25 stomach tattoo ideas for men


If you are thinking about getting stomach tattoos, it is a great opportunity to express yourself and try something new. Plus, it will be covered under your clothes most of the time, only when it's hot or on the beach can you take your clothes off and show it off.

A question you may have about this is If you have recently lost weight or gained weight and want to know how it will affect the tattoos you get, or if you are looking for inspiration to get a belly button tattoo, keep reading the article as we will explore all those topics.

Next, we will see several ideas of tattoos on the belly creative and sexy so you can choose the right design for you.

Stomach tattoos of tribal designs


Tribal designs They can be incredibly striking on the stomach, especially if you have some definition in your abdominal muscles. You can opt for traditional black line work or experiment with color for a more modern look.

Stomach tattoos of animal images


Animal designs are quite popular among men and women, and The stomach area can be a great place to display your favorite animal. A lion or wolf may seem especially fierce and exotic.

Stomach tattoos of nautical designs


Nautical designs are a classic choice when it comes to tattoos and can look especially good on the stomach area. Consider a compass, anchor or ship if you want something traditional, or look for more modern designs like a starfish or seahorse.

Quote Tattoos


Dating is a great choice if you want something a little more personal and meaningful. Consider getting the quote tattooed just above or below your belly button. to achieve a subtle but striking effect.

Geometric design tattoos


Geometric tattoos are increasingly popular among men and women, and can be especially striking in the stomach area. Opt for abstract or intricate designs to make a real statement.

skull tattoos


Skulls are a classic option and You can combine them with other elements to personalize the design, such as arrows, flowers, fire, etc, to get a truly unique look.

Japanese designs tattoos


Japanese designs are always a great choice and can be especially striking in the stomach area. Opt for bold colors and intricate prints for a truly unique look.

Floral design tattoos


Traditional floral designs are a popular choice among women, but Men can also look very good with this type of tattoo in the stomach area. Opt for bold colors and intricate designs for a truly unique look.

Traditional style stomach tattoos


There are many designs, Remember that this style is based on including the four primary colors black, red, yellow, green, in very strong and striking tones. So you can create the design that you like the most with this style.

Realistic style tattoos


They are very popular designs, you can let the tattoo artist let his creativity fly and do some work on shading fine lines to bring the design to life you choose in this style of body art.

Mandala tattoos

It is a design that has great meaning and the stomach is an ideal place since there is a large surface area to choose any type of design. In the case of the mandala, you can choose a very colorful design with very intricate effects or details that will look very good. Remember that the mandala means perfection and balance with the universe.



Tattoos with religious designs


For these designs, as there is enough surface area, you can choose a religious passage, praying hands, an image of Jesus, They will be ideal to express your religious devotion.

Anatomical heart tattoo


Human heart shaped tattoos are very popular and personalized. Some people prefer to place it on the lower abdomen, For many it represents the ephemerality of life and remembering to live in the moment.

Cherry tree tattoo


It is a design that men are choosing more and more, like being a branch of the cherry tree that extends along the stomach along with the characteristic flowers. The effect is creative and very original.

Colorful tattoo and the center is the navel


A colorful and striking design in which the center is the navel similar to a mandala. It is located within the tattoos on the navel. It is a fairly low area in terms of pain, since less bones, but fat, is more acceptable than others in that regard.

Horseshoe tattoo


You can do this design in black or in color, you can place it on the lower part of the stomach.  It is a symbol that can bring luck.

Realistic city tattoo


It is a design that can cover the entire stomach including the navel. You can choose the city you like. In this case it is New York with buildings in the background, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. A great design, but you have to have a tolerance for pain.

Eyes in circle tattoo


It is a very creative and innovative design made with the navel in the center. You can place a name, date or some element inside the eyes to personalize the design.

Cactus stomach tattoo



Plant designs are becoming very popular as it is a way of valuing nature in modern art. There are many designs, this is an example with vibrant colors. A cactus in a modern geometric pot.

Angel tattoo


It is a spectacular black and white design very well done with a lot of details. You can choose a guardian angel for protection, or whatever you decide.

High quality illustrative tattoo


The stomach is an ideal area to make a tattoo of high-quality images. They can have shading and great realism. A well-made design is an ideal way to wear art on your body.

Colorful stomach tattoos


A full color tattoo in this area creates a stunning contrast on the skin. They are very striking, the artist You can achieve a stunning image using a wide range of inks to give strength and depth to the design.

Wave tattoos on the stomach



This design is made towards the side, very well done, with movement, in different shades of blue which brings life to the waves of the sea. It is ideal for men who have a connection with the ocean and enjoy the waves.

Tattoo of a tree without leaves


It is a design of a dry, worn, leafless tree that captures the essence of nature. The use of shadows, grays and dark tones adds depth, looking resistant yet ethereal. Ideal for those who have a deep connection with nature.

Goddess Kali Tattoo



It has great symbolism since it is a Hindu goddess of death, time and the end of the world. It is associated with sexuality and violence, but is also considered a symbol of maternal love.

Does tattoos affect weight loss?

Whether you are thinking about getting a stomach tattoo or already have one, it is important to know that the increase or weight loss affects tattoos significantly in its design.

When it comes to stomach tattoos, Weight loss can cause the tattoo to stretch and appear distorted if not done correctly. The same goes for weight gain, as stretch marks resulting from your weight gain can also make the tattoo appear distorted.

To avoid this, we recommend that you speak to a professional tattoo artist before experiencing significant weight loss or gain. They will be able to give you helpful tips and advice on how to properly care for your tattoo to prevent it from stretching or becoming deformed.

Men can opt for a custom design for their stomach tattoos to represent their own interests and values. This option includes anything from big, bold letters to detailed tribal symbols. You can work with an artist to create a unique design that represents whatever you want.

Advantages of stomach tattoos for men

Stomach tattoos for men offer many advantages. For example, the size and shape of the stomach offers a great canvas for tattoos.

Additionally, stomach tattoos are generally easy to hide with clothing and are a pleasant surprise to those who see them. Also, stomach tattoos for men They can be a great reminder of your own inner power and the strength you can find whenever you want.

Finally, if you are thinking about getting a tattoo in the stomach area, it is important that you take into account weight loss or gain and how it will affect the tattoo.
In addition, If you are looking for fantastic designs for a belly button tattoo, you have endless options to choose from. The most important thing is to choose a design with which you can express your feelings to the world and is meaningful to you. Good luck!

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