Is it normal to have to touch up a new tattoo?

Man tattooed arm

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A few days ago, a classmate he told me that he had recently done a tattoo but that, despite the fact that he had take good care, there were lost color in some areas.

Although it was not the first to be done, if it was the first in color what was done. His tattoo artist, as good Experience, solved it right away and review. But is it normal have to do it?

Good care helps, but also your skin type and other factors

Betty Page color tattoo

This Betty Page silhouette is starting to lose color (Source).

Obviously, if you you take bad care of a tattoo you will have more chances that does not heal well and see aged after a while. However, there is also the possibility of taking care of it with all the love in the world and that there are areas that lose color.

After getting a tattoo, we may have to touch it up if it has lost color.

This is due to several factors. For example, that you skin spits out more ink than due and don't absorb it well. It may also be due to area of the body where you have tattooed (for example, the inner part of the arm it usually gives more problems than the tobillo).

What is the solution for a tattoo that has lost color?

In the case of the loss of ink, the solution is retouch the tattoo. It is usually customary to do a month or month and a half later having done it, to give you time to heal. However, you should keep in mind that retouching a tattoo it hurt much more to do. This is because the tattoo artist is inking a wound healed, but quite reciente.

New phrase tattoo

Normally, you have to wait a month or a month and a half to be able to touch up the tattoo.

Remember that if you have any duda About you tattoo, the best thing you can do is talk about it with your tattooist. He or she will give you the most successful solution and it will recommend what you should do. Follow their instructions to the letter so that you tattoo always be as new!

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  1.   Gem Barreiro said

    Excuse me, can someone help me 8 days ago I got a tattoo and I want to do a touch-up, it is advisable to do it, the dead skin is already fallen but the tattoo is opaque