Umbrella tattoos and their symbol of planning in the face of unforeseen events

Umbrella tattoo on the hand, an interesting option

What is the reason for tattooing an umbrella? It is clear that umbrella tattoos They are very striking because of the curious motif of the tattoo and, on the other hand, for the style in which these types of tattoos are usually made.

However, many people are unaware of the deep meaning of this everyday object on a rainy day when it is captured on a person's skin. In Tatuantes we want to tell you about the meaning of umbrella tattoos while we show you a gallery with a compilation of different designs.

The meaning of umbrella tattoos

Umbrella Tattoo

By its origin, the word umbrella (“umbrella” in English) is associated with protection. That is why a few years ago, it was really common to see different insurers use this element in their corporate image. An umbrella is a symbol of planning in the face of unforeseen events before the arrival of a "rainy day" that appears by surprise in our daily lives.

Tattoo artist with umbrella


However It is not only associated with protection itself, but also with being proud of being the protector of something, like your family, your coworkers, animals ... so an interesting tattoo could be a person under an umbrella, or an animal, protecting itself from the rain or the storm.

Other meanings of the umbrella

Umbrella Tattoo Design


However, in addition to its obvious meaning related to protectionUmbrellas also hide others that are not so easily distinguishable, as we will see below. For example:

The umbrella and the travelers

Some people say that the meaning of an umbrella tattoo is related to traveling, since it is recommended that a traveler carry an umbrella on all their trips to face any unforeseen event.

Mary Poppins and company

Mary Poppins Tattoo


Umbrellas too are related to characters who use this object as a method of flying and going from one place to another, as, for example, the most famous babysitter in the world, Mary Poppins, would a wonderful inspiration for anyone who wants to remember one of the key and most magical characters of our childhood.

The umbrella in Buddhism

Buddha with umbrella

Furthermore, For Buddhists, the umbrella refers to the protective force since, on occasions, in various representations of Buddha he can be seen next to an umbrella. Wisdom and compassion are also spoken of.

Upside down umbrella meaning

Upside down umbrella


Surely almost all of you have imagined the umbrella with the handle down. But What happens if we put the handle facing upwards? Well, it can mean protection against diseases or that many difficulties have been overcome and the umbrella has been put aside because it is no longer necessary.

Umbrella with rain coming out of it

Tattoo with storm


Surely you have also imagined the umbrella protecting from the rain or any external element. But what if the rain comes from inside the umbrella? Well, it is customary to relate to the fact that you have gone through a very bad time and that you want to remember that moment with a tattoo.

There are tons of tattoos of this type, it can be a solitary umbrella with four drops, a person with an umbrella getting wet, or someone under the umbrella but wearing a raincoat. What's more, The rain that comes out from inside the umbrella is not only represented with water, it can also be made of petals, feathers, or any other element that you like.

Other 'umbrellas'

Umbrella logo tattoo


As we have mentioned before, the word umbrella is translated into English as umbrella, and this leads us to other tattoos related to this word. For example, we have the Umbrella Corporation which, for those of you who don't know, is the company that creates the virus that turns people into zombies in Resident Evil. The well-known logo of this company is an umbrella seen from above… it is what you would expect from a company called Umbrella, right? 😀

Aigasa, the umbrella of love

Aigasa, umbrella of Japanese love


Finally, one of the most curious meanings of umbrellas is that in Japan they are used as a substitute for the typical heart that we use in the West. There, to express the love between two people, a symbol very similar to an umbrella is used in which the names of the two people who like each other are written to the right and left of the handle.

Japanese ancient drawing

The most curious thing is that, indeed, this design is inspired by a real umbrella: As in that country displays of affection such as hugs or kisses are not very common, two people sharing an umbrella is considered a very significant event in which personal space is bought.

Meaning of parasol tattoos

Tattooed girl on the beach


Apart from stopping the rain too we have another type of umbrella that serves to avoid the sun, also known as parasols, which, as might be expected, have a meaning of their own.

The parasol to attract money

Umbrella tattoo

One of the most obvious things about the parasol is that it has always been worn by wealthy people who could afford it. For this reason, tattoos of this type are used to relate to the desire to attract money. It is typical to place the parasols of this type of tattoos in idyllic places (such as a beach) or in things that denote the idle life of the rich (for example, a cocktail).

Tightrope walkers on the rope

Tattoo of tightrope walker


Although it is also an element that the tightrope walkers used to help them maintain their balance, with which, as you can imagine, these types of tattoos are used to be related to the fact that that person tries to balance to solve the unforeseen events that arise in life. Without a doubt it is a design that can be very cool with bright colors.

How to take advantage of an umbrella tattoo?

Black and white umbrella illustration

Now that we have talked about the meanings of umbrella tattoos, let's see briefly how we can take advantage of it.

First, several details can be added to this type of tattoos to make the design unique. For example, the color of the umbrella, if it bears any pattern (which will be the element that stands out the most in the tattoo), or if the umbrella has some type of decoration on the edges and what will make it unique for you.

Banksy Umbrella


On the other hand, that umbrella can be carried by someone (be it a person or something else, such as an animal). About the styles, both can have a realistic style like an anime character or even something that the tattoo designer himself has prepared for you. As you can see, there are many possible combinations.

Umbrella with storm tattoo


And so far our article on tattoos of umbrellas and parasols, as you can see the topic goes a long way. If you combine it with your ideas, the range is totally impressive. If you want to tell us anything about your ideas or your tattoos, even about umbrellas, you just have to leave it in the comments section that you have below.

Umbrella Tattoos Pictures

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