Photos of Illuminati tattoos, the eye that sees everything

Illuminati Tattoo

Within the world of tattooing there are many people who, directly, are dedicated to looking for designs on the net and, when they find one that they like it They go to their closest tattoo artist to get it on their skin. Something that can lead us to make a serious mistake that we regret in the future. And it is that this type of people does not delve into the meaning or symbolism of the elements that we are going to tattoo. A clear example of this are the so-called illuminati tattoos.

I wonder, How many people will there be with a tattooed owl that grasps a pyramid with an eye inside it and doesn't really know the meaning of it? I am sure that there are many more people than we imagine in this situation. The truth is that in recent years these types of designs have become fashionable, which has led many people to jump on the bandwagon of this trend and add one of this kind to their list of tattoos.

What are the Illuminati?

Illuminati tattoo on neck

But, with that said, and Before I start talking about Illuminati tattoos, I think it is best to give the answer to the following question, What are the Illuminati? The Order of the Illuminati (commonly Illuminati) is the name given to various groups, both real and fictitious. Historically he has always referred to the Bavarian Illuminati organization, a secret society from the time of the Enlightenment, which claimed to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence on public life, abuses of state power and supported women's education and gender equality

Today, When we speak of "Illuminati," we commonly refer to secret organizations that are routinely accused of conspiring to control world affairs.. Something like "A government in the shade." These types of organizations would carry out all kinds of plans with the aim of establishing a New World Order (NWO in English).

Illuminati Tattoo Designs: The Pyramid or the "All Seeing" Eye

Illuminati tattoo on the back

Without a doubt and in what respects the illuminati tattoo designs, there are some elements that stand out from the rest because they have a certain popular fame. As we mentioned, we have on the one hand the pyramid (inverted or not) as well as the so-called "eye that sees everything. They are two very important elements always associated with the Illuminati and that we are going to explain concisely and clearly.

In the first place and speaking exclusively of the pyramidWe are faced with a symbol that represents society and its different ranks. An equilateral triangle that, as I say, represents the society in which we currently live. In the lower part of it, we would be most of the world's population, while in its highest part, a small group of people would reside (although some say that they are beings more associated with a reptile) who would control the destiny of the world.

In other words, we are talking about a society in which very few have power over the vast majority of the rest of the population. At first, it may seem like a tattoo that well represents today's reality. And so it is, although it is always associated with the Illuminati or secret organizations.

Illuminati tattoo on arm

With regard to the All-seeing eye", also known as the Eye of the Great Architect, it is a symbol that represents the continued vigilance of some oligarchs over the rest of the town. In addition, to this we must add the meaning of the spiritual / metal eye of humans.

Currently, we can find from "Masonic eyes" to "Illuminati eyes", it is enough to do a quick search on the net to witness the interpretation of the different tattoo artists on this element of a deep symbolic load that leads many people to capture it in their skin in combination with other types of elements, be it a flower or an animal, for example.

Many people choose to get a tattoo inverted pyramid with one eye closed inside. It is a form of protest to show "Those who rule us" They can never control us

Be very careful with the Illuminati symbols that you tattoo

Illuminati tattoo for men

The truth is, at the beginning when I was writing this article I had some doubts about whether to include this section or not, finally I have encouraged myself since, the more information we have on the table, the better. Thus we can contrast all the data and obtain a more precise point of view of, in this case, the illuminati tattoos. And there are those who think that Illuminati tattoos, especially those associated with demonic symbols or dark energies, can negatively affect us.

Something that I would link to that article I wrote talking about tattoos and acupuncture. Specifically, there are some people who point out that some tattoos of this nature are not good for your vibration as being an energy amplifier. If you are one of those people who attach great importance to these types of issues, I am sure it will be a handicap to take into account when getting these types of tattoos.

Illuminati Tattoo Pictures

Below you have an extensive Illuminate tattoo gallery So that you take some of them as an example, they will surely serve as an idea for you when you make your own tattoo inspired by this symbol.

All-seeing eye neck tattoo
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  1.   Ronald Cuevas said

    I included an eye, very Illuminati style, to a design of a lighthouse tattoo, but I prefer to give it a different meaning than those mentioned here

  2.   sebastian e. said

    Excellent article, thank you very much for the information.

  3.   Yessica said

    hello, thank you very much for the inf. I want to get a tattoo of a human eye and I give it two meanings, the first for my children and family I am always alert for any eventuality and very few times I do not get it right, in silence I realize many things and in silence I do what What do I have to do, even though there are times when I expose my hunches so they don't take them into account or discuss them, in the case of my children always above all and the other reason is that I have always liked large garlic with abundant eyelashes , while my eyes are the opposite, they are Chinese and very short eyelashes, compared to the photos and the explanation of the post has nothing to do with what I want.

  4.   Diego said

    Each one gives their respective meaning.

  5.   Sergio Sanchez said

    Well for me it is the new world order that is about to come