Original mother and daughter tattoos, a lot of ideas

Tattoos for mothers and daughters

One of the main reasons that drive people to get a tattoo on their body is the love they process for a family member or friend. A clear example are the mother tattoos and daughter originals.

In this article we will talk in depth about this type of tattoos, without a doubt one of the best reasons we have to inject ink into our skin.

The reasons for tattooing ourselves in honor of our parents

Tattoos for mothers and daughters

Habitually the most common is to meet young mothers or fathers who decide to honor their daughters or sons with a tattoo. For example, the names of the boy or girl, their date of birth or even a drawing that reminds them of them are very common.

Original Mother Daughter Tattoos

However, in recent years, it is becoming more and more fashionable than mother and daughter go together to the tattoo studio to get a joint tattoo. In turn, these tattoos are not only limited to honoring the son with names and dates, but also tend to seek a more personal touch that shows how close mother and daughter are.

Tattoo ideas for mothers and daughters

Original Mother Daughter Anchor Tattoos

This is all very good, but, What kind of tattoos for mothers and daughters can we find? Well, the truth is that the options are very varied and, as with any other type of tattoo, the only limit is our own imagination (and the quality of the tattoo artist who will make the tattoo).

A half phrase, ideal and very popular

Original Mother Daughter Tattoos Phrase


One of the most common designs in this type of tattoo is to find a phrase divided into two parts so that it can only be complete if mother and daughter are together. Look for a phrase that reminds you of each other, for example, from a song, from a poem ...

Incomplete designs ready to complete

Mother Daughter Bird Tattoos

Another quite interesting option is to opt for an incomplete design, divided in half or that is completed when both people are together again. It is a method of remembering our love for mother or daughter and always having that special person present in our memories. And it is that these tattoos are quite beautiful because they show love for a mother.

A pair of flamingos, a symbol of balance

Original Flamenco Mother and Daughter Tattoos Original Flamingo Mother and Daughter Tattoos

Flamingos are beautiful animals, with pink tones they look great, and their symbolism is very appropriate in a joint tattoo between mother and daughter. Flamenco is a symbol of the comfort that we can find in the company of others, as well as support and balance. Look for a design that you both like, you can choose dry-stick flamenco and even animals of different sizes so that it is clear who is the oldest.

Matching flowers, a beautiful design

Mother Daughter Tattoos Flowers


Another element that can give more play are flowers. You can choose a design with flowers whose meaning is related to your character or even to your names (Rosa, Jacinta, Narcisa ...). If you want to make it even more original, opt for a tattoo that is only complete when the two of you are there, for example, with a flower garland on the arm.

Suns and moons for the most mystical

Original Mother and Daughter Tattoos Sun

Among the complementary elements, one that works perfectly between mothers and daughters is the moon and the sun. They are two sides of the same coin, since one presides over the day while the other presides over the night, and in a tattoo they work wonderfully, either with simpler designs or with others with a more esoteric touch.

Birds flying in freedom

Original Mother and Daughter Cage Tattoos

A beautiful theme for those mothers and daughters who want original mother and daughter tattoos with which to express that there comes a time when we have to let our daughter fly ... but continue to remember us. Go for an incomplete design in which one is the open cage and the other is the flock of birds.

Watches, because time does not pass for you

Original Mother and Daughter Tattoos Clock

Time is another of the great protagonists of tattoos, so it is not uncommon for it to even star in designs between mothers and daughters. Time, after all, is the only thing we are and what our mothers give us at birth: a lifetime of time to grow and live life.

Drawings that immortalize you forever

Mother Daughter Tattoos

A very cool idea, which you have surely seen in other articles, is to opt for a design that shows you in a different and most adorable way: take a drawing from when you were little and get a tattoo. The most common is to choose a drawing of the daughter, although a drawing of how the mother imagined her family when she was little is also wonderful.

Unalome tattoos, a lifetime in one line

Original Mother Daughter Flower Tattoos

Unalome Original Mother and Daughter Tattoos

We have already talked enough about these curious tattoos, in which a personalized line is created from the most important experiences in a person's life. As you can imagine, It is an especially cool idea in the case of tattoos of mothers and daughters, which can be combined to perfection.

Animal tattoos that illustrate you

Mother Daughter Tattoos Original Tigers

Original Tiger Mother and Daughter Tattoos

Before we talked about flamingos, but there are many more animals that can look great in a tattoo. Whether you want to show the madrassa side of the one (with lionesses and cubs, for example), the ferocity of the two (tigers) or simply your love for frogs, animal tattoos are an option with thousands of possibilities.

Arrows, always forward

Original Mother Daughter Arrow Tattoos


If, on the other hand, you want a design that is very, very simple, you can choose the arrows. These can be long or short, or have a symbol integrated (such as infinity), but in any case they always have a meaning similar: you always have to go forward, even better if you do it together!

Origami tattoos, the art of paper on your skin

Original Mother Daughter Tattoos Origami


Finally, An origami tattoo can also be fabled, especially if you want to opt for a meaning that shows that although you are different people you have the same base (so you can choose a boat and a paper plane, for example) or a simple childhood memory.

Photos of Tattoos for Mothers and Daughters

Original Mother Daughter Tattoos Machine


As we say, an ideal option is to opt for a tattoo that is incomplete unless you are with your mother or daughter. Maybe you can find your inspiration in the following tattoo gallery with even more designs for mothers and daughters and you can finally be able to get a tattoo in the company of your mother or daughter. In any case, a step that the two of you will take and that will serve to unite your relationship even more. Surely you will not regret it.

Original mother and daughter tattoos are very beautiful and a very cool way to show how close you are, right? Tell us if you have any, if you like a particular design or what ideas you have for your design, you just have to leave us a comment!

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