A tattoo to mark the course of your life: the compass rose

compass rose in arm

La Compass Rose It is a type of tattoo with a deep symbolic charge behind it. A design that in recent times has become very popular within the ink world. And that is why we are going to explain everything you need to know about this nautical element associated with the sailor tattoos. And, as we will see throughout the article, its meaning has a lot to do with the world of the sea.

The compass rose tattoos It is a very popular tattoo among the youngest due to its geometric shape and the possibility of combining it with numerous elements with which its meaning is related. Thanks to its traditions, this historic symbol for sailors endures to this day thanks to the art of tattooing. What is its meaning or what type of compass rose designs we can tattoo are some of the points that we will deal with in this article. 

The meaning of compass rose tattoos

compass rose on forearm

What is the compass rose? It is the first question to which we must seek an answer to know the meaning and symbolism that represents this tattoo. If you look closely at the photos of compass rose tattoos that accompany this article, you will realize that it is a circle that has marked the directions in which the circumference of the horizon is divided.

A symbol that we can find on navigation charts. That is why it is also known as «Naval rose». However, in the latter case they are usually treated separately because in these nautical roses a star-shaped object is represented. Something very different from what we see here. In the compass rose we find different points that refer to the cardinal points as well as the direction that the winds can follow.

compass rose on biceps

In the upper zone of the compass rose, as if pointing north, we find a fleur-de-lis. Another item that increases the symbolic charge of the Compass Rose. Remember that the fleur de lis is associated with power, sovereignty, honor and loyalty, among many other things.

But, re-analyzing the meaning of the compass rose tattoos, it represents a main concept. And it is that of not get lost in the middle of the ocean. It is also associated with the desire of a person to want to keep the correct path in his life so as not to ever deviate from the set course. On the other hand, we must bear in mind the fact that we are transmitting our close link with the sea.

Where to tattoo a compass rose

compass rose on the back

Where do I get a compass rose tattooed? It is a type of tattoo that adapts very well to very diverse areas of our body. If you are a man and have a defined body, the chest can be an ideal place for this tattoo since, as we have explained in the previous section, one of its meanings is that it represents the direction we follow in our day to day so as not to lose our way. that we want to go through in our life.

However, the arm, a cost or in any area of ​​the leg can be a place to take into account to tattoo a compass rose. Everything will depend on the size of the tattoo, if we already have another in that area and the design that we will choose for the tattoo.

Compass rose tattoo designs

Compass rose tattoo on arm

If at this point you have finally decided to get a compass rose tattoo, you may be wondering what type of design you want to capture on your skin. In the next compass rose tattoo gallery that you can find at the end of the article, you can see that it is a tattoo idea to be combined with many other elements. For the most part, they refer to the world of the sea.

A map, swallow or any marine motif is ideal to be tattooed next to a compass rose. Now, if you are thinking of tattooing only the compass rose, my opinion is that you opt for a design with a minimalist and elegant style. That is, a tattoo not very overloaded with a very fine and clean outline. And, as I say, in my opinion, a compass rose tattoo without any other type of element, can be somewhat bland.

You can also consider the possibility of getting a tattoo in one of the styles that have become fashionable in recent years. One of them could be the watercolor tattoo style, better known as "watercolor". Or, you can always opt for a more traditional design, which is always a safe bet.

Photos of Compass Rose Tattoos

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  1.   Roberto Fernandez Giordano said

    Thank you very much for mentioning our tattoo. It is very satisfying that people like it.

    1.    Alberto Pérez said

      There is no reason to give them. A pleasure to find such tattoos; of all the ones I have shared on this blog, it is one of my favorites. I mean it sincerely.
      A greeting.

  2.   Rafael said

    Hello then what is the meaning for a person who has a compass rose tattooed ???

    1.    Antonio Fdez said

      Hello Rafael,

      On the one hand, the symbol helped in ancient times to guide fishermen and sailors on their journeys when the navigational elements were rudimentary and navigating the sea was quite a feat. However, nowadays, we can say that whoever decides to get a compass rose tattoo does so in order not to "lose the course of his life" and achieve "the desired goal." It is also associated with the compass rose with guidance, adventure, and freedom. I hope it has solved your doubts. A greeting and thanks for comment! 🙂