Major Weight Loss Affects Tattoos: These Images Reveal

Tattoos are enlarged but not deformed


Does Weight Loss Affect Tattoos Visually? What if we gain muscle, or get old, or get pregnant? Can they be deformed or resized? Are there tattoos more prone than others to deform? These are some of the questions that many people ask for various reasons.

It is possible that you are going to enter the gym and gain a significant muscle mass or, on the contrary, you want to lose a few kilos. Will your tattoos? Is it better to wait until you have the desired weight to get a tattoo? The truth is that there is a bit of urban legend about it. Below we will try to help you by answering the most frequently asked questions.

What happens to my body when I get a tattoo?

A muscular man with tattoos

Let's remember a little what happens to our body when we get tattoos before seeing what happens when we undergo changes, as if we lose weight and get fat.

Basically, tattoos consist of putting ink under the epidermis, that is, in the dermis. If this were not the case and the tattoo stayed on the most superficial layer of the skin, it would only last a few weeks, as the outer cells are continually changing. That is why the tattoo artist has to go a little lower.

Since a tattoo is still a wound (well, hundreds of microscopic wounds) the immune system is activated to combat the threat and sends the place to the fibroblasts, a type of cell that will swallow some of the ink in an attempt to remove it. By having this function, we can consider that the fibroblasts are the "culprits" that the tattoo loses a bit of intensity as it heals.

What if I get a tattoo and the muscle grows?

Tattoos before and after losing weight


Now that we have talked about what happens to our body when we get tattooed, the time has come to talk about what weight loss (or gain, as in this case) means for tattoos. So, does the increase in muscle affect the appearance of the tattoo?

The short answer is that No..

The slightly longer answer says that the skin is prepared to take on weight changes in a balanced way, and that it is highly unlikely that you will notice any change in your tattoo if you have gained muscle naturally (i.e. slowly). However, if you have the tattoo somewhere prone to stretch marks (which we will talk about below) it is likely that it will undergo some change.

Can I continue training if I get a tattoo?

Tattoos before and after losing muscle


Another very frequently asked question related to this topic is whether we can continue training in the gym after getting a tattoo, in the weeks it takes to heal. The answer is yes, but without going overboard: the first days it is better to rest to calm your body and recovere, in addition, if the wound is very fresh and you sweat, it is more possible that it can become infected. However, when the wound is more or less closed (which depends on each one) you will be able to train calmly and without fear that your tattoo will deform.

What happens to my tattoos if I lose weight?

Luckily, dramatic weight loss doesn't mean losing your tattoos


If we get a tattoo and lose a few kilos of weight, there will be no visible effect on the tattoo. It will not be affected at all. Now, if we talk about a significant weight loss of, for example, 20 kilograms, the situation changes. Along with this article we show you a compilation of photographs that show us the before and after of people who have lost weight and how their tattoos now look.

What happens to gut tattoos if you lose weight


Paying special attention to the images, we realize that many tattoos that were previously very large and visible have been "shrunk". And in the most extreme cases of weight variation, both on one side and on the other, visually the tattoo can be damaged, making it necessary to go through a tattoo studio to fix the "flaws" of it, although it is something that happens. exclusively in areas where stretch marks tend to appear.

Tattoos before and after losing weight


Moreover, It is important to note that, as can be seen in the images, in most cases, the significant weight loss affects tattoos, but does not deform them. Although their size varies, they are still proportionate. And from my personal experience, I can say that this is the case, tattoos are affected according to the changes that the body undergoes.

Where are tattoos less deformed?

Neck tattoos deform with age

Among the best places to get tattooed without fear of deformity, we have to look for those places where stretch marks do not appear and those that take longer to show an increase or decrease in weight, for example, the ankles, feet, forearms, shoulders ... If, in addition, the tattoos in this area have a certain size, the changes will be even less appreciated .

Instead, there are a number of places that are almost guaranteed to get bigger or smaller over time, for example, the gut or hips. This is especially vital for people who want to have children: better to have them first than to get a tattoo in that area!

It is better to wait to get a belly tattoo after being pregnant

In addition to weight loss, there is another big factor that can determine whether a tattoo will deform over time: age. A) Yes, if you don't want your tattoo to look straight as you get older, avoid places where the skin tends to sag and bag, such as the neck.

Last but not least, it is advisable to avoid places where there are joints, like the wrists, since with the passage of time the skin is giving of itself and can negatively affect the aesthetics of the tattoo.

Are there tattoos more prone to deforming than others?

Geometric tattoos are more likely to be noticed if they are deformed

And we end up answering another question about weight loss in tattoos, if there are designs that are more likely to deform with the changes our body experiences than others. Indeed, small tattoos are more likely to look odd after significant weight gain or loss, while the largest barely show differences.

The larger the tattoos, the less it will be noticeable if they become deformed


On the other hand, and very logically, symmetrical designs are also more likely to show changes after weight changes. Due to the type of pieces they are, any change can be made visible, since the grace consists precisely in that hypnotic geometry so cool. In these tattoos, for example, we could include mandalas, geometric or tribal.

Tattoos on the gut are prone to warping over time


Weight loss in tattoos affects designs much less than expectedFortunately, although knowing the situation thoroughly before getting a tattoo helps you make the best decision, right? Tell us, have you lost weight or gained weight and are you tattooed? What has happened to your tattoos, has what we have just said been fulfilled or, on the contrary, has it been totally different?

Photos of Tattoos after Weight Loss

Source: Businessinsider

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