Minimalist sun and moon tattoos: Meaning and ideas

Sun and moon combined.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. sun and moon tattoos They can be done separately, but when tattooed together they complement each other and their meaning is deeper. The moon is considered a symbol of femininity par excellence, it also means the circle of life, the sun would be the male counterpart of the sky, strength, vigor, heat, light.

They represent the equivalents to yin and yang of oriental tattoos, opposing forces, but in perfect balance, the light and the dark, one cannot exist or prevail without the other. The cycles that are repeated over time, everything flows, changes and transforms us.
with regard to minimalist tattoos smaller designs are made, with thinner lines They have a clean appearance without overloading, they are the concepts of minimalism, the phrase that represents it is: "less is more".
It is ideal for people who are going to have their first tatoo or who do not want to cover a large surface area of ​​their skin. In this type of tattoos, the message that you want to share is emphasized, eliminating all superfluous decorations. The drawing is simple, generally black lines are used with a minimum of color.

Sun and moon tattoos ideal for couples

Sun and moon for couples.

Although these types of tattoos are the favorite of girls, they are also highly sought after by men. Are ideal for couples, then we tell you why.

Getting these tattoos as a couple is very popular because it has a very important meaning, keep in mind that the sun and the moon together, represent balance, harmony, totality.
It resembles a divine unity of two opposite but complementary energies that are attracted to each other, like a kind of fascination between them, as twin flames experience when they meet again on earth.

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Discreet and elegant tattoos for couples

Another design for couples.

A way to share that intense feeling with your partner. Let us remember that in astrology they represent the masculine and feminine energies, they would be committing their souls in a symbol of mutual unity and harmony.

The tattoos that you get as a couple should have good vibes to make you smile and every time you see it remind you of the other person.
The tattoos of sun and moon to become a couple they have spiritual meanings therefore they should tell a story about the relationship and complement each other. That is why you should take some time to make a good choice, get the right tattoo to show the world the meaning it represents for you.

The best sun and moon tattoos

Sun and moon tattoos are classic for that reason they are timeless and they never go out of style, and if you decide on a minimalist one it is ideal to do on the wrists, on the ankle, on the back of the hand.

tiny sun and moon

small designs.

You can choose a small but very delicate design, they are perfect for both men and women and very versatile. They can be performed on almost any part of the body. A new area to do it is the side of the neck or in the ear, they are less painful and being simple, their cost is lower.

For couples

Romantic design for couples.

They are ideal tattoos to be done as a couple, with a very romantic objective, showing that one could not live without the other.
They can choose the design togetherIt will be a great unforgettable experience. Let's remember that they are two opposing forces that come together, the feminine and the masculine. It allows you to create a design on your skin that reflects your feelings and represents the great union of your bond.

plain tattoo

Simple tattoo.

You can make a very simple attractive design, making the outline of the sun and moon without shading.
Let's remember that it is a simple and minimalist design. But you can also make more specific details in the design, it's up to you. Likewise, the finished tattoo is a great piece of work.

Sun and moon yin and yang design

Sun and moon, yin and yang.

The sun and the moon are two opposite forces that attract each other, they also represent light and darkness, the symbol of yin and yang has a similar meaning. The yin in Chinese philosophy represents Moon and yang the sun. It is a very interesting tattoo within the same representation.

Sun and moon tattoo with stars

With stars.

Tattoos represent different meanings for each person, therefore, you can complement them, and incorporate some other element.
The design of sun and moon have great symbolism by themselves, but, it increases if you add stars to it. It could be associated with the universe, represent death and rebirth and also add a bit of mysticism, some magic and celestial energies.

sun and moon kisses

Sun and moon kisses.

The design of the two stars kissing is known as: "lovers". This special design for romantics, people who want to celebrate love, or also those who want honor the couple


In calf.

You can do them on the back of the calf, or on the wrist, you can do the sun and moon on one leg, or one of the two, and the other on the leg of a loved one or a relative.

inside a mandala

Inside a mandala.

The sun and moon tattoo within a mandala can be done in traditional black, an ideal place for this type of tattoo is the thigh because there is a lot of space and it is a symbolic place, since it is a place that you cannot show it in all parts and it is something more intimate.

From Maya Angelou's Still I Rise Mendala
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sun and crescent moon

On the forearm.

This combination results in a very interesting and elegant tattoo. The best place in this case is the wrists, the forearm.

Geometric tattoos

With dream catcher.

For this case, a design of a dream catcher with an addition of the abstract sun and moon in the tattoo. Let's remember that the meaning of the dream catcher is a guardian empowered by the sun and the moon that keeps them in balance, avoiding letting in negative energies.

tribal design


They can resemble tiki masks, since the designs can usually be seen with the moon circling the sun in circular patterns, similar to designs on those masks. ancient polynesian cultures they worshiped the sun and the moon and in many cases people believed that these stars were deities.


Eclipse, couples.

The eclipse is a very special moment and tradition tells that during the eclipse of the sun and moon, lovers can be together during this moment of union, and they will no longer be able to separate. It's a ideal design for couples.
We have seen a great variety of designs with a very intense spiritual meaning and with the magic that the sky and the stars offer us. It is a very good choice. Enjoy it!!

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