Minimalist tattoos for couples who want to show their love

Words also join


The minimalist tattoos for couples are the cane: not only are they discreet, but they can become very, very imaginative and versatile, since each one can wear the same, different or complementary design, the point is to celebrate your love!

That's why today We have prepared this post with a lot of different ideas so that you can find that special tattoo. And if you want more inspiration, we recommend that you take a look at this other post with small tattoos for couples.

Ideas for minimalist tattoos for couples

Minimalist tattoo with simple crowns


There hundreds and hundreds of possibilities to get the perfect discreet tattoo for couples. Below we have gathered no less than fifteen ideas not for you to copy, but for you to build and find your perfect piece.

Lettering tattoos

Lettering tattoos are one of the most popular options for couple tattoos, not only are they discreet, but they allow you to play with elements such as typography. Let's look at a few very interesting possibilities:

Half word or phrase

Each part of the couple can have a tattooed phrase


Each can take one half of a sentence or a word that is special to you. Although the example of the photo is very obvious, there are many other words that can give an unexpected twist to the tattoo.

characters and kanji

The characters or kanji are doubly discrete


Chinese characters or Japanese kanjis too they are widely used in tattoos for discreet couples, since they are a way to reflect your love in an even more discreet way than usual. You just have to make sure that he actually puts what you want.


Play with the dates to get a discreet and elegant tattoo


The dates They are another of the most popular tattoos when looking for a design that is discreet and at the same time personal.. In fact, although it doesn't seem like it, they can be quite versatile, since they can be integrated into other drawings, use Arabic or Roman numerals...

The right and upside down

The words give a lot of play by position and typography


Although the example in the photo is of a temporary tattoo, it is worth looking at this design for future tattoos: the word that has been chosen is love/eros, playing with the typography and inverting the letters, a very original design is achieved and that in a couple can be very good. Obviously, if you want to be original you can play with other elements, such as your names, the name of the place where you got engaged...

K and Q

The K stands for 'king' and the Q stands for 'queen'


The letters K and Q are also very popular when it comes to finding a tattoo that is discreet and with romantic elements at the same time, since refers to two poker cards, the king and queen. Normally one goes in black and the other in red. You can also play with the suits, for example, one carrying spades and the other hearts.

Tattoos to combine

Love symbolized with a key and a lock


The tattoos in which the design is combined have the peculiarity that they can work separately, but together they form a complete design that can even take on unexpected meaning.

arrows that come together

Minimalist tattoo for couple with arrows


This tattoo, as you can see in the picture, fits especially well on the ring finger. The idea is that one carries the base of a date and the other the tip and that, when joining the fingers, the complete design appears.

suns and moons

The sun and the moon, minimalist and complementary celestial bodies

Or other stars that combine well or that are special to you. Each one can carry a star and that combined give an interesting or romantic twist. The most obvious are the sun and the moon, but you can also play with constellations, phases of the moon...

Pacman looking for his ghost

Couple tattoo with Pacman looking for his ghost


Pacman eats the ghosts following a path of white balls, and what this tattoo does is give a very cool twist to this idea, since each part of the couple carries either Pacman or a ghost. It's even suitable for polyamorous couples, as each can wear a different colored ghost.

linked hands

The hands are discreet and give a lot of play as a tattoo


hands linked They are a symbol not only of love, but also of friendship.. You can have the same tattoos, but the really interesting thing is that you find your own design (using the hands of the other as a model, for example) or that you base yourself on the classics, such as the classic representation of Michelangelo in the photo.

cages and birds

The cage can also be a symbol of home

It seems that all of a sudden the cages and the birds are not going to combine very well because the cage symbolizes something that deprives us of freedom. Nevertheless, an unexpected symbolism is the bird that returns home of its own accord (and without the cage door being closed) with what is a design that also works very well between couples.

Same but different tattoos

Another very cool possibility for discreet tattoos for couples includes that you carry the same design, which can sometimes be identical and other times have small variations. For example:

Tattoos on the ring finger

The anchor symbolizes what binds you to that person

A classic of couple tattoos, tattoos on the ring finger indicate that you are caught, even that you have married. The only negative thing about these tattoos is that they need constant touch-ups, since the surface of the finger, the type of skin and the little cushion underneath, causes the ink to not absorb well.

As possibilities, there are a lot: from rings, to anchors (which also convey the idea that you are linked to each other), dates, words, the other's name...


Heart tattoo with each other's fingerprints


A very original possibility and different from what we have been seeing: You can carry each other's fingerprints on your skin, forever touched by that special person. If you want to make it more obvious, put the design in the shape of a heart.


King and queen crowns are a very popular way to symbolize your love


The king and queen of the house, of the relationship, of the other's heart: maybe that's why tattoos like crowns work just as well as minimalist couple tattoos. If, in addition, instead of being satisfied with a design of the same crowns, you combine it with the personal tastes of each one, the result is much more interesting.


If what unites you is religion, tattoo some crosses


Well, it doesn't seem like the most romantic option, but if you are united by religion it can be a good design. The crosses refer to faith, if you combine them with other elements such as dates, they can also refer to the day of your marriage, for example.

in search of the other

A minimalist tattoo that works alone and in combination


Another minimalist and very cool possibility is to tattoo a character (in the photo it is an avocado, but it can be whatever you like, for example, your cat, your son...) let him go in search of the other. The trick of the tattoo is that it is not like Pacman's (which we mentioned above), but that he is waving to one side, and the other to the opposite side, so that apparently there is no path between the two until you are together.


The electrocardiogram is romantic and very versatile


Y we end up with an electrocardiogram, perhaps a fairly seen design, which can be combined in an infinity of possible ways: from just the undulating line to combining it with hearts, dates, doing it in color, in black and white, on the fingers, on the chest...

We hope that this article on minimalist tattoos for couples has given you some ideas to find your perfect tattoo. Tell us, what is your love story? Do you already have a couple tattoo? How is?

Photos of minimalist tattoos for couples

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