How to use an anesthetic cream so that the tattoo does not hurt

anesthetic creams to withstand pain

Yesterday I told you about how to make a tattoo not hurt and I told you about the use of anesthetic creams as a possible option to avoid pain. But if after reading yesterday's article you were interested in anesthetic creams to be able to use them to get a tattoo and not have to go through so much pain, today's article will interest you because I want to talk to you about how to use the numbing cream.

It is important that if you buy an anesthetic cream to get a tattoo, first and foremost you read the instructions for use that should go inside the product. This way you will be able to know exactly what components it is made of (make sure you do not have an allergy to any of the elements that compose it). What's more you should use it correctly to avoid any long-term effects and make sure it numbs your skin. Ideally, try it a few days before getting the tattoo.

anesthetic creams to withstand pain

But in order to apply this anesthetic cream you must take into account the following points:

  • Wash the area of ​​the skin where you will have the tattoo with soap and water.
  • Let it air dry.
  • Put on sterile gloves and rub the cream on the area where you want to get the tattoo.
  • Put a generous amount of cream that is at least one millimeter thick.
  • Cover the cream with plastic wrap for 1 hour before starting to get the tattoo, but never leave more time because it could cause skin problems.
  • Before the tattoo artist starts your tattoo, tell him that you have applied the cream toto remove it with a damp cloth before applying the tattoo stencil.

When they start to get the tattoo you will feel minimal pain for the first 45 minutes and your skin will wake up during the next hour.

Where to buy an anesthetic cream for tattoos

The most advisable is go to the pharmacy and ask for them. Since they are also sold online, but the best thing is to make sure that we are dealing with a reliable product. Some of the best known are sold without a prescription, so you will have no problem when purchasing it. Of course, always read the instructions well and it is even advisable that you try it on a small area of ​​the skin, to avoid subsequent damage in case you have too sensitive skin.

best anesthetic creams

What tattoo cream to buy?


Without a doubt, the most used anesthetic cream is TKTX. It is a perfect way to be able to make the skin go to sleep slightly before receiving our tattoo. You must spread a layer of it in the chosen area and then clean it before making the tattoo. The effects will begin about 25 minutes after applying it and lasts up to two hours later, approximately. You have two options, 35% or 40%. These are the percentages of the pain reduction. It is one of the most effective, although its pot is small, it will always be enough for what we need it. Its price is around 5 euros.

TKTX cream


It is another of the anesthetic creams that you can find in the pharmacy, without the need for a prescription. You must always follow their instructions and apply the necessary amounts. His presentation is in tubes of 30 grams and has a price of around 15 euros. Although you can also get it through a prescription, if you go to your family doctor. It is another one with the best opinions, since it really is money well invested. But you always have to be careful both in the areas where it applies and in the quantity.

Emla anesthetic cream


It is another of the best known creams, although the truth is that not all tattoo artists want to hear about it. It does not have as good reviews as the previous ones, although it comes from the US and has 4% lidocaine. It is true that it is highly effective but in this case, we must say that the effect may go away early, so if the tattoo session still lasts, we will begin to feel quite intense pain. It is not a gradual thing, but rather it will be sudden, so it can cause great annoyance. All this is due to the fact that it is a fairly strong cream.

What cream to use after the tattoo?

It is true that after getting a tattoo, it will be the tattoo artist who will advise you some other cream. Since there are several on the market and perhaps not all of us apply the same. But even so, it does not hurt to say that after the tattoo we must apply a cream so that it begins its healing at the same time that it will protect our skin and hydrate it. One of the most common is the well-known Bepanthol, as it creates a protective layer on the skin, adding more hydration.

Anesthetic creams for tattoos

To retain moisture in the skin and continue hydrating it, which is really what you need, there is also another favorite cream such as Eucerin Aquaphor. In addition to helping to heal, if it also prevents discoloration of the tattoo, it is that we are facing another of the basic creams such as the well-known 'Modern Day Duke'. So, as we see, after the tattoo session, we must begin to take care of it thoroughly. Among this care we highlight keeping the area hydrated, helping it heal and avoiding discoloration of our design.

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  1.   Carmen said

    Hello, I just want to inform you that Emla cream requires a prescription and it is legally prohibited to promote drugs financed by the National Health System. All the best

  2.   Robinson said

    I would like you to tell me if I could finish my tattoo on my back with 2% lidocaine cream, which is the one that appears in my country, the problem that my tatto covers my entire back and I have already taken 3 sessions and I would like to finish it now, please answer me