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easy and small designs

It must be admitted that the mini style we are delighted. Tattoos with small and easy designs they have come to stay. In the tattoo world there are many options, from designs that fill large areas of skin, such as the back, for example, and that make people notice them immediately; to, on the other hand,  those who prefer something more discreet, small drawings that go unnoticed. They decorate some small piece of skin. And you, which one do you prefer?

We, in this article, are going to talk about the latter. In previous articles we have talked about the minimalist, linear style with silhouettes, but in this case let's talk about tattoos small and easy, almost similar to a children's drawing. And that although they may go unnoticed by others, they will be full of feeling for us. A tattoo that has a hidden story behind it does not have to be big. These designs barely measure a few centimeters and can be symbols, some geometric shape... The list is long.

Why small designs?

There are several reasons that can lead us to choose this type of design: sometimes it can be due to work reasons. Sadly, there is still the stigma related to tattoos, and what kind of person wears them, something totally wrong, but it still happens. Many companies have a strict “No tattoos or piercings” policy among their requirements. Which means that we have to cover them if they are in areas that can be seen, so a small tattoo can help. This is much easier to cover than an arm sleeve, for example.

Another reason may be that a more minimalist style, simple, or because you simply want the tattoo in a small area of ​​the body, such as a finger, behind the ear or in an intimate area, it may even be that you do not want it to be seen, like a secret.

But the truth is that this style option carries with it some advantages, such as, for example, that they are much more quick to do, the pain is significantly less, something that is appreciated! The price is cheaper and the healing time is shorter. 

Selection of small and easy tattoos

Now let's go to the important thing, have you gotten the tattoo bug now that summer is over? Or have you finally decided and are you going to take the plunge and get your first tattoo? In this case, a small and easy tattoo is the best option to start with. Maybe you have in mind to go to a studio to get advice, which is great, but it's always good to go with a basic idea. Something that you feel comfortable with, since it will adorn a part of your body, even if it is mini. So if what you need is a little inspiration or a slight push to help you decide, we are going to show you some beautiful designs for your future tattoo, small, easy and beautiful ideas that you will love.


Are you attracted to this little flying insect? As a rule, insects are not usually the most popular animals, but dragonflies are one of them. of the most chosen to tattoo. They are usually related to creativity and freedom. And it has that original point.


One of the great classics and a great option as a first tattoo; easy and simple. The best thing is that it adapts to many areas of the body, fingers, shoulder, behind the ear... Here are some examples.


One of the most tattooed designs, although it seems simple and meaningless, it could not be further from reality. It is a symbol that represents inner strength, a turning point in life. 

In addition, the designs can be very creative, in the shape of a cat, with a heart, even a musical note. And it doesn't have to be a black work, it can be in color, watercolor or red, it will be brutal.


Fans of travel, of freedom? If the answer is yes, these aircraft designs You will love them and I am sure they will look great on your skin.


A small, discreet and simple pink, behind the ear or on the back of the neck, if you have long or medium hair, it will only be seen if you tie your hair up, otherwise it will be your secret. Although if you like the pixie style, nothing secret.


Sea lovers? Then this little wave will make you fall in love and will also remind you the feeling it gives you contemplate the sea You can combine it with a sun as in the images that we leave you.


Another little design that will look amazing is this little combination. Or separately, one on each finger, for example, or behind the ear. The options are limitless.


How are you a smiling face? A small reminder that you must not lose your smile. To bad weather, good face!

Photo camera

Fans of photography? Then this is the design you are looking for, something that represent that love to capture the most important moments of your life.


Let's see, raise your hands caffeine addicts, those who without a coffee in the morning are not people. This design is for you.

Animal Businesses

Maybe you prefer something a little more "cute", like your pets, their footprint, for example. Or an animal for which you feel predilection.


Who hasn't been caught by a good story at some point in their life? It doesn't have to be a novel, it can be a manga, a graphic novel, even a fic. But surely it has absorbed you and without you realizing it you have had so many in the morning. If you are one of these, then a small and easy drawing of a book It would be great as a tattoo.

As you can see, the small and easy designs are very varied.

And if luckily you have already decided, remember that it is very important that you get tattooed in a place that comply with all hygienic measuresand that follow the instructions of the tattooist as for the subsequent cures so that there is no infection.

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