Moon Inspired Tattoos

Moon tattoo

The moon is an element that has many interpretations and that has become a mystical symbol. It is a fact that the moon influences the world, the tides and even our mood. The power of this star is very great and without a doubt it is a very important symbol for many people, which can be interpreted and worn in many ways.

There are many moon inspired tattoos, which can be accompanied by many other symbols and details, such as the sun, a wolf or a black cat. The mixtures are endless and the moons are very beautiful and dreamy, being a widely used tattoo, especially by the female gender.

Moon with stars

Half moon tattoo

El moon tattoo with stars It is a widely used symbol, both for its beauty and for its meaning. The crescent with the star usually symbolizes femininity, strength and receptivity. These beautiful crescent moons have been created in a very beautiful ethnic style, to give them a more delicate and decorative touch.

Realistic tattoo

Realistic moon

Normally we can see tattoos of crescents thought as symbols, but it is also possible to find much more realistic tattoos. In this case we see the tattoo of a moon with red tones that has been captured as it is seen in the sky when there is a full moon, with all its small details. The full moon usually symbolizes the fullness of things, as well as the most powerful and energetic state of the moon, since it is when it produces the greatest effects.

Mini tattoos

Small moon

The mini tattoo ideas They are very varied, since we can add them to any area of ​​our body. These small tattoos have a touch of color and are very delicate, ideal for areas such as the wrist, ankle or hip. They are small details that are decorative and that are perfect for those who are starting in the world of tattoos.

Moon with black cat

Moon with black cat

If there are two symbols that speak to us of the mystical they are the moons with the black cats. Both are usually linked to the world beyond, to witches and everything that is mysticism. That is why it is quite common to see these two details together in a tattoo. We have two very different versions. A simple tattoo with the silhouette of the moon and a black cat. On the other hand, there is the detail of a moon with jeweled details and a cat with a silhouette inspired by Egyptian cats, cats that were sacred.

Moon with wolf

Moon with wolf

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. wolves and full moons they have always been connected in many cultures. This type of tattoo symbolizes the wild side that we have and that can come out with the full moon, in a symbolic way. Without a doubt, it is a tattoo for the most daring, those who want to make it clear that they have a much wilder side.

Moon phases tattoo

Moon phases

El moon phases tattoo it is one of the most used today. There are many people who decide to make the moon in all its phases. In the crescent, symbolizing the improvement, in the full moon, with the fullness of things and in the waning, when they come to an end. Phases that symbolize the beginning and the end of everything in this life. These tattoos are usually put in places like the arms, on the back or on the legs, in places where they can be put throughout.

colorful tattoo

Moon tattoo

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. tattoos full of color they are always a good idea, although many people decide to wear them in black. In this case we see a moon surrounded by flowers, symbolizing femininity. The pink flowers and the moon with lilac tones offer a nice tattoo, with very delicate tones and very fine lines.

Floral tattoo

Moon with flower

We go with a tattoo that is also very feminine, the one that unites the crescent with the flowers. In this case it is a rose with thorns, symbolizing femininity mixed with strength.

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