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Shrimp tattoo on the hand


At home we are more into video game soundtracks, classic rock and electronic music like Cut Copy, but if we have to write articles about Camaron tattoos, the legend of flamenco, well they are done and by the way we learn a few things, which is not bad either.

So today We will talk about the Camarón tattoos, whose protagonist is the singer-songwriter. We will briefly talk about his life and we will go to the cool and what you have surely come to look for, a few ideas of all kinds of tattoos in which he appears. And if you're left wanting more, take a look at these flamenco tattoos (although these are from the animal, not the musical style!).

Who was Camarón de la Isla?

singing shrimp


Camarón was born in San Fernando, Cádiz, in 1950, the penultimate of a gypsy family. Then his name was José Monje Cruz, in fact, the name that characterized him and that became his artistic nickname was not obtained until later, thanks to his uncle, who thought that the boy looked a lot like those animals because he was pale and blond. The “de la Isla” was added even later to mark where it came from, since San Fernando is located on the island of León.

A tattoo of Camarón's hands is very typical


As a child he had great economic difficulties, so he began to sing to earn money. Little by little he gained popularity thanks to his shows at fairs and accompanying artists such as Juanito Valderrama on their tours.

Shrimp led a very hard life


But success comes later, after moving to Madrid and especially when releasing the album the legend of time, one of the most important flamenco, in which he even covers poems by Lorca, and in which typical sounds of jazz and rock appear. His fame continues to grow, however, after a few years he dies of lung cancer caused by his addiction to tobacco.

A mural with the face of the singer


Even today he is mourned and remembered as a legend, and even has its own motto among its followers and fans: "Camarón lives."

Shrimp Tattoo Ideas

Now that we know a little more about this singer, Let's see how we can take advantage of it in a tattoo. The truth is that it has many more possibilities than it seems at first glance:

realistic shrimp

Realistic portraits of the singer are a popular tattoo


Undoubtedly, The first type of tattoo that can come to mind after thinking about this artist is one in which he is seen in all his splendor, and for that there is nothing like realism. Look for an artist who knows how to print all the life that these types of tattoos need: the shading, the expression, the posture… everything has to convey the drama of life and the type of music in which he was an expert.

Shrimp hands tattoo

Shrimp clapping, a popular tattoo


One of the things for which this artist was most remembered were his hands, and not only because he knew how to handle them to leave everyone speechless with his art, but also because he had a small tattoo of a star and a moon between his thumb and forefinger. The hands are a very expressive part of the body, so when inspired by a tattoo of this style, choose a typical position, for example, clapping or with a cigar.

The guitar looks great on Camaron tattoos


conceptual shrimp

A fun and very adorable twist to remember your favorite artist is represent his nickname in a very literal way: a shrimp with its legs, its little arched body and its adorable reddish color. Accompany it with some lyrics, a guitar or a small island so that the play on words is not lost and voila, you already have your own Camaroncito de la Isla. A style that can be wonderful is the traditional one, although the cartoon is also very fun and allows more play with color.

The traditional style singer

Very intense shrimp in a pointillist piece


It is what the traditional style has: everything looks great and above all it never goes out of style because it is the most timeless. Play with the hair that was worn in the past to give volume to the design and do not load the cartoon too much so that it does not lose strength. If you choose to put a frame on it or accompany it with another element, use references, such as palms or a record.

Small Shrimp Tattoo

Although it seems impossible, discreet designs are also possible


Are there minimalist Shrimp tattoos? The answer is yes, there are, and they are also very cool and very original. You can choose to simply make the profile of the singer with a simple line, his hands or a guitar. You can even show it to him if you fancy a more elaborate design, the secret is to find a simple design with little color. Being a small model, this piece is better in places like the hands, where it is naturally framed.

Shrimp tattoo tattoo

Realistic shrimp tattoo


And we end with the tattoo of this best-known artist, the one who he himself carried in his hand, between thumb and forefinger, a star and a moon. There are many theories about its meaning (that it advocates the union between East and West, that it is Muslim-influenced, that the tattooist simply liked it...) but nobody knows its meaning for sure... it is certainly a good way to feed his legend .

Shrimp smiling on the back of a fan


We hope that you have liked this Camaron tattoo article and that you have found a good idea for your next design. Tell us, do you have any tattoo of this singer? What song of his do you recommend us? How has it marked your life?

Photos of shrimp tattoos

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