Tattoos of the Hand of Fatima or Hamsa, meaning and mystical character

Fatima hand tattoo on nape

Yes alright in Tatuantes we have already talked on occasion about the Hand of Fatima or Hamsa, we have seen fit to dedicate an extensive article to this type of tattoos. A tattoo that, on the other hand, has gained in popularity in recent years due to its symbolism and meaning. Let us remember that the tattoos of the hand of Fatima they have a mystical character that makes them so interesting. Not to mention its shape.

The Hand of Fatima, Jamsa or Hamsa tattoos (translated as five in Arabic) represent one of the elements of the best known Muslim culture. As we say and due to its mystical character, it is a great claim within the world of tattoos. The hamsa has been since ancient times by Muslim culture to try to unify countries in conflict.

The origin and meaning of the Hand of Fatima or Hamsa

Hand of fatima tattoo on hand

But what is the Origin, symbolism and meaning of the Hand of Fatima or Hamsa? As we will see later, it is a multicultural symbol since, in addition to the Arab culture, we also find it in the Jewish one. This symbol is represented by an open hand in which an eye can be seen. While in the areas of Jewish influence it is called Hamsa, in other Islamic ones it is known as “The Hand of Fatima”.

Although its specific origin is still shrouded in mystery, to this day several theories about the real origin of this symbol are still being considered. On the one hand we have the patron saint of Carthage, used by the Phencians as a symbol of their goddess Tanit. In Mesopotamia (what we know today as Iraq) it was already represented as a protection charm that also increased fertility.

When it comes to presenting the tattoos of Fatima's hand, we see that she always appears with three fingers extended, while sometimes the thumb and little finger are curved. The inner eye located in the palm of the hand is Represented to dodge the evil eye and envy. According to some legends, the Hamsa was also represented to protect against envy, bad looks and wanton desires.

Although it may seem that they are not related, if you look closely, you will see that many Hamsa tattoos are shown next to some fish, this is because it is believed that fish are also a protective symbol against the evil eye and attract the good luck. It is in this way that by combining both elements, greater protection against the evil eye is achieved.

The best hamsa tattoos in color

Colored hand of fatima tattoo

Personally, I prefer these tattoos in color. And it is that due to its shapes and details of the palm of Fatima's hand, you can play with a wide variety of colors to get a really lively tattoo and eye-catching. Depending on the types of colors used and combined, we can obtain a result similar to that of Mexican skull tattoos.

And in black? Yes, in black these tattoos also look great. And although I personally prefer them in color, I cannot deny that in the case of women, if they tattoo a hand of Fatima, doing it in black with a fine and careful outline, the result is a tattoo of a delicate and even sensual nature. And even more depending on where the tattoo itself is made.

Also with fingers spread

Fatima hand on the wrist

The hamsa hand can be represented in two ways:

  • With fingers spread
  • With fingers closed together

It is said that the first design represents the power to ward off evil, while the latter is a symbol of good luck.

A hamsa hand tattoo is not only amazing thanks to its design and appearance, but it is also backed by very rich cultural values ​​and traditions. The symbol descends from various religions, including, as we have already mentioned, Islam, but also from Judaism and even Christianity. The oldest use of the hamsa dates back to Iraq in addition to being used as protection and immunity from the evil eye, it is also believed that whoever has it is safe wherever they go. This is the first and main reason why many people have the hamsa hand in pendants, bracelets, earrings and now also in tattoos, so that it is always accompanying and protecting them wherever they go.

In addition, the hamsa hand is also worn or held because it helps to stay safe from people who send bad energies with their eyes due to, for example, envy or resentments.

The eye on the hamsa hand further reinforces the symbolism of protection against evil. The eye often refers to the eye of Horus, which means that we will always be being watched and no matter where you hide, because you will never be able to escape the attention of your own consciousness.


Hand of Fatima in color

From hamsa it is also known as 'khamsa' which is an Arabic word that means 'five' or 'five fingers of the hand'. It is interesting how this symbol is accepted in different religions for different reasons. Surprisingly, all meanings and reasons boil down to the same implication and meaning: safety and protection from others and bad energies.

Hamsa hand symbolism in Islam

If you follow Islam, you will know that the five fingers in could represent the five pillars of Islam. These are:

  1. Shahâda-There is only one God and Muhammad is the messenger of God
  2. Salat-Pray 5 times a day
  3. Alms to the needy zakat-da
  4. Sawm-fasting and self-control during Ramadan
  5. The Hajj, who visit Mecca at least once during their lifetime

Alternatively, this symbol is also known as The Hand of Fatima, in memory of Muhammad's daughter Fatima Zahra.

Hamsa hand symbolism in Judaism

Hamsa tattoo in black

If you come from a Jewish family, then the hamsa is believed to symbolize the presence of God in everything that exists in this world. The five fingers of this symbol are also used to remind the tattoo bearer to use all of his five senses to praise God. Some Jews also believe that the five fingers represent the five books of the Torah. It is also known as the hand of Miriam, the older sister of Moses.

Hamsa Hand Symbolism in Christianity

When it comes to Christianity, some sources say that the hamsa hand is the hand of the Virgin Mary and symbolizes femininity, power and strength. Many times, the symbol of a Christian fish is also incorporated along with this design as the outer lining of the fish eye (Ichthys). It is considered to be a symbol of Christ. In some cultures, fish is also believed to be immune to the evil eye.

It does not matter what culture you have, what your religion is or what your beliefs are, what matters is that if you tattoo your hamsa hand you are aware that for you it does mean something and that without a doubt, you will wear it in tattoo with a lot pride. Fortune, protection, safety and family are the most important meanings for this pretty tattoo that so many people love.

Where to get a Fatima hand tattoo?

Hand of Fatima on the forearm

As for which areas of the body are more interesting to get a tattoo of the hand of Fatima or HamsaIf we take a look at the gallery of images below, you will see that the vast majority choose to do it on the back, neck or on one of the sides of the chest. Yes, there are people who dare to tattoo it on their own hand, but one of the sites mentioned above is better.

We must bear in mind that it is a tattoo that must have a medium or even large size to be able to appreciate all its details more easily. Otherwise, some of its magic is lost. Is it interesting to combine it with other elements? Well, while in other cases I usually recommend combining the main design with other elements, in this case, these tattoos are perfect despite being done alone.

Now, We must bear in mind that a tattoo of the hand of Fatima is much more than a simple hand with three fingers extended and the other two curved.. As we have mentioned in the previous points, other types of elements such as an inner eye should be included and some small fish will also give a more original touch to our tattoo. Without further ado, we leave you a varied gallery of tattoos of the hand of Fatima so that you can get ideas for your next tattoos.

Photos of Tattoos of the Hand of Fatima (Hamsa)

Below you have an extensive Photo gallery of tattoos with the Hand of Fatima so you can get ideas of the areas and styles in which you can tattoo it:

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