Some tattoos of triangles, geometry to power

Big triangle

Too Hipster? Fashion? What is clear is that in recent times minimalist tattoos (of which a server has spoken on more than one occasion) are the order of the day.

Today, We want to delve a little more into this type of tattoos by making a collection of triangle tattoos. Although elegant and simple, two characteristics that have greatly helped to increase its popularity, we also find many other types, in addition to a lot of different meanings.

Meaning of triangle tattoos

A triangle on the arm

Triangle tattoos, by using such a simple shape and at the same time with so much history, have many different meanings and possibilities. Next we will try to inform you about the most famous ones, and at the same time give you ideas to combine these meanings with an original and striking design.

Triangles in general

Inverted triangles


Lets start by the beginning. What do triangle tattoos mean in general? Are geometric figures with a very deep connection in the human imagination such as religion. Among its most common meanings are those with a connection to the number 3, also considered sacred by many cultures.

Eg in Christianity the triangles are related to the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). They can also represent families (father, mother and child), time (present, past and future) or even the human being (body, mind and soul).

A tiny triangle on the wrist

The number 3, as you can see, is related to many things that unite the spiritual and physical world. For this reason, in many cultures it is a symbol of the interconnection between force and mind that leads to wisdom.

Also, the one who certain types of urban tribes have adopted this type of tattoo they have also made it easier for them to get to where they are today. In itself, the triangle figure represents the number three in geometry and is characterized by simplicity and equitable proportions. It is also given a certain meaning that would position the figure of the triangle between heaven and earth.

Triangles tattoo


By the way, the position of the triangle also has a lot to say about its meaningFor example, if it is oriented upwards it represents masculinity, the sun, while if it is downwards it is a symbol of femininity, the night.

Valknut, Viking triangles

A valknut is three interconnected triangles


The valknut is a ancient Viking symbol consisting of three interconnected triangles. Although the meaning it had in ancient times is unknown, it is currently related to paganism and Odin, one of the most important and well-known Viking gods. In a tattoo, it looks great both with a realistic design, like the one in the photo, and with one that is minimalist and consists simply of the triangles outlined in black.

Open triangle

Small open triangle or delta tattoo


If what you are looking for is a very simple tattoo, this variant with an open part, also known as delta, is perfect. The part that is left unfinished symbolizes that the person has not finished growing yet and is always open to new changes.

Stars for all tastes

The stars are also triangles


It is no mystery that star tattoos are formed from triangles. Depending on the points of the star, we will need some triangles or another, in addition to different angles.

Among the most famous stars we find, for example, Nautical stars, one of the most storied tattoo designs. In the past, they symbolized a path for the sailor, whether real or metaphorical, the pole star. Another example of stars with a history with the Stars of David, a symbol of Judaism with six points that can indicate the connection of the tattooed person with that religion.

Triangle tattoos with other elements

Triangles can serve as a background for other designs


Often triangle tattoos are not the protagonists of the function, but accompany other elements of the tattoo. It is very common, for example, to use them as a background to create a tattoo that mixes the realistic and geometric styles, in black and white, to create a very original style.

Furthermore, they can also be "filled in" with other elements, and even create small scenes. They are very cool with animals or plants that occupy the entire interior of the triangle, for which you can choose both black and white and color designs. Its meaning, as is evident, will be linked to the element that it accompanies.

Triangle with landscape


Other times, the triangle is part of a tattoo made up of very small elements or pieces. In this case, you can go to the imagination to give continuity and coherence to the whole. Thus, the tattoo artist can create a design that combines small, large, colored triangles, only outlined ... to combine with other elements of geometry or mysticism and religious symbolism, such as arrows, suns, crescents, crosses ... Maybe they do not have an associated meaning, but they are certainly impressive.

Considerations to take into account

Large geometric triangle tattoo on the back

If you really want to get a triangle tattoo, We recommend that you take into account a series of considerations. For example, think about what you want its meaning to be: if you want the triangle to have its most classic symbolism, it is better that you opt for a design in which it takes all the prominence, be it simple or big.

Instead, if you want to combine the meaning with another element, it is good to consider what we are going to combine it, since the tattoo will acquire the meaning that corresponds to the other theme that it accompanies. For example, a triangle with a landscape can symbolize your deep connection to nature.

There are designs that combine triangles with other geometric figures


On the other hand, if what you want is a geometric design that looks cool and that's it, without great fuss or meaningsLook for a specialized tattoo artist who can prepare you a design that is impressive. Also, decide if you want to have only triangles or if you want to combine it with other geometric figures.

Once you have decided all these points, you can start to think about the size (which is probably closely related to the motif or theme of the tattoo), if you prefer it in color or black and white, the style ...

Realism and triangles get along very well


We could perfectly include this type of tattoos within a geometric category. And since we are, I would like to recall a collection of geometric animal tattoos that we published not too long ago. And to you, what do you think of these types of tattoos? Personally I like them a lot for what I said above. Its simplicity and cleanliness of the line.

Photos of Triangle Tattoos

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