Pineapple tattoos: plasma this sweet fruit on your skin

A small traditional style pineapple


It is undeniable that pineapple has become in recent times one of the most consumed fruits in the Spanish territory, and perhaps that is why it is one of the most beloved fruit protagonists, especially in pineapple tattoos. Its special flavor, fresh and sweet touch have made it a regular in desserts. Nor should we ignore its nutritional aspect.

In Tatuantes we have dedicated some articles to talk about the fruit tattoos, but we've never done it about pineapples. Therefore, today we have to discuss the topic of pineapple tattoos, of which we will not only analyze how they look better, but also their meaning, and, of course, we will give you a lot of ideas so you can find your perfect tattoo.

A new trend

Betty Boop pineapple style


Although it may seem like a bizarre or simple joke, pineapple tattoos were during the past year 2016 an undoubted trend within body art. Maybe it's because of its delicious taste or because of its extravagant shape., but it is true that many people have decided to permanently capture this fruit on their body. All this makes pineapple tattoos a reference tattoo, something that is also driven by its great versatility and its meaning, since pineapples convey a phenomenal good vibes.

Meaning of pineapple tattoos

Hibiscus and other tropical elements accompany pineapple tattoos a lot


But what do pineapple tattoos mean? Although at first glance it can convey the idea that it is a tattoo without any symbolic load, nothing is further from the truth. Pineapples have a positive meaning, since in ancient times, the natives used to place this fruit at the entrances of the doors as a symbol of welcome and hospitality for those who visited them.

The flowers combine their meaning with that of the pineapples


Today, in some regions of the planet the pineapple is still a symbol of welcome and for this reason, when tourists break into some places they are greeted with food platters in which we find said fruit.

Pineapples symbolize joy and hospitality

In addition, pineapple has many other meanings that we can adapt to our tattoo. For example, it is considered a symbol of warmth and affection, making it perfect for designs with your partner or friends. It is also ideal to symbolize that we are a tough person on the outside and tender on the inside, and it is also one of the most used symbols to represent the beach, vacations and anything tropical (that is why it is usual to accompany it with elements such as palm trees, hibiscus, cocktails…).

Pineapple tattoo ideas

But let's go to what really interests us: some ideas to inspire your next tattoo and so you can see the incredible versatility of this element. As you will see, the pineapple is an especially loved design in color, and it is also very common to find it in styles such as traditional, realistic or pointillist.

Traditional pineapple

Traditional style pineapple tattoo


Undoubtedly, the most popular pineapple tattoos are those that feature this fruit in a traditional style. What sets this style apart are its thick lines and almost no use of shading, as well as powerful and intense colors. In addition, being directly related to the tattoos of sailors "of a lifetime", it puts a very interesting twist on a style that has always been there.

Skull with pineapple

Skulls and pineapples combine to be opposites


Interestingly, Among the most popular elements when combining pineapples in a tattoo are skulls. The result tends to look for a feeling of antagonism, of two things that are in principle opposite (the light, the freshness and vitality of the pineapple against the darkness of the skull) but that combine especially well, especially if you opt for a traditional or realistic style.

Realistic pineapple tattoo

Realistic pineapple tattoo on leg


We do not go very far because we continue with realism, a style that, well managed, looks great. The secret to getting a pineapple that sticks out of the skin consists of a very careful shading so that the skin of the pineapple looks rough. Realistic pineapple tattoo designs tend to be in black and white, although if you want a more cheerful touch, go for color.

Pin up tattoos with pineapples

Some cheerful girlspin up with a pineapple, symbol of joy


Another of the most frequent elements that we find in tattoos with pineapples are girls pin up, a style directly related to the traditional (since sailors were the first to tattoo mermaids or happy girls to accompany them on long voyages on the high seas). Thus, thick strokes and bright colors are also one of the main characteristics of these tattoos.

Tribal pineapple

Being from tropical places, pineapple and tribal tattoos combine very well


As we said, pineapples are one of the elements that best reflect the beach or, really, any heavenly place, so it is not surprising that a quite interesting combination is the tribal style. Thus, the pineapple becomes a more or less surreal concept, and its structure falls apart to form the whimsical waves and eddies characteristic of this style, although without losing its identity.

Tattoo with fruits and flowers

Pineapple combines very well with flowers


If you combine the pineapple with other elements, such as flowers or other fruits, you will not only get a very colorful design, but You can also take advantage of other meanings and combine them with each other. It is a tattoo that tends to use a realistic and colorful style (remember that the colors also have to combine with each other to make the tattoo look good), although sometimes it is also in black and white.

Pointillist pineapple

Pineapples go very well with all kinds of styles like the pointillist


And we end with the pointillist-style pineapple tattoos, that is, they are made on the basis of points. It is a very modern style and that gives a very cool touch to this fruit, in addition, it supports different sizes well (from the smallest to the largest) and it is very cool in black and white. If you fancy a touch of color, the watercolor will suit you very well, since the strokes do not necessarily follow the contour of the tattoo and give it a very cool feeling of movement.

Outlined pineapple tattoo ready for coloring


Finally, and so that you can get ideas for your next tattoo, you can take a look at the gallery of pineapple tattoos that accompany this article. We have compiled designs of different kinds and styles.

Pineapple tattoos can be sweet, cute, colorful, realistic or black and white, if anything, they always look great and are a much more popular design than it sounds. Tell us, do you have a tattoo with this fruit or any other? What does the pineapple symbolize for you? What is the style that you think suits her best?

Photos of Pineapple Tattoos

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