Tattoos for 3 people with meaning


Getting a meaningful tattoo is not only a great way to show your connection, but it can also serve as a reminder of the bond you share. In this case We are going to see several tattoo designs for 3 people. It is ideal if there is a special bond between friends or family., and what better way to celebrate than with a tattoo?

So, if you are looking for the perfect tattoo for you and the other two, consider one of the following ideas. These unique and beautiful tattoos with great meaning will further strengthen the union between the three of you, being able to remember and honor the importance of the bond and connection that unites them for life.

Those types of tattoos for three people can be one for you and your two parents, sibling tattoos, three friends, grandparents, the connection that you want to carry engraved on your skin and in your soul.

Next, we will see some ideas so that you can get inspired and among the three of us choose the right design to celebrate the connection.

Tattoos for 3 with hearts


There are many variations of the heart tattoo, and this particular style is best for three people. The three-part heart signifies the bond that three people share, and it looks great when all three tattoos are placed together.

Also, as in this design we see three hearts for each one to tattoo, and red can represent the order of birth if they are sisters.

It can be personalized with different designs or colors that each person likes, and is a beautiful reminder of the love and bond between three unique friends.

Faith, hope and love tattoo


The three virtues of faith, hope and love are meaningful to many people, regardless of their background or beliefs.

These words are the best option for designs of tattoos with meaning when it comes to a person's bonds and relationships. So this particular tattoo idea It is perfect to represent the faith, hope and love you have with two other people.

It can be designed with three separate tattoos or with one large tattoo, with each person having their own symbol or word. The possibilities are endless with this design, and it is a beautiful and unique way to show the bond between you and the other two people.

Tattoos for 3 of birds


Bird symbolism is as varied as it is powerful, and this pretty design remains one of the best for people who want to represent the special meaning of three.

The three birds tattoo is a simple and elegant design, in which each bird represents the spirit and care of one of the people involved.

This tattoo can be placed in various places on the body, and can be designed in any style. It's a great way to show the bond between you and two other people, and It is a constant reminder of the care and unity that the three of you share.

Big Dipper Tattoo


The Big Dipper is a familiar vision of the sky, and its symbolism and meaning have been appreciated by many cultures across countless generations.

The Big Dipper is a group of seven stars that represents a lasting connection and communication with the universe. This tattoo would be perfect for three people who want to represent the lasting bond and communication between them.

The tribal style design would look great on any part of the body, and can be customized to each person's unique style or design.

Three eclipse orbit tattoos


It is a good option to be done between three siblings. They do not have to have them done in the same place, it can be on the wrist, on the neck, on the hand, each one chooses the place that best suits them.

It is a very beautiful design that can represent the union of opposites, Additionally, an eclipse in many traditions is remembered as a time of darkness and spiritual renewal.

Therefore, It has a very powerful meaning to be done between the three, since they share that awakening and that birth and they will always be together to continue growing on that path.

3 triangle tattoos


Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. triangle tattoos They are widely used because despite being simple geometric figures, they have great symbolic meaning in many cultures and spiritual traditions.

They are generally associated with symbols of power, balance, the trinity and connection with the divine. Widely used in Sacred Geometry, making it a very powerful design to be made between siblings or family.

Tattoos of 3 elephants


Elephants are associated in the spiritual world with majesty, harmony, wisdom, union, perseverance, fidelity, abundance, power and, above all, family.

In this case it is a great design to make, for example, you with your two parents, or a couple with a child. It is the best design to honor and enjoy the connection of love and the ties that unite them.

Tattoos for 3 friends


It is an ideal design to celebrate the friendship, trust and support that unites them, even if they are not blood family. In this case we see that each drawing is different, it may have a personal characteristic of each one to recognize them, but they are communicated forever. It is the perfect design to celebrate the love and connection they have between the three of them.

Tattoos of 3 bouquets of flowers


It is a design that all three can make on their forearms to celebrate that connection of inseparable friends. It is a very delicate and small design that they can wear without problems, but remain connected forever.

Finally, there are many beautiful and unique options when it comes to getting a tattoo for three people, and each design can be personalized and elements added to best represent the meaning and connection between them all.

Regardless of which design you choose, the most important thing to remember is that the link and The communication you share with the other two people is the most significant part of the tattoo. Hopefully these ideas inspire you when it comes to getting the perfect tattoo for three.

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