Behind-the-ear tattoos for men: collection of designs

Behind the ear tattoos for men

On more than one occasion we have tried in Tattooing the theme of the behind ear tattoos. In particular, due to the main issue that it is the part of the head where a tattoo will be most discreet and not very visible. Of course, everything will depend on the type of tattoo in question. From its size, to whether it is made in color or is just a design in gray tones. After a while without talking about these tattoos, we have decided to make a compilation of specific designs for the male public. It is the moment of the behind ear tattoos for men.

It should be noted that we have been dealing with the subject of the behind ear tattoos for women. Well, if we take that article as a reference, it will be enough to compare it with the images of tattoos that are in the gallery that accompanies this text to quickly see how these tattoos differ if they are made on a man or a woman.

Behind the ear tattoos for men

The behind-the-ear tattoos for men tend to be larger, coarser, and generally convey a greater rudeness. That is why the discretion factor is lost in this case. They are still equally visible, regardless of the time of year in which we are and if we have more or less long hair. From an anchor to a gramophone passing through a rose a skull. They are some of the examples of tattoos for men in this part of the body.

Therefore, we must take into account the pros and cons when it comes to wanting to get a tattoo behind the ear. Remember that it will be very visible (even if it is small). You have to weigh whether it can affect you in any way.

Photos of Behind the Ear Tattoos for Men

It hurts much?

We always insist that the issue of pain is not the same for all people. Since some are more sensitive, so they will experience more pain when getting a tattoo. In this case, when we talk about tattoos behind the ear, we have to say that we find an area where the skin is thin and is surrounded by nerves. So it must be said that the vibrations of the machine will reach your head so much at the same time that you will feel the needle in the skin. For all this, it is one of the parts that hurts. So, it is painful but since they are usually small tattoos, it will be a short time that we will have to put up with it.

cross tattoos for men


As with the rest of the tattoos, these also require great care. Moreover, being in direct contact with the sun, it is advisable to cover the area while it is in the healing process. You should always ask your tattoo artist, but it is best to wash the area well a couple of times a day. After her, we cannot forget the apply a special healing cream for tattoos. Since these usually create a protective layer for the skin. During the first days we will avoid rubbing the hair and cover it with plastic wrap.

What to tattoo behind the ear

A rose

tattoo behind ears rose

Flowers in general are one of the best designs to tattoo behind the ears. But above all, the rose, since it is the most demanded of all. In case you still don't know, the roses symbolize love eternal but at the same time, also the balance and hope for the new paths and beginnings that may arise in life.

A cross

The truth is that another of the designs that perfectly match this part of the body is the cross. Leaving aside the religious theme, the crosses can also have different symbolisms. For example the Egyptian cross refers to fertility. While the Celtic cross represents both life and death.

cross tattoos

A moon

It is a mystical symbol. It is that the moon has always had several meanings when we talk about tattoos. Another of the basic elements that in this case are associated with both balance and magic and fantasy. It is also linked to women and motherhood.

Moon tattoos behind the ears


How could it be less, also short phrases or rather, words are usually present in tattoos behind the ears. Of course, here it will depend on the word or expression in question to talk about meanings. The most common is that they have to do with life and optimism.


When we want to render a tribute to someone special, nothing like tattooing a letter. As a general rule, they are usually the initials of the most important people in our life. Be it parents or children, for example. Simple italic or bold letters that say more than we can think a priori.

tattoo letters for men


The heart is the engine of our life and as such, it is another of the perfect symbols for a tattoo. In addition to symbolizing love, when we accompany it with wings, it means freedom. But above all it can be the union between two or more people, since it will depend on whether we are talking about couples or the affection between members of the same family.

Images:, Pinterest, @ playground_tat2

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