Why is my piercing not healing?

Healing of piercings

Why won't my piercing heal?. It is surely one of the questions that you have asked yourself the most times. Well today we have the best answer to try to calm things down. Without a doubt, we all know that a piercing is a piercing in the skin. As such, it needs a lot of care and at the same time, as much patience.

It is a wound that has its healing time, so healing has several stages. Each and every one of them needs our utmost care. Even so, not all areas heal in the same time, but depending on where you get your piercing, this will be the time you need to be able to enjoy it. Find out!

Stages of piercing healing

  • La first stage of healing It is the part where our piercing is freshly done. The first days it is normal to see how it becomes inflamed and how the area where we take it hurts. Something of the most common, since as we have commented, it is a wound that is freshly made. Said wound in addition to inflammation can also bleed a little.
  • The second phase begins when the body prepares to elicit a response. That is, start the healing process. It is the most important part because it will be here where we make everything go better or worse. If we follow the indicated steps, the healing will surely take place in the correct way and without major problems.

Why the piercing won't heal

  • La third stage of healing It is the fastest because the path is almost done and it only takes a little push for the wound to close completely. For this, the new cells will be in charge of taking the final step for a total recovery.

Why is my piercing not healing?

Knowing now that the body needs three phases to be able to return to normal, perhaps we already understand a little better why my piercing does not heal. It takes considerable time to recover. Of course, as long as we clean and treat our new piercing correctly. This will undoubtedly make things much easier. In addition to be a piercing, it also has as additions a new piece in the shape of a slope. Something that can make the process difficult since you can find external agents that prevent it.

Piercing healing times

How long does a piercing take to heal?

Healing a piercing is not something that happens overnight. Surely if you have any for your body, you will know well what I'm talking about. But in case you are thinking of making a new one, we are going to leave you the data that, roughly, will help you get an idea.

  • Piercing in the earlobe or tongue: Both in one place and in the other, it is said that this type of piercing will take about 4 or 6 weeks to heal.
  • The eyebrow or nasal septum: In this case, between 6 and 10 weeks for healing to complete. But we always say that they are approximate times, because not all bodies always respond the same.
  • Nose, nipple, lips or the cartilage of the ear: It can be said that we would be talking about between 3 months to 9 months.
  • Navel piercing: Here we will count about 8 months, approximately. More than anything because it is an area where we can rub a lot, sweat and clothes will not help us.

So, to generalize, when we ask an expert about the healing of a piercing, they can answer us that until the year he will not be completely healthy. This is because it is always better take care of it a little longer, although we think that he is already totally healthy.

Piercing healing tips

Tips to help a piercing heal

There is no magic formula to help us. But we can make the process go from strength to strength. The key to this is cleaning our piercing. You must follow the instructions that the expert has given you. Still, it doesn't hurt to wash the area a couple of times with neutral soap and that you help yourself with the serum to clean well. Do not use any type of cream or other products that can irritate.

It is just as bad not to wash it as it is to over wash it. You always have to balance the options. Remember to wash your hands well before proceeding and avoid touching the area the best possible. Until you've healed, forget about swimming pools and even taking a relaxing bath because the bacteria they can hurt you. Now you know the answer to the question why my piercing does not heal. After all these tips, we only have the last one to give you: Be patient!

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  1.   Cynthia said

    I am 20 years old with a piecing in the earlobe and if I remove it for 1 hour I can no longer put it that is normal, I have another in the cartilage of the ear that is still 2 years old but if I remove the earring it disappears

    1.    Yesenia said

      The same thing happens to me, I got a second piercing in my earlobe, it has been about three months, it does not burn or hurt, but when I take them off it closes and burns a little at first I thought that maybe I was infected but I took pills and bought creams to cure it, however it remains the same

  2.   Carolina Robayo said

    Hello, I have 3 piercings, in the ear (helix), said piercings, only one of the 3, which is the piercing above (first), I don't understand why the area is still red, it's more the two more also in the area It has redness, it doesn't hurt, nor do I get pus.
    I don't know if it's an allergy to the material I'm wearing, the material is supposedly implant-grade titanium, but I think it's not.