Edward Scissorhands tattoos for Tim Burton fans


If you're a Tim Burton fan, you probably know about the movie Edward Scissorhands, one of his most beloved works. With his signature style and unique focus on the dark and outlandish, Burton has carved a path for himself among the most celebrated filmmakers of our time.

The story of Edward Scissorhands is played by actor Johnny Depp who tells the story with absolute perfection, received several critical praise from viewers for its gothic style. The film amazed and moved the hearts of all Tim Burton fans in the world.

From the day the film was released it gained a large number of followers, so much so that Tim Burton himself has described Edward Scissorhands as one of his greatest cinematographic creations.

When the movie first came out, many fans loved the character's personality and even copied the outfit and appearance.

The story of the film Edward Scissorhands

To remember the story, the character lives in a castle located on a high hill, created by a brilliant inventor, but he dies before finishing his hands, leaving him with metal scissors instead.

When his creator Edward Scissorhands died, he always lived alone in the castle. until the arrival of a lady who approaches the place selling makeup. The woman, very moved by the boy who lived alone, decides to take him home to live with her and her family.

Everyone accepts, but the neighbors begin to be curious about this young man who soon becomes a local celebrity when they discover the talents he possesses with his scissor hands. Things get complicated when the boy falls in love with this woman's eldest daughter, but she already has a boyfriend, he is an evil teenager who He will seek to get rid of Eduardo by blaming him for a terrible crime.

Next, we will see several ideas for tattoos of the character in realistic portrait style that are always timeless,  in black and white and color, it is ideal to take advantage of the maximum design.
In these cases it is ideal that the tattoos have a lot of color to add all the details and it is a great way to pay tribute to the actor.

Eduardo Scissorhands tattoos


With a Manitas Scissorhands tattoo, you can convey that same feeling you love from Tim Burton's signature film. There are many reasons why you might want this inspiring design on your body.

An Edward Scissorhands tattoo is perfect for all fans of this movie. You can make a unique combination with romantic gothicism, silhouettes or even some realistic details that look like they were taken from the movie's setting itself.

Overall, a castle or city tattoo is a perfect choice for any individual who wants a slightly modern design with a Victorian feel.


It is a very chimerical tattoo dye, which connotes the feeling of rarity and mystery, something that the character's stealth suggests by nature. You can try to make your tattoo look Victorian but at the same time look so dark with inspiration from Edward Scissorhands.

Realistic tattoos on forearm, arm and back


An excellent tattoo idea is to have Edward Scissorhands' hands tattooed on your arm, forearm or maybe on the back. This will provide anyone watching a sense of pull into the character's image, something Tim's fans would immediately appreciate.


Let's remember that realistic tattoos are timeless and are of high quality. They can attract a lot of attention because it has many details and everything it needs to look real, In this case the artist did an excellent job with the colors and all the minute details of his face.


These tattoos can also be done de realistically, providing a “more modern” touch to a classic design.
These images of realistic tattoos They will need a talented artist to achieve the desired level.

a tattoo on the back

However, the extra effort will make the design worth it, giving you something beautiful that you can show off to family, friends, and perhaps other Tim Burton fans who are also Edward Scissorhands fans. Whatever the final design, expected to be your own is a unique way to celebrate your love for this movie.

Punk style Edward Scissorhands tattoo


When they saw the movie Many fans wanted to copy his clothing and appearance to see themselves reflected in that personality. Therefore, they were inspired by the character's sketch and created an ideal tattoo to wear on their body and share with the world the same feeling as the character.

Small size arm tattoo


If you like small tattoos, but you have felt very identified with the character, this design is ideal. Whether you want to show it or go unnoticed, but you wear it on your skin to remember your essence and your personality that is unique, even if you feel different from the rest.

Message that Eduardo Scissorhands leaves us

The message that the character leaves us has to do with understanding, acceptance of being different, and conformity. The film is a parable of a fairy tale, we see it in a gloomy, gothic atmosphere, but it has a modern touch.

At first the character is shocking to people, but over time they begin to get attached, appreciate his kindness and the need to create beautiful things and ice sculptures that he makes in the neighborhood.

Within the character there is love, heroism, a strange gothic touch, he has a charm similar to the creature created in the laboratory of the remembered Frankenstein.

Many people who want to get a tattoo of this style feel marginalized in some way, They just try to fit into the world, they have special talents, but they often feel alone.

In closing, then, if you are a fan of Tim Burton and want to share your love of his films with the world, an Edward Scissorhands tattoo is certainly a good idea.
You can go with a classic style of silhouettes, a touch of romantic gothicism or something modern and realistic. Make it look as if the master of details created the tattoo for everyone to enjoy.

However, whatever style you ultimately decide on, one of these unforgettable tattoos is sure to remind people how much they love Edward Scissorhands.

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