Pink Floyd tattoos, psychedelic ideas on your skin

Gorgeous color rendition of the 'Prism' cover


“We don't need no education…” if you've started humming or singing like crazy, you're in the right place, since today we will pay tribute to one of the most mythical rock groups in history with these Pink Floyd tattoos.

So today We will not only see a very brief history of the group and the reason for its great importance in the history of music, but we will also give you a lot of ideas different for you to find your perfect tattoo. Do not forget to visit this other article that we know you will like about rock tattoos. yeah!

A little about the exciting history of Pink Floyd

Elements such as cassettes look great with a touch of color


It is not often that a band that has very long and experimental songs enters the mainstream With so much force, but Pink Floyd managed it, and with a vengeance. Founded in 1964 by Syd Barrett (guitarist and vocals), Nick Mason (drums), Roger Waters (bass and backing vocals), Richard Wright (keyboards and backing vocals) and Bob Klose (guitarist), these long-haired Londoners became famous for having a few concerts very thoughtful and innovative style of music, which touched on issues as profound as isolation, mental illness, absence, oppression and war conflicts and which would later be called progressive rock.

A traditional style flying pig


Pink Floyd had a very long life, since they were active until 2014, although, as usually happens in this type of groups with more than one member, there were casualties, new members and even some hiatus, especially after 1995.

Colorful Pink Floyd Tattoo


However, Pink Floyd's legacy is numerous and very rich. Not only have they been added countless times to all kinds of lists of the best bands carried out by the most prestigious magazines and newspapers (such as Rolling Stone, Sunday Times o The Guardian), but have also influenced artists such as David Bowie, U2, Radiohead or The Smashing Pumpkins.

Woman with a bunch of Pink Floyd covers


And if it was not enough, have had their own exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, they are the second group (behind the Beatles) to star in a stamp issue of the British post house and the best thing: they helped finance the film! The Knights of the Square Table of idols, Monty Python!

Pink Floyd Tattoo Ideas

Another idea based on the famous Pink Floyd fish tank


But hey, We're here to talk about Pink Floyd tattoos and that's what we're going to do next.. As you will see, most of the ideas are based on their album covers, since they are not only iconic and recognizable at first glance, but also very versatile to achieve a unique tattoo.

Covers combined in several pieces

Three different covers in three different designs


We said that Pink Floyd album covers were one of the main inspirations when making a new design for a tattoo, and with this first piece it is like that, but with an interesting twist. Notice that those of Prism y Wish you were here they do maintain the original style, however, that of the mythical The Wall, rather than being based on the album cover (which is pretty bland, since it's just a black and white brick wall) is based on the film and its famous walking hammers.

Covers combined in one piece

Many covers of the group united in a single design


The covers can not only be reproduced as they are or with a twist, as we saw in the previous case, but it is also possible to merge them in a single design that manages to mention your favorite albums of the group. In this they have merged neither more nor less than three, Prism, Wish you were here y The Wall, in a single quite spectacular tattoo, which also respects the style of the tattoo artist to give it a different touch.

Geometric Pink Floyd Tattoos

The geometric style suits this psychedelic group wonderfully


The geometry looks great on this British group, as can be seen in this piece which is built from the album covers Animals, Prism y The Division Bell. In fact, they are covers that play a lot with geometry, which is why they are a fantastic option to give them a very original style but not out of place, and at the same time use lines and figures to group the different elements.

The flower scene from 'The Wall'

The flower stars in one of the most powerful scenes of 'The Wall'


One of the scenes that marks the most in the film The Wall It is the one that has as its protagonist a flower eating its own bud. As a tattoo, it is undoubtedly a very striking option, in addition to symbolizing all violence in a very delicate and powerful way at the same time. that human beings exert on themselves.

Very simple Pink Floyd tattoos

Fine line tattoo that reinterprets the cover of 'Prism'


Pink Floyd tattoos not only work as large and striking pieces and with many colors, sometimes, a simpler design can be just as impressive, in addition to fitting in much more remote and narrow places (for example, under the chest, on the ankle or on the wrist).

Sometimes the simple, like the lyrics of the group, is what works best


In addition, they are quite versatile, since not only the album covers (which can be simplified in clean lines and without color or with just a touch) can serve as inspiration, but the lyrics of their songs, the names of their albums or even the name of the group with its inimitable calligraphy.

'Wish you Were Here' with skeletons

Merging the skeletons with an album cover is a good idea


There are several ways to put an interesting spin on Pink Floyd tattoos., for example, by integrating a typical element of tattoos, such as skeletons, skulls and flames, into an element recognizable to the naked eye of the group, such as, in this case, the album cover Wish you were here. Depending on what you want to highlight and your tastes, you can opt for a realistic or more traditional design.

Traditional Pink Floyd Tattoo

Traditional style tattoo based on one of the most mythical covers of the group


And precisely our last idea is based on a Pink Floyd tattoo with one of the most recognizable elements of the group, album cover Prism, with one of the most mythical styles of tattoos, the traditional one. It can be sublimely combined, as in the picture, the colors of the prism with the thick lines of the style, to show the experimental style of Pink Floyd in a different way.

Two tattoos that follow the same style and color inspired by the album covers


Pink Floyd tattoos are amazing and a delight for any fan of progressive rock and, of course, this London group. Tell us, is Pink Floyd your favorite band? Do you have any of their tattoos or are you looking for a particular idea? Do you think we have left something out to mention?

Photos of Pink Floyd tattoos

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