Scorpion tattoos with roses: an unexpected combination

Scorpion tattoos with roses

In the world of tattoos there are a series of elements that occupy the first points in the ranking of the most popular designs and in demand by the studios that are distributed around the world. The scorpion tattoos as well as the rose tattoos are two clear examples of this.

Now, what would happen if we combine them? The scorpion tattoos with roses they are more popular than you might expect.

Meaning of scorpion tattoos with roses

But let's start at the beginning, what do scorpion tattoos mean? In countries where this animal is natural, we can see a growing culture around it and, therefore, it is normal that society has incorporated it into its myths and legends. Thus, the scorpion is seen as a symbol of both protection and death.

In cultures like Egyptian the scorpion was seen as a kind being whose venom was used, among other things, as a way to cause women to give birth. He was so revered that until Isis herself had two scorpions like bodyguard.

While the scorpion is an animal with a deep symbolic charge due to its appearance, behavior and characteristics; the rose is one of the most tattooed flowers in the world. And it is that it also has numerous meanings that vary depending on the color of its petals. In this article we collect all kinds of scorpion tattoos with roses.

Scorpion tattoos with roses

In buddhism we also find references to this arthropod as a peace symbol that he is only a threat or attacks when he feels in danger.

Knowing this, it is normal for people who have a scorpion tattoo to have a protective or "guardian" personality to take care of the weakest and most defenseless. Although we cannot forget the nature of it and that it can also symbolize pain or death especially for the elderly, children and people in poor health.

Normally, people who have a scorpion tattooed (no matter where they take it) tend to be lonely people looking for their own way despite the pain or loneliness that this may entail. They are characterized by being strong and independent not without forgetting those around him.

On the other hand, we have the rose tattoos. Let's start by explaining its meaning a bit; We are all fascinated by roses because of their shape and smell; are beautiful and delicate but their thorns remind us that they can be "Dangerous" as they prick us and make us bleed.

So we can understand people who have a rose tattooed, personas that, at one point in his life, they had to "create" thorns to protect themselves emotionally from the world around them. But, once they matured and when «they flourished«, They became beautiful roses that they attract us by beauty (interior and exterior), smell, way of being or thinking, but it does not mean that they have gone through very difficult situations in their lives that transformed them into the people we know with their thorns that can prick us and make us bleed.

When we talk about scorpion tattoos with roses We do not specifically refer to a scorpion fused with a rose, although it is true that this type of design is very widespread. Many people bet on modify the classic scorpion to replace its stinger with a rose. In this way, we would eliminate the dangerous and unpredictable essence of the arthropod and add the beauty and delicacy that surrounds roses.

People who have scorpions tattooed with roses in the place where the stinger should be, are usually personas and with a cheerful and close personality like a rose but what they will not hesitate to take out the "tweezers" when things go wrong or they feel that people who approach them do so with hidden intentions or even to harm or self-interest.

This combination of both tattoos shows that a person who can grow and develop within harsher and more inhospitable environments that we can imagine and what not for that reason it has to be someone with evil or who seeks to harm others, as is often believed.

Now let's see some ideas of where we can tattoo these designs, although we have left you some photos with ideas of these tattoos. Users who have tattooed the scorpion with a rose, usually do so in forearms or quadriceps. He First of all because it is not a very painful area and where you can clearly see the tattoo design and second for being a very wide area that admits a larger and more detailed design.

It is also very common to find scorpions accompanied by different roses that adorn the tattoo or accompany the animal itself. In the gallery that accompanies this article we can see what both possibilities look like on the human body. Unless we merge both elements we would not be modifying or changing the original meaning of scorpion tattoos as well as rose tattoos.

In summary, the designs and areas to tattoo scorpions with roses are many and very varied, it is up to each one to give it that Personal Touch which will make it totally different and unique.

Scorpion tattoos with roses

Photos of Tattoos of Scorpions with Roses

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