Tattoos of roses and daggers: collection of designs

The chest is also an ideal place for this tattoo

Looking for ideas for your next tattoo? If you are thinking of doing a new tattoo in Old School style, we have a very interesting proposal that will surely catch your attention.

These are tattoos of roses and daggers. A mixture of two elements very popular among lovers of classic tattoos. We have already treated both tattoos separately, now we will collect a combination of the two and inform you of both their meaning and ideas to make your design unique. So keep reading!

Meaning of tattoos of roses and daggers

Slash aul and pierced heart, love betrayed


Each filtering bag tattoos of roses and daggers have quite interesting symbolism since both the meaning of the daggers and that of the roses are combined. We must analyze separately the meaning of each of the elements that make up these interesting and striking tattoos.

Meaning of dagger tattoos

Lots of designs with daggers and roses


Dagger tattoos represent a symbol associated with sacrifice. And it is enough to look back. There are many cultures that used a dagger as the indispensable "tool" in any ritual of animal or human sacrifice. That is why people who decide to embody a dagger on their body do so to show that they have been able to overcome very complicated situations that have marked their vital existence. Daggers, on the other hand, can also symbolize betrayal (let's not forget, for example, expressions like “stab a stab” which in their most metaphorical meaning mean just that). There are also several articles that we have dedicated in Tatuantes to dagger tattoos.

Rose tattoos meanings

Traditional tattoo on the arm with rose and daha


On the other hand, and as we have already discussed in previous articles, rose tattoos will vary in meaning depending on the color of the flower itself. For example, yellow roses are associated with joy and happiness, while natural roses symbolize love and romance. They also get used to relating to life, love and even sexuality, especially if they are fresh flowers. If you want more information about the meaning of rose tattoos I recommend that you take a look at our previous posts.

The rose and the dagger together

Fluorescent ink highlights this design a lot


Now that we've seen the meaning of these two items separately, let's look at them together. A) Yes, tattoos of roses and daggers usually symbolize the duality of life: the rose represents good times, happiness, life and beauty while the dagger is the symbol of tougher moments and even a dark, insidious and sharp side.

An original design with a hand holding the dagger


They can also be used as a symbol of betrayal, evidently represented by the dagger, and with a loving twist by the rose, metaphor of romantic love.

Beautiful and detailed design on the leg


Furthermore, if the dagger pierces the rose (especially if it is accompanied by a few drops of blood) the meaning takes on a new twist in which the "dark side" (the dagger) beats life (the rose).

Tattoo ideas with roses and daggers

Original designs with daggers and roses


Next we are going to give you a few ideas so that your tattoos of roses and daggers are unique. You will see that, in addition to the traditional style, perhaps the most popular of all, there are many other motifs and styles.

Classic dagger and rose tattoo

A dagger piercing the rose highlights the dark elements of its meaning


One of the most classic forms of this tattoo is the one that uses the traditional style. By using thick lines and bright, opaque colors, it is a style that looks great on this it serves to convey the strength of the design, and to highlight the two elements separately, especially if dark colors are used for the dagger and a bright red for the rose.

A dagger with a pink rose


Dagger and rose on the back

Stunning dagger and rose tattoo on back

If you want a design that is big, the back is your place. Although it may be a vertical design, due to the shape of the dagger, if it has a significant size at the neck and down it will look great. If you want to give it more volume, consider removing the rose, as in the photo, so that it takes up more space. It is a place where realistic tattoos that have great detail are also very cool.

Tattoo with roses, heart and dagger

Hearts, roses and daggers always go together

Hearts are one of the elements that are most combined with daggers and roses, since they usually symbolize betrayal and disappointment. The roses have the task, in these designs, to soften the message a bit (in addition they are also habitual companions of the hearts): although the heart of that person has been betrayed, it continues to recognize the beauty of life.

Black and white tattoo

A black and white tattoo can be done in a smaller size

For a more dramatic touch, go for a black and white design. It also looks great in traditional style or even simple style. By only using these colors it will support somewhat smaller designs, making it ideal for those who do not want a piece that is too large.

Black and white tattoo on chest

Sleeve tattoo with dagger and rose

Tattoo on the sleeve with other designs

Daggers and roses, being such a classic design, are also very well accompanied by other designs. In the case of the photo, it is a tattoo that covers the entire sleeve with more or less small pieces, but all following a certain style and with a common color palette, so that they do not clash with each other.

Panther, dagger and rose

Tattoo combined with a panther, a dagger and a rose

If you fancy something more aggressive, you can also opt for accompany the dagger and the rose of some animal. Although in this case a panther has been chosen, snakes are also very common, other of the queens of the most classic tattoos. Remember that depending on the animal you choose, the meaning of the tattoo will be different, since it will be associated with it.

Dagger, rose and realistic woman

Sometimes the dagger and the roses are not the protagonists of the piece


There are other cases in which tattoos of roses and daggers are not the protagonists, but rather accompany a piece with another prominence. This is the case of this design, made by a tattoo artist and that decorates a skateboard, although it could be done on anyone's skin. Here the woman is the true protagonist of the design and the rose and the dagger, although vital to the final meaning of the piece, remain more in the background.

Dagger and cherry blossoms tattoo

A dagger with cherry blossoms


Finally, We cannot forget that, in addition to roses, there are many other flowers that can look great with daggers.. Especially if you like Japanese-style tattoos, in which you can choose a typical Japanese flower (in this design, cherry trees have been chosen, although they could also be chrysanthemums, plum blossoms ...) and a samurai dagger .

A dagger, a rose and a butterfly, a very vintage design


We hope you liked this article on tattoos of roses and daggers. Tell us, do you have a tattoo like that? What does it mean in your case? What style did you choose? Remember that you can tell us what you want in a comment!

Photos of Roses and Daggers Tattoos

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