Minimalist tattoos for families who want to express their love

Family tattoos can be cute and simple

Do you want a good idea to reflect all the love you feel for those very special members of your family? Are you one of those who want to be inspired by the best minimalist tattoos for families and are you looking for something simple and elegant at the same time? Or do you want something that reminds you of your family, but at the same time is unique and very original?

precisely today We will talk about minimalist tattoos for families and we will show you all, absolutely all the ideas that have occurred to us so that you get a tattoo as unique as the members that make up your family. And if, in addition, you want to delve a little deeper or get inspired with more ideas, we recommend this other article on family tattoos.

Ideas for minimalist tattoos for families

You can symbolize your relatives as snowflakes


There are many, many elements to be inspired by so that our minimalist tattoos for families not only unique, but also very emotional. Precisely emotion is one of the most sought-after things when looking for a tattoo of this style, it is not for nothing that it is about the family, one of the communities that most define us as people.

names and messages

Combine words with meaning with elements such as flowers


Firstly, some of the most popular elements to be inspired by a family tattoo are the names, whether proper or general, but as long as they imply some kind of message. For example:

Family tattoo on the back


  • El name of relatives those we want to honor can go alone. In these cases it is especially important to pay attention to both the spelling and the font of the letter, as well as the size and the place where it will be placed.
A dictionary definition can honor your family


  • On the other hand, another good idea, and much more original, is refer to a specific family member by imitating a dictionary definition. Thus, as in the photo above, the definition can be of a general type or more based on your relative.
The word family can be accompanied by other elements


  • In addition, the names can go alone or accompanied. By this we mean that, for example, the name "family" can be accompanied by another element without neglecting simplicity, such as a flower, a tree, the profile of a house...

sisters style cartoon

A cartoon style tattoo with two sisters


The style cartoon It also looks great in this type of tattoo, whether in black and white or with a touch of color. Yes indeed, It is indicated for the most casual tattoos (for example, to share with brothers, cousins...), since if what you are looking for is to remember someone with more emotion, you will need a somewhat more serious style.

animal families

Elephants are very familiar


Animals are also great inspiration for minimalist family tattoos. There are many families that are considered special among animals. One of the most represented specimens, for example, is the elephant. In a design like this, you can choose who is who in the members of your family (for example, if you are four members, then four elephants). In the gesture is where the beauty and meaning of the tattoo lies: in the case of elephants, they can be holding their tails, while bears can be hugging each other.

Bear hugs are familiar and very famous



Happy families get the same tattoo together


If what you want is something much, much, much more discreet, the best option you have is to choose something, some small element, that symbolizes the union between the members of your family. For example, clover is a plant that is not only said to bring luck, but can also symbolize the bond between four brothers, but it can be anything that is important to you, from your favorite flower to the controls of the Nintendo 64.

hearts and initials

Simple tattoo with initials and hearts


And since we're talking about love we could not forget the hearts, that symbol of appreciation par excellence that can refer to that person as important as your love for pizza. For a family tattoo, you can opt, it is true, for more or less popular designs, although if discretion is your thing, it is better that you decide on small hearts accompanied by initials, for example. So everything will remain between you and the person you are referring to.

family profiles

A family photo in a tattoo


However Without a doubt, one of the best options you will find, and while remaining extremely simple, are tattoos that are based on a family photo.: more personalized impossible. The tattoo artist will outline the members of the photo and as a result you will have a very original tattoo, and with the retro touch that the photos on paper give. In fact, it is a design that looks particularly cool with photos as old as possible.


A scene can be impressive while remaining simple


And we end up with a tattoo that can also be incredibly emotional without neglecting the simplicity. You can remember a scene and tell the tattoo artist about it, again, base it on a photo or make it up: after all, what really matters is the members of the scene, you and that special family member. Leave it in black and white, opt for a tiny design or a larger one, round or running around the arm, without a doubt this type of design gives for a lot of different styles that will surprise.

A family of elephants holding each other by the tail


Minimalist tattoos for families who want to express their feelings and their love for the other members can be very cool without leaving aside a simplicity that at the same time is the most elegant. Tell us, do you have a tattoo similar to these? On the contrary, you still haven't decided which one you prefer? If you dare, do you want to share any idea that we forgot to mention?

Photos of minimalist tattoos for families

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