Moon tattoos: all meanings and designs

A beautiful realistic full moon


The moon has always been the protagonist of many stories and fantasies. Who has not been fascinated to see the craters of the moon, which seems to be a face? The moon will always be the protagonist of many stories and will continue to be so in the lives of many people. The Moon is a symbol that will receive meanings depending on the person tattooing it, but it will always be light in the dark.

In this article we will talk about the tattoos of the moon and what they mean, since the night star has hundreds of different meanings. In addition, we will give you ideas for your next tattoo adapted to each meaning so that you can find your ideal design.

The magnetism we feel for the moon

Wolves are closely tied to the moon

The moon is a tattoo design that both men and women have long been attracted to and it will remain that way as it is without a doubt of extreme beauty. It is a tattoo that has always been popular and that will continue to be and it is that you cannot get an ugly tattoo when the moon is the protagonist.

Couple with a tattooed sun and moon

The moon, faithful companion in opposition to our star king, friend and foe ... the light in the darkness, the motive of many myths where humanity has always given some power to the energy of the moonIt will always be an element of our life that we cannot miss to feel complete with our environment.

Meaning of moon tattoos

Moon and wolf tattoo on chest

The moon, as the protagonist in tattoos, gives a lot of itself, both for its appearance and for the many meanings that it can have. Next we will talk about the most colorful ones and we will give you ideas for your future tattoo.


Yin and yang tattoo with sun and moon


For many people the sun represents the energy of men and the moon the feminine sideThat is why many times in tattoos the moon is combined with the sun. It is the symbol of the natural balance of things: darkness and light, man and woman, male and female. When these elements are put together, they add balance and harmony exists in the world.

Sun and moon tattoos

Although the typical nineties fashion of putting the sun and the moon together has passedThere are other interesting ways to take advantage of this tattoo, for example, shared with someone or with a more delicate design, inspired by mandalas.

One of the most popular examples in this regard, for example, are tattoos inspired by yin and yang and that have the sun and the moon as protagonists.

Moon phases

The phases of the moon in black and white

Instead, moon tattoos can also be independent without the need to also tattoo the sun. The moon, itself, has a lot of different meanings, although perhaps one of the most curious is this one about the phases of the moon, which are considered a symbol of immortality, rebirth and the dark side of the nature.

The phases of the moon in color are very original

As a tattoo, the phases of the moon are usually shown in black and white if a more realistic style is followed. However, they also look great in color, and in vertical designs that, for example, occupy the entire forearm or leg.

Tribal moon

A tribal moon is very original


A tribal-inspired moon has a very interesting meaning related to the connection with the earth and the nature of the tattooed person. The wolf that accompanies this design further reinforces this symbolism. Although in a tattoo tribal designs tend to be represented in black ink, as you can see in another color they also look great and gain delicacy.

The wolves and the moon

Wolf howling at the moon tattoo

An ancient Native American legend says that wolves are in charge of watching over the evening star (that is, Venus), perhaps because of that, and because of its nocturnal habits, this animal is so closely related to the moon. In addition, in English the first full moon of the year is known as wolf moon.

Geometric wolf and moon tattoo

Clearly it is a very popular design and very rich in meaning that looks very good in many different designs, either with the realistic style wolf, giving more weight to the moon, in color, in black and white to gain in drama ...

Waxing and waning moon

A discreet moon on the wrist

The phases of the moon too They are very rich in terms of symbols. For example, a crescent moon has a symbolism associated with new opportunities, growth, and going somewhere. On the contrary, a waning moon is related to the end of one stage and the beginning of another.

Moon tattoos are very cool in small size

These tattoos they look great with simple shapes that consist of the phase you want to represent to give it all the prominence it deserves.

Unalome with moon

Unalome tattoos also represent moons

We have already spoken on other occasions about the unalome, that representation about the vital and spiritual path of each one. When combined with a moon, also a very powerful symbol of Hinduism, we convey the message that this spiritual path is followed with the aim of achieving pure and true enlightenment.

Unalome with lotus flower and moon

In such a tattoo the moon looks great in both a color and black and white designIt all depends on whether you want to give the design a more positive and striking touch or if you prefer it to be rather delicate and discreet, in which case the thin black lines are the best option.

Moon with dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers and moons look great


Although they are not related to any special meaning, dream catchers with a moon are very cool. The moon is simply associated with the dream catcher because the dream catcher is supposed to act while we sleep, letting good dreams and good luck slip by and catching nightmares. In a tattoo, the intricate design of the dreamcatcher is reminiscent of mandalas, which can lead to a beautiful, intricate and very delicate design.

Sailor Moon

Tattoo of sailor moon, the warrior moon

Although it is not a meaning in itself, it does is the symbol of an entire generation raised in the nineties, maybe that's why Sailor Moon tattoos are so popular. This design is almost mandatory to do it in color, not only because the result will surely be very happy, but also to represent the warriors (or the warrior that most represents you) with their flagship color, as in this beautiful Sailor Mercury tattoo .

The least metaphorical moon

The most realistic view of the moon

And we end up with the least metaphorical moon, that is, the one is about 384.400 kilometers from here, a great example for those who are fond of astronomy, science fiction or history. Choose to accompany it with an astronaut or a rocket and for a black and white design to give it drama and it will be simply spectacular.

Sun and moon tattoo on foot


You see that the moon tattoo will depend on how you want to have the tattoo, there are those who tattoo a half moon with a cat, adding bats, birds, stars or clouds. There are so many moon tattoo designs that it is better that you see them for yourself and choose the one you like the most for your design. Tell us, is there any meaning of the moon that appeals to you especially? Do you have a tattoo with this element as the main character? What does it mean to you?

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