Gypsy women tattoos, a highly acclaimed design in the old school style

Gypsy women tattoos

It is something that I have already commented on more than one occasion, each tattoo style has associated with them a whole series of icons and / or elements that, over the years, having been tattooed on so many occasions, are quickly associated with the different styles of tattoos that we can find today. In the case of old school style tattoos, The gypsy women, also known in English as Gypsy ladys, are one of them.

The gypsy women tattoos They are very popular among lovers of old school tattoos due to their characteristics. Their shapes, clothing and accessories make these tattoos easily recognizable with the naked eye. These tattoos always show us gypsy women dressed in different details and ornaments such as pendant rings, earrings, chokers, scarves or long skirts.

Meaning of tattoos for gypsy women

  • El first meaning that we can give to this type of tattoos is that of independence and autonomy. People who get a gypsy tattoo are usually independent people and do not need to live with anyone to feel complete, they also have great physical and mental freedom.
  • El second meaning is the traveler. Gypsies have historically been an itinerant community. Forever moving from side to side looking for a way to earn a living in different cities and countries of the world. People with this design are usually people restless who likes travel and adventure towards the unknown either alone or accompanied.
  • Un third meaning of gypsy tattoos is the femininity and desire. These designs are usually made with a woman of jet black hair and a reddish tone in the cheeks which represents the sensuality and femininity of women in general. They are also usually painted with a red lip tone highlighting the desire that they represent. People who tattoo gypsies in this way are usually fiery people, passionate and in whom the sensuality and desire plays an important role in your most personal relationships.
  • Other meanings most common for this type of tattoos are the future, divination, luck, love or the path to the unknown… All of them linked to gypsy life and culture as we have known through their stories and legends. A large part of the tattoos of gypsy women are made with this one holding a crystal ball, which he uses to make premonitions about the future of the person who asks him. They can also be tattooed with tarot cards or constellations background, all used for the divinatory arts.


Gypsy women tattoos

As you can see, gypsy tattoos are usually very large due to the amount of details that they carry in their design. This type of drawing is usually tattooed on backs, quads, or legs in general, forearms and arms or even in the back of hands...more or less large areas where the artist can make a work that is really beautiful and with all its details. It is well known by all that a tattoo, with the passage of time, tends to lose detail and if it is very small in the end it looks as if it were a spot on the skin. This would also happen with these designs; by having so much detail, over the years, they would end up being lost and what is drawn on the skin would not be recognized.

Due to this characteristic, these tattoos are usually worn by men since they are the ones who usually opt for larger or voluminous pieces. Normally, women tend to opt for pieces more fine and small although there are always exceptions that are a true work of art.

Gypsy women tattoos

If you are a fan of this culture so particular and richWithout a doubt, an excellent way to always carry a piece of her with us is to capture one of these tattoos on your skin. If you do a search on the net, you will see that The vast majority of tattoos of gypsy women always follow very similar patterns. A figure in profile with red cheeks and dark hair. Although we can find a wide variety of this type of tattoos on the internet.

Either with a crystal ball, head-on, with feathers or with some tarot cards, gypsy women tattoos are always a good choice for lovers of the style old school.

However, I would personally choose to give the tattoo a personal touch either by means of a complement or by combining it with other elements such as a rose, skull or any animal that also has a very personal meaning for us. As for the place on the body where these tattoos can look good, as we have said before, large areas where the details can be appreciated are preferable but, in general, they are designs that adapt perfectly to almost any part of the body where we decide to tattoo it.

As always, we leave you a small selection of photos of gypsy women's tattoos where you can get ideas for your next appointment with the ink and the needle.

Photos of Gypsy Women Tattoos

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