Tattoos under the chest

Tattoos under the breasts

En Tattooing We have talked on numerous occasions about those tattoos that are used by women to be more sensual and attractive. And, no one who is in the world of tattoo can deny that there are some types of tattoos that are perfect for women to be sexier. It is because of that today, we want to talk about some types of sexy tattoos for women.

Specifically, we will talk about everything related to tattoos for women in a very intimate area of ​​the body. Right under the breasts. The tattoos under the breasts They have gained popularity in recent years as they are a perfect way to appear sexier and more sensual. A very intimate type of tattoo for the woman herself but that comes loaded with a large dose of sensuality.

Despite this, many of the women who decide to get this type of tattoos are already involved in the world of body art and They have other types of tattoos. And personally I give truth to this statement since the usual thing is that, if a girl decides to get a tattoo under her breasts and that it travels all that area of ​​the body, it will not be the first time that she has been tattooed.

It is a more sensitive area to tattoo

Tattoo under the breasts

No one can deny that this area of ​​the female body is very sensitive. Therefore, the tattooist must take this into account when making a tattoo to avoid excessive pain or a not very fine result. And, if there is something that characterizes these tattoos (as we have said before), it is that they have a fine and clean line. Otherwise, the tattoo will lose much of its effect.

And speaking of the level of pain. Is it a very painful area? From what I have been able to hear, yes. It hurts more than getting tattooed in some other area of ​​the body, however, if we take into account that the vast majority of these tattoos lack filling or shading, the duration of the tattoo will not be excessively long. Therefore, we can say that it is a pain that can be borne without problems.

When it comes to curing the tattoo, we must also take special care of it to ensure that the skin heals properly. and thus we avoid that it loses intensity or oozes ink in excess. Although of course, this does not depend only on us. Despite this, we recommend extreme caution when curing the tattoo.

The passage of time should not be an impediment

Sexy tattoo under breasts

There are those who think that tattoos under the breasts are a bad idea since, over the years, this area of ​​the female body deteriorates and, well, I do not want to go into details. We all know what I mean. Evidently, this should not be a decisive factor to get this type of tattoo or any other. And it is that, a tattoo is a decision that we must meditate in a deep way and leave aside such minor factors as thinking about what we will look like when we are old or how we will look on our wedding day.

Therefore, if you want to get a sexy tattoo in the area just below your breasts, avoid thinking about how you will look when you are older or in other situations in the future. It is a very intimate area that can be hidden without problems (even in summer). Let your imagination fly and look more sensual thanks to this type of tattoos.

Meaning of tattoos under the breasts

girl with tattoos under the breast

It seems that one of the great alternatives is tattoos under breasts. There are many women who choose it and we are not surprised. More than anything because the designs are also very varied. They can go from the central area to delimiting the part of the chest.

On the one hand, it must be said that the meaning of tattoos under the breasts is related to the design itself. A tribal is not the same as a flower. Each of them will have its own symbolism and also the one that the person himself wants to give it. Still, it must be said that when we think of the specific area that we are going to tattoo, it also has its own meaning.

Perhaps it is a little more aesthetic but we cannot miss the occasion to talk about sensuality and attraction. Two powerful reasons why we should wear such a design. In addition, we must highlight the femininity. Many regard them as the sexiest tattoos of the world. What better meaning for them than this!

Best styles and types of tattoos for under the breasts

Tattoo on the breasts

We come to this point, we wonder about the styles in which we can get a tattoo of this type. Below you have a complete gallery in which we collect different types of tattoos under the breasts. His thing is to play with the shape of the breasts themselves and create geometric compositions based on lines. We can also find tattoos of the hands of Fatima, skulls or even roses.

Another interesting alternative is to tattoo a phrase or words following the contour of the breasts.. In addition to playing with the contour of the breasts, it is also very good if a central tattoo is made just between both breasts and that the tattoo itself extends under both breasts. The vast majority are black tattoos, although we can also see some with color details. Of course, as we have said before, his thing is that the tattoo is elegant, fine and even minimalist. In this way the woman can play with her own sensuality to, in the end, show herself much sexier than what we are talking about with these tattoos.

Many men find a tattooed woman irresistible and it is clear that if you get the type of tattoo right you can score a lot of points. And to you, what do you think of this type of tattoos specially dedicated for women? We love them.

Photos of Sexy Tattoos for Women

Below you have a gallery of examples of tattoos under the breastss to inspire you to get a tattoo of this type:

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