself to writing about this topic with passion, respect and professionalism.

  • Alberto Pérez

    I am passionate about absolutely everything that has to do with tattoos. The different styles and techniques, their history... I am passionate about all of this, and that is something that is evident when I speak or write about them. Since I got my first tattoo, I was fascinated by the art of capturing a symbol, a message or an emotion on the skin. I am dedicated to researching and sharing everything I know about the world of tattoos, from their origins and meanings to the latest trends and advice. My goal is to inform, inspire and entertain all tattoo lovers, as well as those who want to get started in this form of expression.

  • Sergio Gallego

    I am a person who has always been passionate about tattoos. Since I was little, I was fascinated by designs and the meanings they could have in different cultures. Over time, I learned more about them, the history, the tradition, and how to care for them. I like to research the techniques, styles, and trends in the world of tattooing. And also share my knowledge so that you can enjoy it. For this reason, I dedicate myself to writing articles about tattoos, where I offer you advice, curiosities, and recommendations.

  • diana millan

    I was born in Barcelona about thirty-some years ago, enough time for a naturally curious and somewhat reckless person to enjoy learning about tattoos and how important they are to global culture. Since I was little I was fascinated by the designs, colors and meanings hidden behind each tattoo. I have traveled the world to learn first-hand the different traditions and styles of tattoos, from the Maori of New Zealand to the yakuza of Japan. Also, you already know that “no risk, no fun, no pain, no gain”… So I myself have gotten several tattoos that represent moments, people and values ​​in my life. If you want to know everything about tattoos, I hope you enjoy my articles, where I will tell you curiosities, tips and trends about this ancient art.