Tattoos with meaning: tattoo ideas that will evoke emotions

Your tattoos can express happiness

Undoubtedly, tattoos with meaning are the most popular since the vast majority of people when getting a tattooNaturally, they want it to have a special meaning, perhaps evoking someone special, an experience or a feeling.

Today we will focus precisely on the latter, feelings and emotions, since we are going to see tattoos with meaning associated with love, anger and even confusion. And, in case you are left wanting more, we recommend this article on the key tattoos and their meaning.

Ideas for tattoos with meaning

Words also convey emotions

What ideas can we start from so that our tattoo with meaning is unique? It's not easy, because the own symbology can differ a lot from the social one. Below, however, we see the symbols most associated with the meanings of the most common feelings.


Hearts are the quintessential symbol of love

Oh love. The salvation of many and the perdition of many others. And yet a universal symbol to fill this feeling with meaning: the heart. And, naturally, such a powerful and popular symbol has a thousand possibilities in a tattoo, whether as a classic heart, pierced by an arrow, anatomical...

A simple tattoo with a heart to convey love

Furthermore, the same heart can express both love and its brother feeling, its dark twin: heartbreak. However, the way of representing them obviously changes: for love use bright colors, while in heartbreak it is more advisable to opt for muted or cold colors or even black and white.


Storm clouds are ideal for expressing anger

Anger or anger are feelings that we all feel at some point in our lives, no matter how zen and how kind we are: is that unpleasant bubbling sensation in the chest that leads us to swear or hit the wall or scream.

A lion with an angry face also conveys anger

However, anger can also be positive, since it is thanks to it that we may dare to do some things, or what leads us to say enough is enough to an untenable situation. For this reason, you probably want to capture it in a tattoo, and for this a very powerful symbol to show your anger can be a roaring lion, a storm cloud, a boxer...


Faith can be shown with elements of the religion in question

It may not be considered a feeling, although I am sure that many people consider it as such. So, faith is another of the most popular tattoos with meaning. Whatever your religion, you can capture it in a very cool design (as long as it is not prohibited, of course) with crosses, menorahs, people praying, verses, virgins, Buddhas and others.


Surrealism is great for expressing confusion


There are moments in life that are very, very confusing.: One only has to look back to adolescence to discover a gold mine of confusion (and often shame). Although it is not so common to find it in a tattoo, confusion is still a very interesting feeling to be inspired and explore in a design.

Confusion can be shown with tattoos like this one with Flanders


They are confusing tattoos, for example, all those that are inspired by surrealism (whether in the famous Dalí paintings or in the famous Simpsons scene in which Homer eats too much chili and ends up looking for his soul mate), but also those that "play" with images, such as Escher's paintings.


The semicolon shows that you have overcome difficult times

Grief is another of the great inspirations for a tattoo. You may want to show sorrow, but also overcoming, for this, semicolon tattoos, which indicate that someone has overcome their suicidal tendencies, are an interesting option. Other generalist options to evoke grief are tears, for example.

Tears evidently express sadness


Furthermore, it may be that the sorrow is caused by the mourning of seeing a loved one lost. In that case, the safest thing is that you want to remember it with a unique design, for which you should be inspired by taking into account what that person was like and what united you.


A simple tattoo to express happiness


On the opposite side of sorrow, although they are not incompatible, we have joy. Undoubtedly it is one of the most positive feelings that we can experience and that we can also explore in a design, within tattoos with meaning, that is unique but at the same time recognizable.

A simple tattoo that shows happiness

There many things that represent joy, for example, a bouquet of daffodils has this meaning. Furthermore, bright colors like yellow also represent the more positive spectrum of our feelings.


Nostalgia can be found in an old photo


Finally, we end up with the feeling that is perhaps the most beautiful of all, nostalgia. Considered the irreplaceable loss of something we long for with all our hearts, nostalgia is like a calm lake in which to dive: the most normal thing if you want to evoke this feeling, then, is to think about your past life and what you miss the most.

Evoke longed-for times with a tattoo like this

And what you want the most it can be someone, yes, but also something, from a t-shirt, to a summer by the sea, to the polo shirts that you bought back home during the holidays, to the first kiss... Also, if you want to achieve a very nostalgic tone, you will have to opt for fine colors and bright colors. off to symbolize the remoteness of the longed-for element.

There are tattoos that convey all kinds of emotions

Tattoos with meaning related to feelings are very cool, in addition, they evoke very personal things with universal symbols. Tell us, do you have a tattoo that evokes any of these feelings? How is? Do you think we have left a feeling to review or a tattoo to share?

Photos of tattoos with meaning

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