Piercing in the nose, its meanings and types

El Nose piercing It is one of the piercings that most like. Perhaps it is not just a matter of taste but also fashion and trends have marked that it is still very present today. Of course, always with the odd variation so that there is no room for boredom.

So, today we are going to comment on the types of nose piercing that we have as well as the great meaning that sometimes we overlook. If you are one of those who already have a piercing of this type or are thinking of getting one, do not miss everything that follows, because it will surely be of interest to you.

Meaning of the piercing in the nose

They are said to have origin in India. There they were put to symbolize wealth. On the other hand, it is said that brides used to be placed, depending on where they were, they were placed on both the right side of the nose and the left. More than anything, this piercing made brides look more beautiful in the eyes of their future husband. There was also another theory about the piercing in the nose and that is that it was linked to the female sexual organs. It was believed that all women who put on an earring ensured less pain in childbirth.

Today, neither of these theories has clear evidence. If he symbol of wealth or beauty, in the sense that we have mentioned. A tradition is simply preserved but as one more adornment. As we have mentioned, it is a fashion that remains timeless. It doesn't mean there has to be some kind of meaning beyond it.

Types of nose piercing

After being clear that we want a piercing in the nose, now we will ask ourselves, in which area we prefer it. There are several types of piercing that we can find and that we will tell you right now.

  • Septum: The so-called Septum piercing is one of the last we are seeing. It is done between the two holes of the nose. It is presented as a hoop and is a revolution. Many years ago, it was only worn by people who were from the upper social classes or royalty. So we can say that it has a meaning of power but also of beauty. This is something that we can still appreciate in each and every one of them.
  • Erl or bridge: The bridge piercing is known by its location. Although many also call it Erl because legend has it that a prince with this name also wore it. Be that as it may, se place horizontally at the top of the nose, near the eye area.

  • Nostril: The so-called Nostril piercing is the one we place in one of the nose flaps. It is one of the most used since it can be very simple. Here we can enjoy just one small stone of shine, or two, when we talk about the double nostril. This would be to make a piercing in each of the nostrils.
  • austin bar: The Austin Bar piercing is a horizontal bar that is placed at the tip of the nose, at the level of the fins. It does not pass through the cartilage or the nasal cavity. It seems that its use dates from the Middle Ages and it bears this name since it is that of the person who created it.
  • Rhino: This type of piercing also occupies the tip of nose. Although in this case, instead of appearing horizontally, it will appear vertically.

  • septril: It is somewhat similar to the first one we have discussed, but with small peculiarities. In this case it is a small piercing that is located between the two cavities of the nose. Knowing the space we have there, without a doubt, a small brilliant will be the most appropriate.

Without a doubt, they are various types of nose piercing what we have. Some are better known and others a little less, but just as striking and original as the rest. If you are thinking of making one, which of them would you choose?

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