Black rose tattoos: collection of designs and explanation of their meaning

Black rose tattoos

Have you ever wondered why people get a black rose tattoo? As we have already discussed in other articles, there are roses tattoos of all kinds and, depending on the color of the petals, they have one meaning or another. The black rose tattoos are becoming more popular and throughout this article we are going to explain its meaning in great detail while compiling different designs.

As we have pointed out previously, the meaning of rose tattoos It will vary depending on the color of the petals of this flower. In the case of black roses, as you would expect, it has a certain dark symbolism and is associated with negative aspects. But, What does the darkness of black rose tattoos imply? For many people symbolizes death and pain.

Black rose tattoos

The meaning of black rose tattoos

That is why a large part of those people who decide on a black rose when tattooing, it is because they want immortalize on your skin the memory of a loved one who has left this world. On the other hand, there are those who consider that the tattoo of a black rose it can symbolize, on the contrary, hope. This is because these black roses do not actually exist.

It also has a side associated with rebellion because they are different, and stand out differently from all the others. For some cultures, black roses symbolize the end of a long and arduous journey that can be interpreted as the culmination of a stage in our life or the end of a cycle. As we can see, the Black rose tattoos can have their positive connotations.

Photos of Black Rose Tattoos

Places to get a black rose tattoo

The variety of black rose tattoos they are perfect for both men and women. But when it comes to thinking about a place to get a tattoo of this type, it is best to think about its size and whether we want it to be seen every day or wear it in a more discreet way. Even so, there are always areas of the body where the demand for a tattoo of this type increases. Do you want to know what they are?

Black rose tattoos


Without a doubt, the arms are one of the great canvases that we have when it comes to wear a tattoo. Therefore, it is not surprising that black rose tattoos are also carried in this place. Some of them will be on the shoulder or shoulder blade, but many others choose the forearm as one of the best places to insert several medium-sized roses.


The upper part of the hand also has the perfect dimensions to accommodate a tattoo of this type. In this case, you can choose a single black rose or one that has a geometric finish, which is also usually another of the great ideas to consider. If you are thinking of getting a black roses tattoo on hand, then you can also get carried away by one of the most realistic ones, with dark shadows and leaves that take over the hand, as we say, but also reach the wrist bone area.


We have also seen numerous rose tattoos but on the back. Here you can also enter very varied designs. Those that go from the shoulder blade and are simpler, to those that occupy a large part of the skin and are joined with other ideas or personal symbols. Another idea is to wear three large roses that go from one shoulder blade to the other, that is, horizontally. But if you like me to draw your spine, vertical tattoos are also very topical. You can opt for several roses of this type, from part of the neck to well into the lumbar region.

Black rose tattoo on shoulder blade

Types of black rose tattoos

For men

It will always depend on the taste of the person. But it is true that black rose tattoos for men They are usually centered in places like the hands, knees or legs, as well as the arms. In addition, they are accompanied by several roses or a more striking one and areas also tattooed with black ink, to accompany them. Geometric stylish designs are perfect in this case, but also realistic ones with some raindrops between the petals.

Rose tattoos on leg

For woman

Sometimes we meet little roses, with their stem and thorns. Although on the other hand, the option of seeing only the rose and the petals tattooed is one of the great ideas. The shoulder area, as well as the shoulder blades are some of the defendants in this case. In the chest area or in the thighs they are also considered very sensual and perfect places for a design like this.

Black and red roses

Although one of their meanings is linked to death, it should also be mentioned that they are synonymous with strength and passion to take new paths. Although they can be associated with grief and grief over the loss of a loved one, they can be seen as the stability and tranquility. The red rose shows sacrifice but also love or passion. Without a doubt, they can be combined in tattoos to give a balance to the final meaning. You can combine the roses that we mentioned, or also, both colors in the same flower.

Tattooed black roses

Gothic black roses

The black roses, in this case they will go with black ink both on their edges and in the filling. The black color will be the main color of a tattoo like this. But yes, you can always accompany him with others details to make it even more gothic. Some skulls, crows or perhaps other dark details will be perfect to give the finish to our tattoo.

With person's name

Without a doubt, depending on the meaning we give it, we can always add initials or names of our dearest people. Both in the part of the petals and the stem will be perfect to write that name. You can choose some letters with a gothic finish and you will have a more than amazing result.

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