Feminist tattoos: vindication and sisterhood


It is a way to express yourself through body art and break taboos. Exposing to the world that they are feminists and feel proud, some designs are quotes that say: I am enough, I fight alone, there are symbols of equality that are used to convey the message of equality with the male gender.

What is feminism?

Feminism could be defined as a social and cultural movement in which Its objective is to set the standard in gender equality, providing women with the same rights to develop a just society.

The belief in the social, economic and legal equality of the sexes is often associated with the purple ribbon. The lasso is often used to highlight this equality and shed light on the many issues that women continue to face.

Over time, the purple ribbon symbol has evolved, representing many different aspects of the feminist movement. It can represent solidarity, resistance, kindness and empathy, all key values ​​of the feminist movement.

What is purple ribbon?


It is a symbol of the feminist movement and women's equality. It is usually represented as a double-looped ribbon, often seen in a circle, symbolizing the interconnected and interdependent power and potential of women.

The combination of the spiritual color, purple, and the ribbon creates an emblem of gender rights. The color purple as a symbol was adopted in the 60s, although its origin is actually earlier.

It began to be used in defense of women's suffrage in 1908 by the English suffragettes. They also used white and green. Purple was inspired by the English nobility.

Below, we will explore several feminist tattoo ideas to inspire you and join the movement.

Girl power feminism tattoos


Tattoos, particularly feminist tattoos, have been used as a way for women to express their power and celebrate themselves. Girl Power, a popular feminist slogan, has also established itself as a popular tattoo choice.

The designs on the arm, wrist or leg often bear the image of an empowered and proud woman, or the words "girl power" inscribed on the skin. These tattoos They serve as a reminder of the resilience, determination and bravery that all women possess. Also a group of girls together, hugging, supporting each other could be a design for that slogan.

Purple ribbon tattoos and meaning

Feminist tattoos and purple ribbon symbolize a new era of strength, hope and connection for women. When women express their strength through tattoos, they are reclaiming their power and honoring the power of all women.

It is a powerful way for women Remind yourself and others of the strength, resilience, and love that can unify, inspire, and transform.

Tattoos have long been used as a form of self-expression, and Feminist tattoos present a powerful way for people to express their beliefs. in solidarity with the women's movement.


The purple ribbon symbolizes a hug of solidarity and brotherhood, as well as the essential beliefs of the feminist movement: equality, empowerment and respect.
As we move forward in this era of feminism, the purple ribbon has become an iconic image. Women around the world are coming together to honor the symbol with tattoos of all shapes and sizes.

It is the definitive creation of a symbol of brotherhood and unity. A feminist tattoo is a statement of strength and a conversation piece that forces society to remember the power, vulnerability and potential of women.

Now more than ever, feminist tattoo art is celebrated. A celebration of individuality and empowerment, these tattoos are a reminder of the power of brotherhood and unity. Whether inked on the skin or worn as a badge of pride, They serve as a beacon of hope for the future of the feminist movement.

Feminist raised fist tattoo


It is a symbol that means the fight of all women together supporting each other to claim their rights.

Feminist tattoos of phrases


There are many phrases that can symbolize women's struggle to equal their rights. They can be in Spanish or English and choose a smaller minimalist design or larger letters to call, that is your decision.

Feminist empowerment tattoos


In this case the design shows two hands joined together with the female symbol. It is a design that is associated with the struggle that all women share, to make it a more just society.

Feminist tattoo of letters and flowers


In this case the design says my body my rules, it is important to demonstrate self-love and demand the rights of the female figure in any field. This tattoo is a good way to demand autonomy, it transmits a very sincere message.

Let us keep in mind that in our society one in three women still suffers from domestic violence, therefore, There is improvement on the subject, but there is still a lot of work to do.

We are aware that it is not going to happen overnight, but all these movements serve and They help to demand these rights so that women can live in freedom and without aggression or violence of any kind.

Finally, feminist tattoos are a way to connect with other women. A simple glimpse of a purple bow on the skin can bring people together. Furthermore, it is a movement that is gaining strength and connection in recent years.

In a world that tries to silence women, the purple ribbon symbolizes an embrace of the strength and solidarity of women around the world. It is a bold reminder of the power of femininity and an enduring source of inspiration.

Feminist tattoos are not simply an ornament, they are a reflection of a commitment to the feminist movement. It symbolizes the ties of sisterhood and support between all of us to have a better world.

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