Unique tattoos: ideas with a lot of personality

Unique tattoos are inspired by art

Something that all ink lovers look for are unique tattoos. After all, if it's unpleasant to meet someone who is dressed like you, imagine yourself with a tattoo. However, it is difficult to be original in a world as hyper-globalized as ours.

So get ready, because we are going to leave aside lions, hearts, infinities and other clone ilk that even your grandfather has tattooed and we will give you the best ideas to get unique tattoos. And if you are left wanting more, take a look at these small and original tattoos.

Ideas and inspiration in the most unique tattoos

Trash polka originated in Germany.

It is not easy to get a tattoo that is only yours, that is so original that no one sees it and that turns admiring glances. However, if we think a lot about the design and, above all, we are inspired by ideas that we like and we have a good tattoo artist, it is easier to get a design with these characteristics.

Trades, hobbies and passions

Your job can also be a good inspiration

Let's start with the basics: your job, as well as your hobbies and passions, are three of the things that you most likely want to capture in a tattoo (in addition to family or a romantic relationship). To get an original tattoo, it is true that some have it easier than others: architecture, for example, gives a lot of play and lends itself to geometric designs that can range from a simple and small piece to authentic works of art that cover the entire world. arm though inspiration can also be found in unexpected places, like this giant Photoshop-inspired piece.

There are hobbies and hobbies, like this boy fond of artichokes, that deserve a tattoo

And you can't just turn to your craft for inspiration, your hobbies and passions also define you. Maybe you're a poet, cat fancier, rock climber, or lightsaber fighter.: in the example that we propose, the inspiration is simple, an artichoke, and the result, although terribly simple, is incredibly clean and original.


Blackwork is a very original style, but also very risky

The word black work to the tattoo that is done only with black ink, without grays or shading. They are somewhat riskier designs than any other for the simple fact that if you ever regret them, by wearing such a black black, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to erase them.

Getting original borders is the function of blackwork

Furthermore, the originality of these designs lies in the pattern you make. You can make some small border to start, opt for several different ones (but with blackwork as a common theme) or cover your body in black. The result will always be impressive.

rare animals

Rare animals are a very good source of inspiration for unique tattoos

A wild Pokémon appeared! Oh, no, it's a damn Pidgey... Well, a bit like Pokémon are animal tattoos, some are more impressive than others (leaving aside pets like dogs, cats and parakeets, which are already like family), Y sometimes it depends on the rarity of the bug that we get a design that attracts all eyes.

The alpaca is an adorable animal to immortalize in a tattoo

Sometimes, however, originality depends on how cute, as well as special, the animal is. A) Yes, lions, tigers, elephants, eagles or owls are ruled out, and Tasmanian devils, platypuses, otters, red pandas, alpacas are welcome...

trash polka

Trash polka is a very original and unique style

From Germany we have received things like Oktoberfest or Rammstein, which already set the bar very high, but in this country a rabidly current type of tattoo was also born, the trash polka, what it is distinguished by using only three colors (white, black and red) and by making chaotic designs, full of spots, and in the style collage: It's hard to be more original.

use of color

The use of color can turn a mediocre tattoo into a unique one

Sometimes, to achieve an original design, it is best to work on a fundamental element in tattoos: color. The grace is to get the most out of it, for example, raising the tonality of the colors to make it as striking as possible.

The use of the original color is based on aspects such as watercolor

It is also a good idea to use unexpected color combinations that combine surprisingly well, eliminate the outline of the tattoo, use techniques whose strength lies in the use of colorLike trash polka or watercolor, or even copy textures based on color, such as that of an oil painting or a child's marker drawing.


The surreal is also very cool

As is evident, surrealism is also a great inspiration if we want a tattoo as original as possible. Thus, we can either look for absolutely crazy designs ourselves, get inspired by a famous artist, or even ask the tattoo artist to prepare the design for us himself (although he will always ask us for sample images to know what he should stick to).

Original twists on classic designs

A broken heart on the chest is an interesting twist on a much-seen design.

And we end with other unique tattoos, but in this case based on designs that we have already seen ad nauseam. They are an interesting option but also quite risky, since in many cases they are very easy to copy (surely the first person who got an infinity tattoo was not aware of what was coming their way).

a unique tattoo

In this case we have opted for hearts, and more specifically broken hearts: in the first example, a tiny cracked heart in the center of the chest perfectly sums up the pain of a breakup, while in the other, something more conceptual, the heart has the word “you” crossed out.

Jane Austen and literature, great inspirations for a tattoo

Unique tattoos are a very original and different kind of designs, in addition, there are a lot of cool inspirations to draw our future designs. Tell us, do you have a tattoo that is unique to you? What does it mean to you? Do you know any other design that is this original?

Photos of unique tattoos

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