Valknut tattoos or death knot, what is its meaning?

Valknut tattoos

Have you ever come across one in which three triangles are intertwined? It is true that it is a fairly common design although what not many people know is its true meaning and / or symbolism. It is a symbol with a deep load of meaning.

Your name? Valknut, although it is also known as «death knot». This article is dedicated to valknut tattoos and their meaning.

Valknut meaning

Although let's start with a little about its history. What does the name valknut mean or where does it come from? Well, the origin of his real name is unknown due to its antiquity but the current name comes from the union of the words "Valk" whose approximate meaning is "Soldier Fallen in Action » and «Knut» which means «nudo«. Therefore, the union of these words creates the "knot of death", we repeat, it is an approximate meaning.

The valknut It has also been related to the «The Father of All » which is how Odin is known in Norse mythology and culture. Representing it as three intertwined horns, the "knot of death" is associated with death and the end and beginning of everything. Other theories state that the valknut represents the intertwining of the nine kingdoms that make up Norse mythology in the following way:

  • First triangle unites the kingdoms of Asgard, Vanaheim and Jötunheim.
  • Second triangle unites the kingdoms of Alfheim, Svartálfaheim and Midgar.
  • Third triangle unites the kingdoms of Mulpelheim, Niflheim, Helheim.

In turn, as seen in the symbol, these kingdoms are intertwined with each other, showing the union that exists between them forming a todo together and being able to travel between them through the Bifröst.

In Viking culture, it was said that the valknut was tattooed or engraved on their clothes and weapons by men and women who were willing to die in the name of Odin; As you can see, it is a symbol closely related to this god.

Other scholars and scholars of Norse mythology relate the valknut to the giant Hrungir since the latter had a three-pointed heart and was defeated in combat by Thor when he struck him with his famous Mjölner hammer. In general, we can conclude that the meaning of the symbol is still something, at present, open to debate but what we do agree on is in relation to Odin and a large part of his stories.

Each valknut tattoos They are perfect for those who are looking for a tattoo surrounded by legends and mythological stories. Its geometric shape has become very popular these days and although some people mistakenly associate it with certain extremist ideologies, the truth is that the history of the valknut is millenary.

Currently, the Norse symbology It is used not only as a part of Viking culture and history but, in western society of the XXI century it is very widespread. From Music groups (heavy metal, metal ...) until political parties of different ideologies and even the world of cinema and comics, Viking symbolism and mythology has been gaining strength in recent years to become a everyday item in our day to day.

Valknut tattoos

El valknut is a viking symbol in which three triangles are connected. This tattoo has deep roots in Norse mythology. The truth is that such is its antiquity that even researchers and experts in Viking culture do not agree on its meaning and the original function of the valknut. Since there are three triangles, the numerical factor must be taken into account.

Each valknut tattoos are used to symbolize new worlds and horizons, although it can also be used to represent the future, personal growth and the search for adventure.

Today this symbol is also used to demonstrate pagan convictions. And although the most common is to find only the three triangles that make up the valknut, there are also those who choose to accompany it with other symbols associated with that culture, such as a crow, an animal also associated with Odin.

In general, the design of the valknut allows many variations without losing its meaning. From put color, until drawing it with the effect of engraved in stone or in a very Minimalist (only lines that give the idea of ​​the design), its meaning or essence is not altered, allowing each person who engraves it on their skin, to give it their personal and unique touch.

In summary, Norse mythology has a great variety of runes and symbols that transmit its history and legend to us and that have very deep and powerful meanings, from tattoo artists, we encourage you to investigate this rich culture and its characters of which so much we have heard.

In the gallery that accompanies this article you can find one varied compilation of tattoos of valknut to take ideas.

Photos of Valknut Tattoos

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