Types of tattoo needles: knowing a key element for tattooing

Types of tattoo needles

Previously we have already spoken in Tatuantes of the different types of tattoo machines on the market (coil, pneumatic y rotary). They are a more technical type of content that a priori may not attract much attention from those who are only looking for documentation to get their next tattoo. Now, let me say that it is always interesting to know how the different elements used to make a tattoo work. And that is what this article will deal with. More specifically of the different types of tattoo needles who are employees.

Thanks to a visual and striking infographic made by the Facebook page Sincere pain We can quickly and graphically know the different types of tattoo needles that are used in tattoo studios. It is a key element since, without the needle, the ink could not penetrate the skin first to lodge in the correct layer. And in case you were not aware of it, you will be surprised to know that there are quite a few types of needles for tattooing.

Types of tattoo needles - Round Liner

Depending on how the needle is built it will be ideal for a certain task. There are specific needles for drawing a tattoo as well as lines. Others have the function of making gradients, shading or filling large areas of the tattoo. Each tattoo "needle" is comprised of 1 to 49 tiny needles that pierce the skin at a speed impossible to track by the human eye.

Specifically, these are the different types of tattoo needles what's on the market:

  • Flat: it consists of needles generally welded side by side with no space between them. Used for gradients, shadows, smudges and other details of the tattoo. The number of needles ranges from 4 to 11.
  • Round liner: the needles are present with a tight grouping between them. Its function is to carry out the contour and lines of the tattoo. The number of needles varies from 1 to 20.
  • Round shader- This type of needle has a loose cluster of needles between them and is used to fill in small areas of color, fade and shadow the tattoo. It has from 3 to 30 needles.
  • Magnum: This type has two rows of needles joined together in a flat shape. It is used to fill, smudge and shade a tattoo. It has between 5 and 49 needles.
  • Magnum curve- Generally, the Magnum Curve needle has two rows with interleaved spacing. It is less aggressive with the skin when piercing it, which is why it tends to be used to tattoo delicate areas of the body. It's perfect for filling, gradients, and shading. It has a number of needles from 5 to 49.

Photos of Types of Tattoo Needles

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