Why does my piercing itch?

Piercing infection

It is one of the most basic questions: Why is my piercing itchy?. As we all know, piercing is a piercing that is done in various parts of the body. So it leaves us a kind of wound as a result. So it is likely that it can react in different ways. More than anything because each body is totally different.

That is why if in your case they have reacted in a significant way, then you have to know their why. To the question of why my tattoo itches new or why my piercing itches there is a clear and concise answer that you have to know before anything else. Thus, you can make that feeling decrease and you can enjoy your new earring.

The complications of a piercing

Let no one be scared when I say complications. Sometimes they are simple reactions that can even be avoided. While in other cases, they will be taken into account but nothing that, taking care of them a little, cannot improve. But it is true that when we talk about itching in a piercing, we are talking about a small complication in it. On the one hand, we all know the slight risks we face. The wound infection it is one of the most common. In this case, it can come by different means. On the one hand, the person who has done the piercing has not performed the proper care tasks. Although on the other, we also talk about an infection in people who have a more sensitive immune system.

Avoid infections in piercings

Low defenses can make the infection more intense. Sometimes, these infections can be led to present through a kind of scabs. They have a color that is yellow and where inside they harbor pus. This can leave us with a slight sensation of pain and even itching, which we will now talk about. But without a doubt, there is nothing to be alarmed about, because it is quite normal. Of course, if you notice more abrupt changes or the pain is quite intense, it is always better to see a doctor.

Why does my piercing itch?

The experts assure that the worst reactions were with earrings made of nickel. Today both titanium and steel are two of the great bases for piercings. So allergies are a bit safe. Still, no one is free. If you were looking for an answer to the question why my piercing itches, this is it. You have an allergic reaction to the earring. This makes the itch a bit intense and clear, where we can't help scratching ourselves.

Why does my piercing itch?

Although we should not, because by scratching the area we are promoting an infection. Yes, it is a kind of closed circle. We know that itching can be annoying, but we will avoid scratching as much as possible and less, with our hands. We have to help ourselves with a clean gauze and any product antibiotic recommended by the professional. Sure once you've calmed down with antibiotic creams, it is best to remove the earring. Whenever possible and in the time that they mark us. You would have to opt for another piece whose components did not have nickel. Otherwise, the allergic reaction will spread over time.

We certainly never know what the get a piercing, but of course, you have to be very clear about a couple of things. The best thing is to always put ourselves in expert hands. Do not get carried away by offers and very cheap prices because they can be much more expensive in the long run. Follow the instructions of the professional and with a couple of basic cares, you will surely say goodbye to itching forever.

Causes of bad smell from piercing
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  1.   peterprodanovich said

    It still itches me ...

    1.    Susana godoy said


      If you see that the days go by and that not even with the advice we leave you there is improvement, you should go to the professional, since it may be an allergic reaction. Without seeing it, it is difficult to give you an accurate assessment.
      Thank you very much for your comment!

    2.    Anthony said

      Hello, it's been half a year since I had a nipple piercing and it even barely swells and he removed the piece and blood comes out, I don't know what is the cause?

    3.    Martín said

      I have done an earring and 1 week later my lobe has become inflamed but it does not hurt at all, during the week very occasionally it has reduced me a bit. What could have happened?

    4.    Daiana said

      Hi! I got the nipple piercings 6 days ago, I'm taking povidone iodine, every time I get itchy, is it bad?

  2.   dejavuuuuuu said

    My earring is made of surgical steel but it still stings
    What I can do?

    1.    Susana godoy said


      It is true that it is the most used to prevent allergies. If it is a recent piercing, it is common for it to sting. Always maintain a good cleaning, apply a little cold water and keep it well hydrated. You can use an antibiotic cream, but for this, you must first consult with your doctor.
      Surely soon, if it is only that itch, it will disappear in the same way it came.

      A greeting!

    2.    Guadalupe said

      I got an industrial piercing approx. 3-4 months ago I took care of him daily for a month and a half washing with saline solution and applying an antibiotic-healing cream
      After 2 months the piercing loosened and then swept away so I had to change the piece
      At that time I noticed that I had a small ball and it grew and it looked like liquid or it seemed like that, I drained it and it was only blood and take care for a week
      Not long ago I continue with the ball it grew again and it itches a lot and I am a little swollen
      Could it be an infection or allergy? Thank you

      1.    Susana godoy said

        Hi Guadalupe!

        It is true that it is very common that those balls that you mention come out. Some continue to grow over time and are called keloids. But then there is another option that carries swelling of the area and a discharge, so here we would talk about infection. It is difficult to tell without seeing it, so I advise you to consult your doctor.

        Since sometimes it is something very common, which is part of the healing, but others we talk about infection and it is not difficult to cure them, but we have to take the correct steps for it and nothing better than the specialist who can guide us. You always have to be patient, because it has a solution and it will be taken away from you.

        I'm sorry I can't help you more in this specific case.
        A greeting!

  3.   Claudia said

    As soon as I made mine, it doesn't have 1 hour and I feel like it burns or itches and it's on my tongue. I don't know if she put a thick earring on me or what happened?

    1.    Susana godoy said

      Hi Claudia!

      It is true that, depending on the place where we have done the piercing, it can be more or less annoying. But if it was only an hour since the piercing, then it is understandable that it hurts or bothers you, because it is an open wound. Surely today, you will be a little better, although you must always follow the instructions that have been provided.

      A greeting!

  4.   Miriam said

    Hello, I did the helix piercing 6 days ago and everything was fine, but two days ago I pulled myself at night and it hurt a lot, in the morning I woke up with that inflamed part and today I have an inflammation in the back as well which is like a red ball, I clean myself every day with neutral soap and saline solution and it makes me very itchy, I don't know if it's an allergy, infection or just because of the pull I gave myself at night, I also don't know if it contributes in which I have an earring and not a ball earring, I am afraid of getting worse, what should I do?

    1.    Susana godoy said

      Hello Miriam!

      From what you count, everything was going well until that night of the jerk. So, for sure that's why, don't worry. Try to sleep on the other side, although sometimes we do not control it, and continue to heal it as you indicate. You will see that there is nothing to worry about, since it is a wound and has to continue to heal. The ball thing usually comes out in many cases and it is also a kind of injury that will improve over time.

      A greeting!

  5.   almitha said

    Hello, I did a labret yesterday, they told me to clean it inside with isodine and outside with neutral soap, three times a day, and I have done so
    Today I woke up a little swollen, throughout the day it swelled a little more, it hurts a bit and I had a scab on it a while ago, I thought about allergy, but it hasn't itchy and it hasn't turned so red I think normal
    Is it an infection or could it be an allergy? If it is an infection, will it go away if I follow the care and hygiene that they told me?

  6.   Tamara said

    I'm desperate. I have had a nose piercing for more than 3 months. The first day it hurt, bled, and was scabbed over. I cleaned it and over the days it seemed to heal but it always had an itch that came and went. I checked with doctors several times and they gave me some creams etc. But the itch still came and went. And cleaning it always hurt the area around the rim. A couple of weeks ago my baby slapped me and took most of my piercing out. It hurt a lot. From there he became more and more red. And although I no longer feel that it hurts if I itch and I feel that the red was spreading. I'm on the second round of antibiotics (before Cephalexin and now Bactrin) but I'm very scared. I don't know if it's an allergic reaction and I should have the piercing removed or it's an infection. I don't see anything oozing. And it does not hurt but it does itch and a feeling of irritation. I don't know what else to do 🙁 I'm afraid to remove the piercing and that if there is an infection, it remains inside.

  7.   Diani said

    Hello. I had a helix piercing with a gun, 5 days ago and at first everything was fine, but on the 3rd day the surrounding area began to swell, it doesn't hurt except if I touch myself in a specific place, but the entire swollen area itches a lot . The piercing is made of surgical steel and today I changed it for a gold one because I felt that it was too tight. I've been curing myself with saline solution. I would appreciate any help please?

  8.   Laura said

    Hi! I've been with the navel piercing for 1 week and 4 days and it has been biting me for three days, I don't know if it's because of the crystalline. Because there is no pus coming out and the piercing hole looks good, it looks white and a little red. What I can do??

  9.   Pillar said

    Can I use mupirocin for my fresh nipple piercing?

    1.    Susana godoy said

      Hello Pilar!
      Sorry for the delay, but I didn't get your message.
      It is an answer to your question, it is something that you should consult with your pharmacist or doctor. Because it is an antibiotic cream that many advise against for piercing. Although it is true that it is to treat wounds. If you use it, remember to clean the area well before and apply very little.
      Sorry I can't help you in a more concise way.

      Thank you for your message.
      A greeting.

  10.   Laura said

    Hi! I did the navel piercing a month ago, the area around the piercing is red, and dry, I can move the piercing perfectly and it does not hurt. But the red zone looks ugly aesthetically, what can I do

  11.   Jennifer guerrero said

    Hello, 1 month ago I had a transverse piercing, everything was fine but now I have several small balls on the top and the skin looks like a rash, what should I do in those cases or what does it mean?

  12.   Anne said

    Hi, I got my industrial needle piercing a few weeks ago on a pretty decent site. And at first I did wake up with scabs / dried blood and I noticed some pain when rubbing against other things but nothing else. A few days ago, an itch started coming on me, which is that I can't help but rub myself a little sometimes, the only thing that calms me is listening to music so I don't think about it. It is true that I no longer wake up with my ear half bloody but now at times it itches a lot and at times it calms me down. So I don't know if I'm half paranoid or why inflamed it doesn't seem to me but it does hurt, not rotating it but moving it as little as possible in other directions.

  13.   Mariangela said

    Hello good, I got the navel piercing 3 days ago last night it started to turn red and today it is a little redder. I wash it with soap with a neutral pH without antibacterial odor, it is a little red and itches, is it normal? I wash it 2-3 times a day

  14.   Lucia said

    Hello, I have a question, I had the septum 4 days ago and it is the first time that I feel that it burns, it also sometimes itches but I understand that it is common. It started to burn right after disinfecting it with white soap and physiological saline.
    It worries me a bit since it is my first piercing, I had in my ears but they were made of gold, the septum is made of surgical steel, will it burn due to an allergic reaction or infection?

  15.   Willie Quintero said

    Look, a year ago I pierced my ears and everything had been normal, now this year in the first bump ñ, the one that one has had since I was little has been starting to itch and it has peeled from scratching so much and now I don't know what to do to make it heal, ps it keeps trickling out a little water and when it dries I get a shell and that makes me itch even more, the strange thing is that it is not in the new perforations but in the oldest one, the first earring that they put me as a child

  16.   Carolina said

    Hello, I have an ear piercing, a helix piercing, well actually I already had it at school, now I'm 26 years old, and I went to a studio with good hygiene and everything, a good professional, etc... What happens is that I have a double upper lobe, those two piercings are fine, it's just the helix that, so to speak, I uncovered it with the same professional, since as I said before I did the helix at school, but the day I I did it like uncovering, it wasn't totally closed, it just didn't go through the small hole that had been made, but the professional put pressure on it and it went through, nothing else swelled up. It hasn't infected me, I took an anti-inflammatory for that, but my body, legs, arms, neck ache, I don't have a fever, what could it be due to?