Tattoo on white, the simplicity of good taste

White tattoo on foot

Although we do not use it on many occasions, the white color also has great prominence. In this case, we are left with the white tattoos and of course, with its simplicity and minimalism. A very discreet way to decorate the skin, but always following the latest trends.

White tattoos are very subtle. By not having the black ink or the rest of the colors, the designs go quite unnoticed. But that does not mean they have less beauty than the others. Today we are going to discover great ideas, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. You are ready?.

What are the advantages of the white tattoo?

Well, we have already mentioned one of them. It's about your so simple and discreet design. That is why for all tattoo lovers but who do not want to be noticed too much, this is one of the best options. Because we do not have to go showing them, but it is enough for us to see them ourselves. For a few years now, the white tattoo is having great prominence.

White infinity tattoo

It represents the purity of all design, as well as the light and the most positive side of things. Of course, then, you have to add the symbolism that each tattoo can present. That is why a tattoo of this style, when it heals, seems to blend with your skin in a very soft way. Also, they are said to be easier to remove, when the time comes to take this step.

The main disadvantages of white ink tattoos

These types of tattoos cannot be done on all skin types. Since not all will be marked in the same way. Therefore, people with very fair skin should not opt ​​for the white tattoo. On the other hand, not all designs can be made with this type of ink. To do this, you should always turn to a good professional. Only he can advise you in a case like this.

Floral tattoo in white ink

The best thing is that when we crave things like this, which may not be one of the most demanded, we have to make sure that we take the correct steps. The ink quality has improved and of course, the experts on the subject, too. So, it sure is not difficult to find them. But remember that as a downside, white tattoos tend to fade over time more than black ink tattoos. In addition, it is said that with this ink, there are more risks of skin allergies happening. If you have skin that is somewhat sensitive to them, then think twice.

Behind the white tattoos

It should be known that this type of ink is composed of a more liquid part and a pigment. The same steps are not used as for a conventional tattoo. In this case, as the white ink passes, it will remain like a kind of scar on the skin. It is not the same ink that is usually used to color tattoos made in bright colors or black. It is much thicker than we imagine. But it is true that it has the highest quality.

White musical note tattoo

In this case, we mention again that only some quite qualified people will offer us designs of this type. To capture the drawing can be done through a template or freehand. Although it may not seem like it, the first option is quite complicated. Because the stencil cannot touch the ink. It is for all this that professionalism and above all, experience are required when we talk about white tattoos. Would you like to make one of these?

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