Neck tattoos for men, a lot of possibilities and meanings

Tattoos on the neck are not very painful

Neck tattoos for men, despite being located in such a specific area of ​​the body, have more possibilities than it seems. For example, they can be part of a larger design, be independent, in color, in black and white ...

We will talk about all this and much more in this article about neck tattoos for men., in which, despite the fact that the designs are carried out by the male sex, they do not have to be limited to this. And, especially if you decide to get a tattoo in this place, we also recommend you take a look at this other article about tattoos all over the neck, a complicated and painful place.

Characteristics of neck tattoos

Neck tattoos, and therefore neck tattoos for men, have a series of characteristics that make them unique and differentiated of the rest of tattoos, especially for the area in which they are located. A) Yes:

The pain of these tattoos

Color neck tattoos impress

Neck tattoos are very painful, in fact, it is one of the most painful areas to get tattooed. Interestingly, and Although it depends a lot on the pain threshold of each one, it is said that for men it is much more painful to tattoo the front part and lateral neck than for women, who are more affected by the back of the neck.

The reason is simple: the skin on the neck is extremely fine and full of nerve endings, so pain when tattooing there is the order of the day. In addition, it is not only painful, but can cause difficulties when breathing during the tattoo, skin irritation ...

They tend to disappear more easily

Black and white neck tattoos look great

When deciding on a tattoo of these characteristics, we also have to take into account that it is likely to be erased more easily. This is because of the skin, which as mentioned above is extremely thin, so if the tattoo artist applies too much or too little pressure, the quality of the tattoo will be affected. What's more, over time, the skin on the neck deforms and loses elasticity, causing the tattoo to lose its original shape.

Take longer to heal

Tattoo on the neck, the spine is a delicate place

Finally, neck tattoos tend to take longer to heal. Again, the main reason this happens is because the skin on the neck is very thin and, in addition, it is in a place where we are more likely to rub against clothing (for example, the collar of a shirt , scarves, coats) or unintentionally, or even that the sun shines more directly.

Are neck tattoos for men recommended?

A tattoo on the neck

Although it may seem otherwise, tattoos on the neck also have good things, such as that they give life to certain designs and that they are very cool. However, here we wanted to talk about the subject not to take away your desire, but so that you have all the information at hand and can make a decision.

Tattoo areas on the neck

Although the areas to be tattooed on the neck are common in men and women, the truth is that for men there are certain peculiarities depending on the place they choose to tattoo on the neck. We will talk about them below:


A neck tattoo with two words

The front part, just below the chin and above the nut, is the most painful part of the neck to tattoo for men. As we said, the skin is extremely sensitive. In the case of larger designs, which go down to the clavicle, the pain is even worse, since in that area the skin is also very thin and bone is immediately found.


Tattoos on the side do not hurt as much but they are delicate

Surely you have seen that the side of the neck is one of the most popular parts to get tattooed in this area. In addition to allowing a lot of designs and being very eye-catching, the side is much less painful than the front for men.

Behind the ear

Neck tattoo

If we go up a little from the side of the neck we find the back of the ear, an ideal place for those who want a discreet or tiny design. However, and as we have spoken on other occasions, it is a quite painful area.


Large tattoos can span from chest to neck

The nape is another very popular area of ​​the neck where to get tattoos, since it is a very discreet area that allows you to show off large and small designs. Usually the pain here is quite bearable, especially on both sides of the spine and towards the collarbones. However, things change when you have to go over the spine and into the base of the skull.

Under the chin

Realistic tattoo under the chin, a very original place

A most original option, and that lately is gaining more and more followers (although it must be said that it has its origins in numerous tribes that already practiced it) are tattoos under the chin, a hitherto unknown part of the neck. In addition to tribal motifs, the shape of this area can be ideal to get the most out of a design, in addition, it is one of the least painful areas of the neck to tattoo.

Types of neck tattoos for men

Neck tattoos, whether for men or women, they can also be of various types depending on your design.

One small design

Anchor tattoo on neck

The smallest designs, that is, consisting of a single element, work in places on the neck where they naturally frame, for example behind the ear or on the neck. The most popular discreet-sized motifs include dates, small traditional drawings, initials, flowers, objects ... They tend to be in black and white, although you can add a touch of color if you want to stand out more.

One large design

The neck and sternum hurt a lot when doing a tatauje

A single large design tends to take up more than the neck. For instance, It can occupy part of the back and the sides of the neck, from under the chin to the clavicle, from the arm to the side ... They are usually very showy and large designs that have prominence by themselves with animals, scenes or intricate mandalas. Sometimes realism is even used to make the design even more impressive, and both can be sought to impact with a color design as well as in black and white.

Various small parts

Neck tattoos are very versatile, you can combine one or more

Finally, tIt is also common in men's neck tattoos to opt for several small pieces united by the same style or idea. Small traditional designs such as stars, anchors, moons, roses are very popular… If you want a discreet design, you can opt for black and white, although a touch of color can bring it to life.

Man neck tattoos are a world of possibilities in a painful place, but it is very cool. Tell us, do you have any tattoos in this area? How was your experience? What design do you wear or would you like to wear?

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