What is the rock tattoo

Dwayne Johnson Tattoos

You've seen it numerous times, but if you're still wondering what is the rock tattoo, today we will tell you in detail. Because it is a design with great symbolism. In it, he captures his roots as well as those of his family. But we are not going to anticipate events of it yet.

Dwayne Johnson, the rock, is a professional wrestler. He has to his credit about ten world championships. Of course, in recent years we have seen him on the big screen thanks to his work as an actor. Although he has that tough guy appearance, Dwayne stands out for having a very noble heart. Today we will know a little more.

What is the rock tattoo

The most significant tattoo of the rock is the one on his left arm. It occupies a large part of it, as well as the shoulder, up to the shoulder blade and chest. At first glance we realize that it is a Polynesian-type design. In this, the tribal style is usually reflected as the protagonist. But without a doubt, it will be intertwined with very special motifs and finishes.

Rock tattoos meanings

Because certain designs are integrated that sometimes are even less visible. The Polynesian culture and tradition it is reflected in them. A way to design a story to embody it on the skin. If the left arm has this tribal design Polynesian, in law, nothing to do with him. You have opted for a more discreet tattoo that also carries great symbolism as it is a bull's head.

Meaning of Dwayne Johnson's tattoo

Rock Tattoo Origins

Now that we know that you have these two tattoos, it is time to reel off what each one symbolizes. First of all we stay with your wider tattoo. To do this, we have to go back to their parents. His mother came from an aristocratic stock. So when Dwayne visited Samoa, the king of this place, he also gave him a new title. So this had to be reflected in his tattoo.

Dwayne Johnson Tattoos

Leaves, eyes and the sun

It has some leaves that are coconut and that make a perfect Samoan warrior representation. In addition, it also has eye designs. For him, they symbolize his ancestors, who are watching over and protecting him. Although this is not always the case, because it has a larger eye, which is to keep its enemies away. The rest of the design has the symbolism of those elements that give life to his family, the protection of all members and the nature of the warrior. We can highlight the sun tattoo symbolizing good fortune.


So, the rock, has wanted to capture in all the design the spirits of their ancestors. He has taken into account the protection of his loved ones and of course, his origins. His story is written on his skin, as well as the protagonists of it (his parents, his wife and daughter). All this through the most common symbols of a tradition full of art as well as beliefs.

What are rock tattoos


In this case, the tattooed swirls they are the ones that represent both the past and the present and the future. A way of symbolizing the changes that happen in each period of life.

Broken face

It is marked by about Shark teeth. All this is a symbol of strength as well as of struggle and that also has some touches of protection.

Rock bull head tattoo

Turtle shell

Another of the most frequent symbols of this type of tattoos. Of course, in this case, Dwayne has given it the meaning of warriors shields. Although it also carries the symbolism that it will ward off evil spirits.

Bull Head

In the right arm, as we mentioned earlier, it has a bull head tattoo. This in each religion had a different meaning. On the one hand it can be synonymous with the ancestors. But also fertility as well as wild nature. It is related to the symbolism of the sacred cows of India. Now you know what the rock tattoo is and all that it entails.

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